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Michigan's Adventure (MiA) Discussion Thread

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  • 1 month later...

I heard that also from a friend who was there, they said that the part that was done improved the ride overall in their opinion. "The one section is much smoother and the ride seems to have more speed throughout"
No clue how true that is, but I'm glad that it got at least one bit of positive review.  I'm looking forward to checking out the titan track on predator in a few weeks here too

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On 5/23/2022 at 12:34 PM, swfan1988 said:

Someone on Reddit shared this photo and... hehe... Michigan's Adventure really does get all of Cedar Fair's trash...


It's not just MA. I'm working at CP and my boss uses office supplies he took from Geauga when they gutted the place. Hilarious to see this nonetheless.

Over the weekend I decided to visit the park today until I found out they were closed. Disappointing but understandable.

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I made my first ever visit to Michigan's Adventure on Saturday and I thought the park was ok.  It certainly wasn't worth the 6 hour drive from Cleveland to Muskegon, but I did have fun in my brief 2.5 hours there. 


- Shivering Timbers.  What an incredible ride.  Just seeing it tower over the parking lot when you arrive makes for a great first impression.  The ride itself though was far better than I anticipated.  Tons of airtime, crazy laterals (the final helix really plasters you into the side of the train), and a whopping 2:30 ride duration made for a great experience.  Only one train was being used and with the long ride time, that made for a slow moving line, but having FastLane, my wait was only about 6-8 minutes.  There were a few rough pothole sections, but overall this was a fantastic addition to my coaster credit list.

- Employees.  Another surprise were the employees.  Almost every one I came in contact with was friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there.  The girls at Public Relations were very helpful and the girl that rang up my Shivering Timbers t-shirt asked how I was enjoying my day and if I had been there before.  It was nice to see that they had some pride in their jobs, which is sorely lacking in todays workforce. 

- Camp Snoopy.  While nowhere near as scenic as Knott's or Carowinds, MiAdv's Snoopy area was bright and cheerful and featured a nice selection of rides for little ones and their families.  I rode Zach's Zoomer and loved it.  Really reminded me of Waldameer's Comet and the Sea Dragon at the Columbus Zoo.  Fun stuff!


- Park Layout.  While the park is far from huge, having the SLC, rapids ride (down), and Chutes ride (also down) set apart from the rest of the rides makes for a lot of unnecessary walking.  Of course, you could always take the...

- Timbertown Train.  For some reason I was expecting a scenic trip alongside Shivering Timbers.  Unfortunately, the view is mostly obstructed by trees and there isn't much to see along the brief course.  Since the park wasn't crazy busy, I was able to take the train from Shivering Timbers to the Thunderhawk area, got off there to do some filming, and hopped back on the same train I had just gotten off. 

- Ride Cycles.  If you like long ride cycles, you won't like Michigan's Adventure.  Most of the flats run both short and rather slow cycles.  The park's Scrambler seemed to run at half speed, and same goes for the Trabant (which also only tilted about halfway up).  Trabant's cycle lasted all of one minute.  I will give credit to the Lakeside Gliders though.  I was bouncing around in my tub like a pinball (wasn't true "snapping", but I would stall out and then get flung back up) and no one complained.  


- Wolverine Wildcat.  Ugh.  Even with a retracked first drop (GCI Titan Track even!), the ride is just a horrid trip on square wheels that follows the same layout as Knoebels Phoenix right down to the tunnel before the lift.  The jackhammering was brutal as the train just bounced around the rest of the course.  Wolverine Wildcat may try to be Phoenix, but it most certainly is NOT Phoenix.  Not by a long shot!  Perhaps if they retrack more of the ride it will rank higher.  

 - Lack of shade.  The main part of the amusement park is simply a concrete pad.  While there are trees, there doesn't seem to be any shade.  Thankfully it was only 66 on Saturday so it wasn't something that really bothered me, but for guests visiting on a hot day, I could see it being an issue.  

- Mad Mouse was down.  I only put this in the Bad list because I was hoping to snag 5 new credits on my visit and only ended up with 4.  I had to complain about it somewhere since that is what I seem to do best 😐 

Overall, Michigan's Adventure has an odd feel to it.  It's a small carnival-style park built around a man-made pond (Lake?) with some large roller coasters, the buildings near the front of the park look like they were once a strip mall, and then you have the Cedar Fair signage that reminds you this is still a corporate park.  I'd give the park a 6 out of 10.  Unless they build something groundbreaking in the next few years, I'll probably pass on returning anytime soon as it's a rather long haul just to ride a handful of decent rides.  Thanks for reading. 

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^ Glad you enjoyed Shivering Timbers. It really is a underrated ride. The parks main draw is its massive sprawling waterpark. The park is really lacking thrilling flat rides. I also agree that Thunderhawk is out on an island by its self. They really need to connect the midway from Wildcat to Thunderhawk 

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Michigan's Adventure is "ok" is literally the best praise it can hope for, really. It is what it is. Very few "enthusiasts" have actual local experience (grsupercity excluded I'm sure) of what it was like to go to the park back in the 90's when it was actually a fun, and up and coming park better than places like Holiday World at the same time, and had a ton of potential. Heck, I remember as a kid having a perfectly fine time there before ST even when it was Deer Park Funland. But I digress... It is what it is now, and we Michiganders accept it as such. It says something when even as an avid Coaster Enthusiast family of 5 (myself and 4 coaster loving kids), we rarely go, even though it's only a couple hours away. Yet we go to other parks farther away, including Indiana Beach more. Like grsupercity said, the water park is the big draw, and it's legitimately a nice one! ST is one of the best coasters in existence, and I do feel blessed for that. And Camp Snoopy is admittedly an nice little addition, which even as an adult I appreciate. But at the end of the day, MiA, is just "ok."

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  • 4 months later...

The last park in the country is finally getting an fall event! 

Tricks and Treats Fall Fest

Coming in 2023!

Saturdays & Sundays Sept. 16 through Oct. 15, 2023 | 12 to 6 PM

Families big and small will delight at experiencing the park in an entirely new season, with decorations, fall activities and entertainment specifically designed for this new spooky, kooky Halloween event. Snoopy® and his PEANUTS® pals will be showing off their costumes and invite kids and parents to wear theirs as well and come ready to show off their seasonal style in the Halloween costume contest. 

An immersive trick-or-treat discovery experience will deliver on the most sought-after goods of the season – candy! In addition to traditional fall festivities like seasonal crafts and themed games, families will be able to hunt for and decorate their prize pumpkin in a way that can only be done at Michigan’s Adventure. 

Kids and adults alike won’t go hungry as they tour their way through some fall favorites with a unique Michigan spin. Can’t-miss favorite treats (and a few tricks) will be offered, including adult beverages, seasonal local craft brews and Michigan made wines with special magical potions for the kids, that are sure to be a hit. Adults can sip, savor and breathe in the fresh fall lake air from the Brews and Boos Lakeside Patio.

phall fun.png

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