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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Internet translators never work exactly right when translating to English, so my guess is the translation was off a bit. Who knows if the guy was trying to be racist or if he was actually responding.

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I've seen a lot of GP stupidity the past couple of days at Hershey. First people about to get in line for SooperDooperLooper asked if it went upside down when the loop was right in front of them. Next a lady tried to take a stroller through the line on Lightning Racers for some reason. Finally on Extreme Cup Challenge a lady on my "team" said that the ride should have cup holders to place her souviener cup in and then another lady just texted on her cell phone the whole ride cause she didnt want to play.

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Racism at its finest.




Thanks you stupid people of the world.

I'm not a genuinely racist person, but I found that hilarious lol



The Arabic actually translates to "Can I blow this?"


But depending on who you ask, 'blowing something', and 'blowing something up' can be two very different things.

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Picture it, 2007, Dorney Park&Wildwater Kingdom


I was just about to get in the back seat for Steel Force when a 2 kids got in the row behind me and one of them said, "I don't want to on! didn't you see that one movie where the roller coaster flew off the track?!" And when we were halfway up the chain lift, the kid said "Oh my God...oh my God...Final Destination 3...." And someone in the last row said "I SAW THAT!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"


S.M to the H.

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This is more like Awesome Things The GP Have Said, but I don't think that's a thing.


A train on El Toro comes back into the station. The people sitting in the row I'm about to take. The daughter is wiping tears off her face, and it's clear the dad's shirt almost flew off from the airtime. With childlike glee, the dad shouts, "Now THAT'S a ROLLER COASTER!!!"


Especially great because my friend was about to ride it for the first time, and he was super freaked out about it. This didn't help.

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