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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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This past week at Darien Lake, I heard several things that stuck out


-"Superman man is stuck on the hill, they must be soo scared this ride is so unsafe!" (it was about 5 ft off the ground and was stopped because some idiot brought a camera on)

-Superman stopped at least 2 or 3 times a day this past week, and there was always a bunch of people complaining about how unsafe this ride is.

-"The last time Superman stopped on the lift hill 5 people fell out and died"

-"How do you not fall out if the Silver Bullet [Enterprise] has no lapbars"

^That one is pretty understandable though.


There was alot more I heard over the past three days, those are the only ones that really stuck out.

Oh yeah one more I heard getting off of predator

-"That was so much fun!!"

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I just recently got back from Knoebels and I've heard a lot of stupid comments. Here's the biggest one that stuck out to me.


A kid who was around 7 years old and his father were waiting in line for the Twister behind me at night. The kid said to his father, "I think I just saw lightning", while pointing towards the direction where the ride takes your picture. I was laughing a little bit and then told them that it's just the flash for the ride photo.


*Tsh* The GP these days....

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This isn't a GP thing moreso as it isride ops not taking care of a critical breakdown. I rode Tatsu about two weeks ago. The person at main control keeps telling the operator at secondary to "stand clear'', meaning push the dispatch button. Now the way Tatsu works, is when all the seats on the train read "locked", the secondary panel's dispatch will light up green, indicating the train is ready to dispatch. When the operator presses the button, it will enable main control's dispatch buttons. Without secondary pressing the dispatch button, the main dispatcher can not dispatch the train. Now that we all know this, here's why it stuck out to me


Dispatcher: Secondary, are you clear?

Secondary:There's no dispatch light.

D:Check the gates.

S:I think it's broken

D:We don't have an error

S:Call it down anyway.


Keep in mind this conversation took place over the PA system of the ride, as main dispatcher and secondary dispatcher are on opposite sides of the station.

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I have had quite a few people ask me if Perilous Plunge goes upside down. Keep in mind that you can see the entire ride from the station.


I had another guy over at the bumper cars complaining about how slow the bumper cars go (they do go slow but thats not the point lol). He then went on to tell me that the bumper cars at CGA went over 50 mph. haha that would be interesting.


Hahaha! I found you! When the GP asks me if they'd get wet, I'll say "Nah, the water's fake! =D"


When some are really REALLY scared (usually the guys) I'll be like "Awwww c'mon guys.. It's only WA WA!" It helps some people go on.



Someone asked me once if the Bumper Cars at KBF were scary....

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I just recently got back from Knoebels and I've heard a lot of stupid comments. Here's the biggest one that stuck out to me.


A kid who was around 7 years old and his father were waiting in line for the Twister behind me at night. The kid said to his father, "I think I just saw lightning", while pointing towards the direction where the ride takes your picture. I was laughing a little bit and then told them that it's just the flash for the ride photo.


*Tsh* The GP these days....


Geez man, that kids young give him a break.

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This was at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

TLM: *waiting in line for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster*

GP: Hey do you know were Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is?

TLM: Your in line for it

GP: No this is Test Track.

TLM: Well Test Track is in EPCOT and this is at Hollywood Studios.

GP: This is EPCOT(I look at her map and it was for EPCOT

TLM: That map's for another park

GP: Sea world?

TLM: No another Disney park

GP: The one in California? That one closed down in the 50's.

TLM(*ignoring and holding in laughter)

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I recently talked to someone that went on a trip to cedar point. I was asing him a few questions about the coasters there, and he said this:


"Did you know that Maverick is going to be made taller because people are disappointed that it isn't as tall as magnum and nobody wants to ride it?"


Said by someone I know that was expelled from my high school last year for vandalizing the gym with a fire extinguisher.

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Ever since I've started working at Carowinds on Thunder Road, I have heard a lot, but I will just tell the best.


Girl who has been riding both sides all day, "Does this ride go backwards now?" Yes, sure we turn the trains around halfway through the day.


Guy looking at the track for Carolina Cobra, "That new coaster is a prototype."


Woman looking at Flying Super Saturator after half of the track was removed and it was entirely fenced off, "Let's see if it's open!"

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Well recently at my home park while I was trying to explain to people in the line why on an SLC it actually ISN'T better to sit in the back. When one of the Ride Ops said "But the back finishes before the front".


I'm guessing that's not what he meant to say but... It came out pretty stupid.


I also ended up explaining to the other ride op what air time IS, and another couple of things baout the ride he was operating. It's just weird when you teach someone else about their job.


There was also this time during hte Midwest trip when me and Dave approached Firehawk, and Dave was holding a camera(which he menat to leave at the station). The park emplyee that was sitting at the line's entrance stopped us and said "You can't carry cameras into the queue line". This was the first time I ever heard this policy, but before we could react he saw I was wearing a "Theme Park Review" shirt and ahd a TPR Nametag ebcause of the trip. That made him think we were some big time proffessional Amusement Park Reviewers. He immediatly radio'd in tot he station and told them that he has a couple of theme park reviewers here that want to bring a camera into the line. Then the people at the station gave him the green light. Inside I was laughing my head off but I didn't want to correct him.

It wasn't STUPID of them, per se', but it was still funny.

Dave ended up getting some awesome footage.


However I would like to post some stuff that are the exact opposite of this thread. "Surprising coaster-nerdiness by GP":


First of all - The people in the SLC's station knowing that usually the backseat is the best place was pretty impressive. Especially considering Israeli coasters have zero airtime.

My friend Elad actually said at the end of the ride "I just had a coastergasm". I never taught him that word.

He also picked up pretty fast names of coaster companies and can say what's a Vekoma SLC after I only told him once.

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So, last week I was at SFHH (Cali). I was in line for the Taboo Tower slides, and this girl was standing in front of me. I was talking to my brother about Venom Drop, because the view of it from the line is really good. For those of you who don't know, Venom Drop is a very steep, 75' tall speed slide. So, this girl interrupts our conversation by asking, "Have you guys ever heard of Summit Plummet?" I told her yes. She then told me how steep it is. She said, "Summit Plummet is WAY steeper than that slide!" (Pointing at Venom Drop.) I told her that in actuality, Summit Plummet was much taller than Venom, but not as steep. She insisted that Summit Plummet was taller and steeper. She told me that as soon as it "goes under the platform, the slide goes to vertical." I was done arguing with her, but I was very surprised at the fact that anyone could ever think that a water slide was 90 degrees steep. Especially half way down!


The GP are crazy!


Anyway, here are a couple pics of Venom Drop.


........And a close-up of his reaction to a free fall slide. =]


Here is my 7 year old brother...........


Here I am, sliding down Venom Drop.

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Had a couple today. Riding Demon, I'm telling my cousin that as we're sitting in the back we're going to have a smooth ride. I guess the people behind us thought I said 'slow' as I hear them try to correct and say "This ride's gonna go really fast!"


Finishing Invertigo, little kids behind the airgate ask us if the ride's scary. Of course, I tell them "Yes it is really scary!" I know, I'm evil...


Last 3 are more of what the GP have done today. Starting off, we're in line for Drop Zone. These young kids (elementary school kids, uncontrollable and annoyingly loud) just finish their ride, and slip back in the airgates for another ride instead of going back through the queue. Where were their parents? I dunno. My cousin got robbed of her cabin as the 4 boys waiting for the far cabin run across and jack hers.


Another one, little kids again, chucking stuff into Firefall's fire pond while the fire effects were at full blast. Again, where's the parents to control their kids?


Lastly, on Grizzly, I'm sure that most of you know how Morgan trains work: each car's restraints all come down simultaneously. I'm getting seated as these kids behind start pulling down the restraint. Not seated all the way, I force it back up, slips their grip. I'm trying to put on the seat belt underneath as it starts to come down again. I force it up again, finishing what I'm doing. Finally, getting annoyed, I press my knee into it. They then quit when they thought the ops 'locked' the restraints into the 'up' position. Common sense these days...down the toilet!


Speaking of common sense, and the wonderful GP, CGA has added tons of bright red/white "Restricted Area" signs to compete with the Cedar Fair trash can count.

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