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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Waiting in line for diamondback and a kid behind me says "I saw millennium force at cedar point stop at the top and roll back down the hill. It runs on magnets."

Maybe he/she meant to say Maverick? If I'm not mistaken, a rollback on the lift if possible and the LSMs actually serve to slow the train's descent.


Did I just make that up or is that actually a thing?

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I've heard some pretty dumb comments but I got to give it to this one:


Six flags great adventure (people sitting behind me on the lift hill of Bizarro)


"I heard that BIZZARO is the tallest rollercoaster in the entire world!"


Come on. Kingda ka is in the SAME EXACT park!


Also I overheard someone saying that they think el toro will eventually derail because "all wooden coasters are extremely dangerous".


*edit: spelling

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Some time passes while in line for T3. Another cycle with guests onboard begins, and is eventually making its way through the first inversion. Someone ahead of me yells, "Oh, this ride goes upside-down?!"


I stand there, bewildered, wondering where they had been for the past 20+ minutes.

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I wonder what people's obsession/trepidation with whether a coaster "goes upside down" is about anyway. I guess I could understand it back when inversions were a new thing, but even though they are normal or even passé for many 'enthusiasts,' it's funny that people still freak out about it like they are in danger of falling out, or at least they assume inversions mean it's the most intense coaster EVER

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Also, from Wikipedia regarding chair-o-plane rides (turns out to be a huge source of funny misinformation just like the GP):


Also "Morph and Chas table gunslinger", a "Morph files episode themed chair-o-plane", with a cowboy hatted morph, a cowboy hatted Chas and a cowboy hatted grand morph on the pipe with a giant cowboy hat to make the pipe spin and smaller cowboy hats with a seat in them with a seatbelt In it to make it where the people sit.

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[attachment=0]lolol.png[/attachment]I don't think this person understands physics...

You might be surprised to find out that there's quite a few people that don't realize the speed comes from gravity.

When I tell people (most) roller coasters have no actual motor on the train more than 50% is surprised.

Okay, maybe 60%

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This doesn't really fall into the "weird" category, but I sure as hell think it's entertaining. So I remember one time I was at SFoG, and I was standing in line for Goliath. I actually heard a train from the top of the lift hill ( I was in the station, getting ready to board) and the whole train yells "MORE FLAGS, MORE FUN!!!!!", then they went down the first drop. I died laughing.

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This fits here... its pretty weird. And hilariously awesome.


In the comments to a Youtube of Skull Mountain:

(yes I watch SM POV's late at night after the missus has gone to bed)


so me and my friend were at six flags yesterday for the senior trip of our school. we loved this ride so much we got on it up to 7 times that same day. unfortunately, the last 3 times we rode it my friend began to see a mysterious shadow . the first time she saw the shadow of a man running, we thought maybe it's part of the show or just an employee. However the next time she saw just a shadow of legs. we were curious and asked other people if they saw it too or asked the staff if it was part of the show. none of them knew what we were talking about. Now the last time we got on the ride. She saw the shadow with dark eyes looking straight at us, standing very near to our car ... so has any one else seen the same thing or knows what that was about ?
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1st guy: "Iron Dragon originally didn't have two lifts, the engineers f'd up and had to put in the 2nd lift so it could make it back to the station."

2nd guy: "Ah, that makes sense..."

1st guy: "ride sucks anyways..."

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An ABC news article:


On the first plunge, riders on Six Flags' Goliath are dropped 120 feet into a mist-filled tunnel, then fly out and climb slowly up a banked 200-foot high turn. As they hit the air, negative G-forces induce a few seconds of a sense of floating.


Then riders whirl through a quick set of curves that drop finally into three spirals. The ride reaches speeds up to 85 miles per hour and lasts about three minutes.

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