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Are you visiting parks during the winter?

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Are you planning on visiting any parks during the winter?


I wish I lived in Socal or Florida because you get to ride coasters all year! I'm planning on going to BGT, Cypress Gardens and Boomers during Xmas. I wish the parks where I live didn't have a off season. My local park closes for the season next weekend.

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At the current moment, it's not terribly likely. My last parks of 2005 will be Beech Bend and SFKK this Friday. After that, the next time I will for sure ride will be in March in Vegas. I might get to make a few visits sooner than that depending on where I transfer to.

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You know, I guess I have taken it for granted, but your guys's off-season is like my on-season. Finally (around mid-November) SFMM settles down a bit. We get less crowds from Los Angeles, and this is the time when you get to meet cool new people, who have traveled from all parts of the country, and even the world. All the rides go into one train operation, but it isn't too bad if you show up early.


Knotts is the same way. And they are usually open on weekdays too. Take off a weekday in November, and you can literally do everything in a matter of hours. We rode Xcelerator about 20 times in a row, in like, less than 40 minutes.


Disney (land, but occasionally DCA too) remains fairly crowded, but nowhere near the hellish summer months. This year, because of the 50th anniversary, Disney has actually been able to still retain the summer crowds (enough to open the park an hour earlier on weekdays, a first in the park's history). I think we are going to Disneyland on December 3rd, to reek the Christmas benefits, without the Christmas crowds...at least without some of them.

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Well, even after Season Pass day @ SFOG, I still have a nice slate of parks coming up.


I'm heading up to Dollywood for their awesome Christmas displays and Thunderhead (oh yea, ACE event, but no buffet )


I will be at Camp Snoopy sometime during the Thanksgiving week since we are heading up to visit my uncle for the holiday.


December might bring me SF Over Texas, though that one's not confirmed.


In January or February I'll probably go down to Florida at least once. I love Universal


.. and by the time that's all said and done, it will be March and SFOG will open up again!


- Joe, who doesn't believe in the term "off season" and prefers "slow season"

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Since I've only had 2 weekends without riding a coaster since April, I'll be somewhat happy that things are winding down. I'm still going to Vegas and Disneyland in late November, and may end up back in Orlando for New Years. I also have 2 weekends planned at the Great Wolf Lodge in November and January, then I'll be back in Orlando probably in March if Everest opens early. When all is said and done, that really isn't much of an offseason.

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um.... I'd like to go to magic mountain again before my season pass expires this year, if nothing to drool over Tatsu pieces.... last week, it was great, my husband was getting annoyed because every time I saw a marker I was jumping up and down


oh, and possibly vegas, but there's not much there in the way of coasters... High Roller is boring but amusing, I haven't been on speed: the ride yet, and don't even get me started on Manhattan Express... Worst. Shaking. Coaster. Ever.




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Unfortunately my trip to Hong Kong was called off by the Navy, so I hope to get the following parks in this winter:


Escape Theme Park, Pasir Ris, Singapore

Starlight Express, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cosmo's World, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Genting Theme Park, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

One World Plaza, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Funtastic Park, Dededo, Guam

Don Quixote, Tokyo, Japan (when the new halfpipe opens)


Return trips to:

Yomiuriland (d@mn Bow Wow Coaster)

Fuji-Q Highlands (For construction photos)


After that, it's mid-January, and I'm not too sure of my plans that far out. Sadly, all those parks add up to only 14 credits for me.


Chris B



A public service announcement against joining the military for silly reasons.

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I will be going to Kings Island for Winter Fest. From what I have heard their will be no coasters open. Coney Mall will be closed for the year so no Flight of Fear. The rides are listed on www.pki.com under Winter Fest.


What rides will be open for Winterfest?

The train ride will be transformed into the White Christmas Express. In addition, Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle will open as Scooby-Doo and the Christmas Caper. Both the Hanna Barbara carousel and the grand carousel will be open.

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