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Cancelling a Six Flags membership?

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I really need a LONG break from Six Flags parks (my home park is SF Great America). A friend and I got on the new ride last night, it's fun! On the way out of the park I stopped in Guest Relations to inquire about cancelling my membership, the attendant (who was great!) explained that I signed and agreement when I purchased the membership and I cannot cancel until after 12 months. Not a huge surprise there.


Paying the few bucks until next spring isn't a big deal, but I figured I'd ask about it anyway.

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so you need to get it in writing to them that you wish to cancel, otherwise, they will charge your credit card for 2020.


I have a feeling trying to get anything in writing to Six Flags would be quite a challenge haha. Maybe not getting it to "them" but getting it read or replied to. Even then, I wouldn't be confident that the job was done properly.


If there isn't an easy cancel available, I will just have to call the credit card company.

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A membership is basically the same price as a one day pass anyway, so you haven't lost anything. If next year you still want to cancel, do it online. I did that once. They offered me a lower rate, then when I said no again, they canceled. It was easy. And I went back a while later and got a new membership when finances were better. They make it easy on you, but no they absolutely will hold you to your word when you agreed not to cancel for 12 months.

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