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Six Flags Qiddiya (Saudi Arabia) Discussion Thread

P. 4: Initial Falcon's Flight stats released as design begins

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The fact Falcon's Fury will be 5000 feet longer than Steel Dragon 2000 and 100 feet taller than Dragster is mind boggling.  I really hope this ride happens because the stats seem too good to be true.

Here's just hoping that it's more "Megalite / Expedition G-Force" quality and not so much "Hyperion" quality.

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On 1/8/2021 at 9:46 PM, Christopher Eichorn said:

I heard that New world record breaking 518 feet drop and 13,000 feet long track and 156 mph. I not know how tallest feet?

I reallly don't know if I understand your question, but I think you want to know which is the tallest coaster currently.

It's Kngda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure.

You can also use the Roller Coaster Data Base (rcdb) fur such statistics; https://rcdb.com/rhr.htm?m=1

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The fact that they're announcing that they've only begun *designing* the ride while still committing to a highest, fastest and longest record leads me to believe that the people running the park might in a little over their heads. I'm kind of reminded of games that get announced on kickstarter promising a bunch of unprecedented features before they've even started developing the game. Since so many things can change during the design process, committing to something so ambitious so early on usually ends up biting these endeavors in the back.

I'm not saying that this definitely won't come to pass, and I'm cautiously optimistic because this is Six Flags we're talking about and not some park nobody's ever heard of, but I'm still skeptical.

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