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I'm looking to go on a "Texas Tour" next year sometime. I want to hit SeaWorld, SF Fiesta Texas, SF Over Texas, and Schlitterbahn (now a Cedar Fair park) -- my issues are that it's going to be awhile until they release their schedules and unfortunately the Six Flags calendars don't let you go back historically so I can at least get an idea of what to expect.


I was thinking Spring Break week so I could hit the parks Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. But then I saw that SeaWorld has Thursdays open starting at the end of March anyways which I thought was weird. If that leaves another park open on Friday and the other parks on the weekend that would work...


The other thing I noticed is that only sections of Schlitterbahn are open in the early season and not the entire park? There appears to be four different areas. Should I wait until summer for this reason? Is it worth going to just a couple of the sections?


Does anyone have a recommendation on the best time to go to hit all 4 parks? Does anyone know what week "spring break" is next year (or does it differ throughout the state?)


I would fly into either San Antonio or Dallas, and then leave out the opposite airport and do a one way car rental.


Any tips or suggestions? When do the park schedules typically come out? I can get flights out cheap right now for March but if I'm not 100% sure that I can do Thursday-Sunday and pick the right dates then I would want to wait.


Or maybe it would be better off to wait until summer, but deal with the unattractive weather...




Is there anything else I should do between parks or extend my time a day or two other than amusement parks, in those areas, that anyone would recommend?

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both Texas Six Flags parks are year round as of 2020. . Fiesta was this year too.


so plan to hit those on a weekend, any time of year and you're golden. Since year round now too, expect both SFOT & SFFT to be open daily at some point during Feb (Mardi Gras celebration), March (Spring Break), Oct (Frightfest) and Nov. Holiday in the Park.. . tho standard daily ops are going to remain ~mid May - Mid Aug.


if you're in Texas anyways, don't miss ZDT for Switchback Railway (sorta between San Antonio and Schlitterbahn), and I'd also do a detour day to Galveston for Pleasure Pier, stopping at Kemah Boardwalk along the way.




oh, as to NON-PARK stuff? Plan ~3 days in San Antonio (if it were me, this is what I'd do):

day 1: SFFT

day 2: San Antonio Attractions: the Alamo, Riverwalk, Hemisfair Plaza/street market. . evening back to SFFT if you want to

day 3: SWSA for morning (unless you wanna do the waterpark there), then get on road to drive to Austin. You can do Sixth Street in Austin that night (clubs/bars/music. . think Bourbon Street, but much younger/college crowd), and if so interested the next morning the State Capitol, or any of the great local museums, before driving ~45 minutes back to Schlitterbahn for the day

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SFOT usually puts out their schedule after the season ends around New Years, but I would expect it to be out sooner than that since they're not shutting down for an off season. Spring Break next year is spread out over 2 weeks - Fort Worth and Arlington are out the second week in March and Dallas is out the third week.


I would second checking out the Riverwalk in San Antonio, but don't be roped into eating at any of the restaurants there. The atmosphere makes it tempting, but all you get is chains and terrible food. Mi Tierra in the market area is touristy, but is way better than anything you can eat on the Riverwalk. It's been a long time since I've been in the area, but I've had a lot of friends recommend the restaurants in La Villita.

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day 3: SWSA for morning (unless you wanna do the waterpark there), then get on road to drive to Austin. You can do Sixth Street in Austin that night (clubs/bars/music. . think Bourbon Street, but much younger/college crowd), and if so interested the next morning the State Capitol, or any of the great local museums, before driving ~45 minutes back to Schlitterbahn for the day


While I know you live down there and are use to driving a lot, that's a lot of driving and back tracking for most people. Sea World is on the complete opposite side of town. I think flipping that around to do Austin on the way out to Dallas would be better driving wise. Truly depends on where he starts.


Schlitterbahn in my opinion is a full day if both sides are open, and I would recommend going only when both are. The old side is a lot of fun. I believe that is the one that is closed early in the season. Pro tip, if you get there within an hour of opening or so, park at the new side, much closer to the gates.


My Take:

Day1: Over Texas, 20ish minute drive from the airport if you arrive early

Drive down that night late and avoid the worst of traffic or leave the next morning and deal with some traffic, mostly in DFW area

Day 2: Austin

Stay night in Austin or head down to Schlitterbahn area, again traffic in the morning if you stay too far into town

Day 3: Schlitterbahn

Drive to your base camp hotel for San Antonio and do something that night like others suggested or hit up Fiesta Texas for a few hours depending on their hours (Side note, we stayed at a hotel next to The Rim which put us next to Six Flags and a 20 minute drive to Sea World)

Day 4: SeaWorld in the morning to afternoon, then Fiesta Texas that evening

Day 5: Do any other stuff you want to do in San Antonio the next day (Take Bert's suggestions) and then back to Fiesta Texas if your close by later again

Day 6: Hit up anything else you want like more San Antonio stuff or again Fiesta Texas if your close if you have a later flight


I mentioned Fiesta Texas three time to give some options, visiting at night will at least avoid the worst of the heat and crowds. Plus visiting twice should let you hit what you want.

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Texas is a big state, and I've only been there once. But I would also research flights in and out of different airports. Meaning flying into Dallas and out of San Antonio for example. And then find a rental car company that doesn't charge a fee for picking up and dropping off and different airports. Cause back tracking to a point of origin airport in Texas can be a pain in the butt! lol

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We love the River Walk. Do the boat ride, it's super cheap and you can bring beer on it.


PS: It's also within a few blocks of the Alamo if you want to stop by and see it with no real time commitment necessary.

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We went to Texas the week before Christmas and the weather was perfect, upper 60s with maybe 15 minutes of rain in 6 days. We ended up getting a hotel on the River Walk for less than $100 a night.


One way rentals can double or triple the amount you spend on a car depending on who you book through and how long you keep it. YMMV.


Rent bikes and do the Mission Trail in San Antonio if you have time. The missions are one of the coolest things we did in Texas, other than the parks. The River Walk is cool but as has already been stated the restaurants on the water are mostly chains. We enjoyed The Original Blanco Restaurant, Pete's Tako House, and Augie's while we were downtown. We didn't explore the Pearl District much,but it looked to be home to some cool shops, restaurants and breweries. Tower of the Americas was cool but definitely not worth the price of admission.


We stayed at the HoJo in Arlington with views of Titan across the street from our room. We did the AT&T Stadium tour. If there is on-field access the day you are there, it is pretty cool.


We really wanted to swim in Barton Springs in Zilker Park in Austin, but my daughter nixed that idea when the only people there swimming were old dudes in speedos. It was a cool park anyway, with disc golf and hiking trails.


I also recommend SWSA in the a.m. and SFFT in the p.m. for one day. They are fairly close together and unless you care about the animal exhibits, SWSA is a half-day park (I would marathon Steel Eel for most of that time). Then a full day at SFFT.


My daughter was so impressed, she wants to go back to Texas this Christmas.

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While I know you live down there and are use to driving a lot, that's a lot of driving and back tracking for most people. Sea World is on the complete opposite side of town. I think flipping that around to do Austin on the way out to Dallas would be better driving wise. Truly depends on where he starts.


yep, I was assuming if he starts in San Antonio and ends in Dallas. so it's really not that MUCH back-tracking.


but Texas IS a big state, and you're gonna do a lot of driving regardless. . if just accept it? in perfect world, I'd do a 6 day trip as follows: (skimping on Austin, tho I live here and love the city):


Day 1 - fly in to San Antonio, rent car, check into Hotel, Six Flags Fiesta Texas (say in hotel on highway near Fiesta for easy access into SA, and to SeaWorld, since SFFT and SWSA are on loop 1604 that goes around the outside of the city proper)


Day 2 - the Alamo, Riverwalk, Hemisfair Plaza/artists market, etc until late afternoon, Fiesta again at night if he so pleases (it's right by the hotel anyways)


Day 3 - get up, Sea World San Antonio - either whole day (if you want to do waterpark AND shows), or just morning, if you only really care about the rides, and a show or two.


Then hop on Loop 1604/I35 and drive to Sequin (~45 from SeaWorld, or only about ~30 from SFFT if the parks get switched up a bit). To check out ZDTs for switchback railway.


Be sure to check operating times tho, to make sure it's running if you get there in the later evening. Grab a few rides on it, then back to I35 to grab Hotel in New Braunsfels for Schlitterbahn the next day.


Day 4 - Schlitterbahn. (which for ME is not a full day. . .so early afternoon exit is what I'd plan on). Hell, I'd honestly only spend a couple of hours at Schlitterbahn (full disclosure, not a waterpark person), then continue up I35 to Arlington (Dallas/Ft Worth), stopping for dinner in Austin, and maybe peek in on 6th street for some music if you aren't completely wiped.

End up in Arlington that evening, check into Hotel and crash.


Day 5 - full day at SFOT


Day 6 - fly out from Dallas/Ft Worth airport.




Day 6 - hop on I-45 to Houston (~3 1/2 hours), stopping at Kemah for a ride on Boardwalk Bullet / boardwalk rides / Lunch at Landrys, then continue on another 30 minutes to Galveston for the Galveston Pleasure Pier for a few hours, Moody Gardens complex, Schlitterbahn Galveston (if you so wish), or the Strand Historic District. or heck, the beach for a little bit.


Day 7 morning: If you stay one night in Galveston, you're only about 45 minutes from Hobby Airport, for a flight back home, and it would be way cheaper to get a flight out of Hobby / Houston than flying out of Dallas (just sayin).


If you don't want to fly out of Hobby, Houston International is still likely gonna be cheaper than flying out of Dallas. . but you'll be adding an hour to your drive to get to the airport that day, if you add the extra day trip to Houston/Galveston.


anyways. .that's my revised itinerary suggestion

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Honestly, the main advice that I can give you is to be careful not to overload on Texas History for your filler attractions. They are pretty proud of the whole Mexican revolution thing, and by the end of my trip this past November I was super tired of hearing about the Alamo.


Riverwalk is beautiful, but I found the boat tour both frustrating to find the loading to, and the particular guide my group had was pretty bad.


For attractions suggestions: I actually quite liked the rodeo at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, but I realize that it won't be for everyone.

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I'm following this thread with interest, as I was talking to my oldest son the other day, and he'd like to do a Texas Coaster trip for his special Graduation Trip in 2022. It'd be nice to get down to Texas before then, but I'm not holding my breath. There's lots of good info here so far, so thanks to OP for asking, and to all those who've contributed! I went to San Antonio years ago, for my one and only time, and LOVED the city, and area! It's probably my second favorite US city I've visited! SFFT stood out as a fantastic SF park, and we were only there for a few hours before an afternoon Wedding! That was long before Iron Rattler, or Wonder Woman (or Goliath or Batman, for that matter), and it still was awesome!


We love the River Walk. Do the boat ride, it's super cheap and you can bring beer on it.


Ditto this! I love the River Walk vibe, and the boat ride is a MUST! Didn't have any beer on it sadly (not the type of crowd I was with at the time), but that's a great Pro-Tip for a future visit!

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one further thing to mention, since the only talk about SWSA has been how it's not really a full day park (unless you want to do all the shows and the waterpark): due to SFFT going year round in 2019, SWSA which is just 15 minutes (or less) down the loop from it, ALSO is pretty much year round.


the waterpark section is not always open, but the rest of the park seems to be open pretty much every Sat/Sun, and most Fridays for a few hours.


just FYI. .but always check the park schedules to be sure you're not there on some "corporate event so park is closed to the public" day.

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Wife and I did this trip this very year!!!

Unfortunately skipped sea world both visits so I'm no help there...


Visit 1-December 27-31, 2018

Reason: getting one last use out of my southwest companion pass and we had never been to TX

SMF to AUS non-stop for $330 round trip and wife was $11 ish in taxes

(Mini shout out to southwest for offering the companion pass as a sign up bonus)


General itinerary:

Arrive Austin noon and we discover all the legendary bbq joints are closed still on Christmas break

found a food truck with the most amazing brisket I've had so that worked

Hit up ZDTs around 4, I want to say they closed around 5


found out they do not offer single ride tickets unless you have a minor in your party getting a wristband but they were understanding and let us buy 2 single ride tickets for switchback for I believe $5 each


Switchback was super fun, going backwards on a woodie was a trip, and definitely worth the detour from the highway


Hit up fiesta for some last hour coaster action, closed at 9


DL the SF app for wait times although only one of the parks had that ability then and it wasn't too reliable


Ops sucked, mistakenly queued for road runner for awhile before bailing, got a lap on krypton (def best floorless) and WW (surprisingly awfully uncomfortable for my 6'2'' 250 lb frame with the straddling and even made my legs cramp but was an amazing coaster and I'll still go on railblazer and Jersey devil in due time)


Come back next morning 10ish for member early entry and get a lap on Irat (cliff drops great slow section meh, in the long line I yelled at a kid for purposely and defiantly littering and some other adult yelled at me for yelling at the kid), screaming eagle zip line ($10 super fun), Batman single rider (we split up when available to save time), poltergeist (short line sucky ops fun ride), goliath was refurb (sht like that used to bother me but I no longer consider myself a credit whore, lost count 300 so it's all good)


Cruise downtown then drive to Dallas and pass out at some budget motel, epic waters next day, lacking on slides but worth a visit imo


Full day following at the OG SF 10am early entry

highlights: vibora single rider (made me miss disaster transport, great ride brought back childhood memories of rolling thunder pre-viper SFGAm), titan (finally rode that other giovanola and helixless clone of my OG hyper which fun fact had worlds longest full circuit drop for a spell before millennium opened), mine trains (I like mini better hehe), mountain (line longish once inside the building), freeze (just plain OG premier fun), shockwave (wowzers! Packs a punch), judge bean (fun and weirdly separated from the park), and of course NTAG (just amazing OG RMCness, length and air makes up for non inversions), toubillion (kinda lame cycle actually but fun) pussed out on the swings, finished by 6 (closed at 9?)


Visit 2- June 23-25, 2019

Reason: always wanted to drive cross country so we piggybacked off my wife's socal teacher conference, hit up 6 MLB parks, 15 theme\waterparks (mindblowers were lightning rod perfection, Fury perfection, I305 so intense it was one and done, both mystics, hades? the Dell's has turned into a craphole compared to pigeons unlimited multilevel karts and mountain coasters)


Enter tx thru el Paso, massive water park greets you followed by Juarez housing abutting the highway so an interesting juxtaposition

12 hr drive across was lol exhausting, pop in to fiesta for the water coaster, irat, and roadrunner


Finally make my pilgrimage to schlitty, freaking C.F. announced the purchase like a week before and my platinum pass wouldn't work till next year but still funny, I'm sure they will fence in the park I saw soooooo many crashers w\o wristbands, noahs ark finally wised up)


Wow wow wow truly the best waterpark, the old section is the must, all those chutes just plain high capacity fun. The long one truly takes 45min from one end of the park til u dump in the river. Hillside one is the best and you drop through a locker room at one point so unique. None of them are rec if u have claustrophobia, u pass under the park entrance with like 2 feet of clearance

The new section is fine, do the wave powered river torrent and blaster, the main river connecting both ends with aquavayer and crazy rapids falls half, and Crystal river backsplash entrance and Dragon coaster (OG water coaster and it's themed)


Unfortunately stormed all day and all water attractions closed by 3 for lightning and needed roadside assistance to get back in my car, but still had the best day!


Finally on way out hit NASA (totally worth it), kemah but bullet closed and Galveston but $10 spectator fee for single rides so we said eff it and skipped shark)


Thanks for reading, hope I provided some helpful info and set the OG usage record

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