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KMG Tangos are one of my favorite flat rides. With all the axes of motion, they're one of the most intense and disorienting flats out there. They're a relatively rare ride to find. But for me, they're usually closed. Is this flat notoriously unreliable or am I just unlucky?


Canobie had Equinox for a year before removing it. The ride had previously been on the fair circuit and it rarely worked for them. It was closed on all but one of my visits and the one day it operated, it kept closing throughout the day.


Most recently I've found the ones at a Reithoffer Fairs carnival and the Washington State Fair closed.

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The Los Angeles County fair has had a KMG Tango every year since 2003. Ray Cammack Shows provides the rides for the fair. Every time I've gone to the fair its always been open.


Cool ride to watch operate, but easily one of the most painful flat rides I have ever ridden. I don't get why this ride operates with floorless stand-up gondolas. If this ride had traditional floorless sit down gondolas like most KMG rides, it would be one of the best flat rides around.

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Funny story, Zamperla actually made a traditional sit-down version of the Tango. It's called the Shocker, and I believe they only ever made one. Here it is in 2012 at what I believe is the Tulsa State Fair. Caution: vertical video.



The company in the video, Murphy Bros, still lists the Shocker as available for use in their midway packages.


It should also be noted that I've seen photos of at least one Tango running around that has metal footrest bars for each seat.

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I've been able to ride Tango at California Fairs for the past few years (definitely agree with you about it being one of the best flat rides ever) and haven't had any problems with it being unreliable or always breaking. But from the way you describe them at other parks, they definitely seem unreliable over there. Perhaps the Ray Cammack Show one is in much better shape than the rest since that one reliably runs.

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