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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Two guests on line for SFNE Goliath were discussing why loose articles are not allowed on rides:

"Well you could just take a crap in your bag and then [gestures as if tossing the bag off a ride]."


And then the girl at the bumper cars: "I don't even know how to drive. I'm just going to be ramming the wall the whole time."


It only bothers me when someone is screaming hysterically on the lift or the final brake run. If they're cheering about having a fun ride, it's ok. But when they scream like the person behind them will kill them, I probably will kill them
This girl on Skyrush was totally shaken up by the ride and let out a huge shriek when the restraints popped to ease the thigh crush on the brake run. It was a completely genuine reaction and everyone around was cracking up. Ehh.. had to be there, but it was funny.
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Someone posted on Facebook a crappy video of this coaster probably from someone on their cell phone watching the ride.




Someone said the coaster was probably at Magic Mountain because "they're known for pushing the envelope." I loled.

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I'm a former member of ACE, and finally got to ride Hades this past weekend. I've been waiting 15 years to ride it, since I first saw it on the cover of Roller Coaster Magazine. I'm glad I waited for the re-do. It was even better than I expected. My wait in line was 2 hours, but it was worth it. I would agree with the person who called it a hybrid - that was my thought as soon as I saw it. I wouldn't call the upside down part a barrel roll, however, I'd call it a corkscrew. A barrel roll is what is at the top of Kennywood's Steel Phantom/Phantom's Revenge lift hill. (I grew up in Pittsburgh and I consider Kennywood to be my "home park".) A barrel roll does not go upside down, only turns 180 degrees in a short distance. [Well, someone on the ACE site called it a barrel roll, but I don't think of it that way.] Speaking of Kennywood, the beginning of Hades reminds me of the Thunderbolt, since it starts out going downhill. The tunnel was longer than I expected and also does some quick wiggles. I'm glad they lit up the tunnel for this video so you can see what's going on. I did not watch the video before I rode, so the extra movement came as a pleasant surprise. It is just a little bit weird not to have any airtime on a mostly traditional-style coaster, but I appreciated the secure feeling from the super-tight lap restraints. I give it 5 stars.







(there are some other ones here too lol, continued


Read all of Philip white's conversation here:

And, to go with that, here's something else:

This copied top trill dragster

(on the same POV)



(reasons to stick to TPR POVs, except the first two)

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^Ok that first one goes beyond GP territory. I mean, it's not only a matter of knowing the names of each coaster element as EVERYONE knows a barrel roll, wherever it is found, does involve going upside down.

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In the 1991 I was at SFMM with a youth group and in line for Viper. One of the girls there said something along the lines of "This coaster is so heavy that it is sinking 1 foot each year. In 20 years that (she points to a lower section of track) part will be on the ground!"


20 years later, and I'm pretty sure she is 100% wrong

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In line for SKC at SFFT..

GP 1: "Oh they re-did this ride, it used to have something like track above you. It wasn't like this last year."

GP and friend we're talking about it for a couple minutes.


I'm pretty sure they were thinking of Goliath which is across the park.

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