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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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on tpr's pov of Kawasemi at Tobu Zoo, i wrote "omg they copyed sky rusher at hershy park!" to see people reactions


EDIT: oh and back when i was like 7 my 8 year old cousin convinced me that sooperdooperlooper had 3 loops in a row, so i imagined it being something that looked oddly similar to an arrow looper with 3 loops in a row, with the same color scheme as sidewinder (also at the time a hadn't been to hershey sicne i was 2

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We had local friends just return from a trip to Japan, with plans to visit the

Tokyo Disney Parks while there. So I asked them how they liked the parks?


One said, they went to Disneyland only. Weren't interested in "the other park."


The other, when asked at a separate time, answered "There were two parks?"

And he was serious. And I didn't know what to say.



Edit to add: However, if you look at it from the viewpoint of arriving via train at the station, then walking to Disneyland, walking back to the station and back to your hotel - do you actually SEE the Disney Sea Park? Obviously, they missed the mountain, LOL. And they didn't look at posters much, apparently. Still, that was a freeky question to ask.

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AARRRRGGGGHHH! This comment was so stupid that it made me mad! I really hope they were just joking around.


KingsIslandPR tweeted about the new Banshee Trains: 962923498_Stupidcomment.jpg.1225554f5f3b187e09d07e94cfa63308.jpg


So this guy had this to tweet back: KIPRT.jpg.b53060cd92f1488be26a5cb00b4b855b.jpg


ARRGHH! I hope it was a joke because for some reason, it really got on my nerves.

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Anyone who has worked in operations in the past several years could relate to hearing something like this on a regular basis...


"Is this going to be like Final Destination?"


After about the 1,000th time I have been asked this, I'm now tempted to respond back, "Sometimes I wish it was."

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all from Kings Islands facebook

One thing bothers me on thinking, I see that Banshee comes very close to the ground. I guess they may somehow fence the area around the lowest areas to the ground but I just wonder if the fence will be tall enough to keep "deer" out? It would be deadly if a coaster full of riders smack into a deer being in the way by the low points in this ride! I know that I have a four foot fence around my yard as well as my neighbors all around me on all sides. The deer just jumps the fence as they get spooked! I just hope and pray this never happens!!!!

Concerning diamondback

Yep, almost fell off and died because your rides are made to support fat people

It needs a safety belt. Love the ride but it's not worth my life. One mechanical error away from a serious accident

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The sad thing is that people will probably believe that article


Two supposed enthusiasts seem to have fallen for it so I'd say the attachment rate amongst the GP wouldn't be inconsiderable!


I often see articles from the Onion either believed or convincingly trolled on FB, always amusing!

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My friend is soon going to be heading to Arizona for the Six Flags down there. I even provided the website of Six Flags to show they didn't have a park out there. She says she's been there before and is going to head out there anyway.

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I told my friend's that a new Wooden coaster was coming to Tayto Park next year. This is what they said:


Person 1: ''They have WOODEN coasters!''


P.2: ''I won't get on that, it's too unsafe, it'll break in the first day it's open. The car will fly out when it goes upside down''.


Me: ''Lots of coaster's go upside down.


P.1: ''Holy **** how do they go and do loopy loop's then?''


Me: ''Okay, (I talk about how it works and all.) Then....''


P.2: ''My friend fell of the loop-ed-y loop mouse ride at Funderland (Funfair at Ireland) and when the car got to the bottom he landed back in the car and lived.''


Me: '' The wild Mouse doesn't go upside down. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to fall of at the top of the inversion and then land back in the car.


P.1 & P.2: ''Shut up you dumb****! Your like a know-it-all about everything! Your like your own Wikipedia.''


Me: Okay, ''I know more about coaster's then you will ever know!''


P.1 & P.2: ''Shut up!''


Then they walked away

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"Is this going to be like Final Destination?"


You should all respond to this question..... "No, only in Vancouver, Canada."*


Worth a try, I'd say.







*(The corkscrew station and some track used in the movie was ours, at Playland.)

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My junior year we had a guest speaker come in to my chemistry class to talk to us about engineering. Being an engineering major myself, I was really excited when he got to mechanical engineering, my branch. He started by asking us, "how many of you have been on Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point?" A few hands go up. I got excited since it's what I want to do with my degree. He then explains to us that it uses a magnetic launch and shows us how an LSM system works. I'm sorry, but if you're doing a presentation on a roller coaster, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS BEFORE "EDUCATING" EVERYBODY!!!!!

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