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Hi all.


It's been about 5 years since I last logged into this account. My last private message was 2013 so that should give you an idea. Anyway, through those years RCT3, and roller coasters in general, got lost in the shuffle. Sports, class, parties, and the like took most of my time. Which happens to most college/high school aged kids. Now that I have more free time, I decided to make a comeback to RCT3. I wish I could do this on Planet Coaster but the game is virtually unplayable on my laptop.


The parks I used to post on here were disasters. No other way to describe it. The updates were a joke, the parks were also jokes. I feel like I had to comeback and post a respectable park on here for once. Since it is my first park in a long time, I expect to be a bit rusty. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged. With that, you'll see inspiration from real life parks. Mostly Cedar Point but other parks in there as well. I've worked on it for about a week and a half. A little short, I know, but with Dreamville dropping songs from the latest album early, it gave me a boost somehow. Not sure that even makes sense but whatever. I want to post updates fairly frequently, whenever there's enough of a new area to show. Sadly, my schedule can get a bit unpredictable so I can't make any promises. I know this was a bit long winded but I felt I needed to have a little comeback statement. I hope you like what you see. If not, tell me what I can fix. It has been a while so I expect some "growing pains".


EDIT: Totally forgot about the demensions pictures need to be. They showed up as just black screens so I moved them down to 500x300 demensions. If someone can tell me the biggest they can be, it would be greatly appreciated.

Adventure World - Entrance 500 by 300.bmp

We'll start with an overview of the entrance plaza. It is small, but I need space for the amount of planned rides for this park. One building is hollow, that will change. I flew through this because I wanted the first update to be more than an entrance plaza.

Picture 2 500 by 300.bmp

A ground view with Cannonball (a PTC Woodie) in the background.

Cannonball 500 by 300.bmp

Here's a full shot of Cannonball's lift and first drop from the ground. I tried to take some inspiration from Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake. It's probably obvious but had to say it. Love this look of the ride for some reason.

Big Thunder 500 by 300.bmp

Ground view shot of Big Thunder. The tallest coaster in the world at 470 feet. Another coaster with obvious inspiration. I wanted to have a coaster to use as a centerpiece for the rest of the park, and a record-breaking Strata coaster fits that role well.

Big Thunder queue and station 500x300.bmp

Here's a view of the queue and station for Big Thunder. If you haven't figured out the inspiration for this thing yet, then I'm not sure what to tell you.

Freedom Falls 500x300.bmp

Here's Freedom Falls. A standard Shoot-the-Chutes ride you've seen at every Six Flags park. The name is there to fit the "Freedom Plaza" section of the park that the ride is located in. I personally hate both names so if anyone has better ideas please share. I'm bad with names.

Adventure World Overview 1 500x300.bmp

Finally, an overview of what I've done so far. This is really just a base. Almost everything in this picture will likely be changed somehow. I know about the lack of terrain, more will be added as the park grows. Please leave feedback. If there's something you don't like, tell me! I'm looking for ways to improve all the time!

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Nice start! I'm excited to see where you go with this.


I had a few RCT3 parks several years ago. I got a nice computer about a year ago and quit playing RCT3 since I now use Planet Coaster. One of these days I will start a new story park with PC. It was lots of fun and I learned a lot from my older parks, as I'm sure you did as well.

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Hi all. Back with a new update. It did take a little while to update considering the size of what I added. Sorry about that, this week has been really busy. This update will show a new area including a new coaster. I also added some small details to Big Thunder and Freedom Plaza. Some areas are still open, but those will be filled as the park grows. I made the picture's demensions 750x450 so hopefully it fits. Thanks for the feedback so far, hopefully this update gives more to comment on.

Big Thunder detail 1 750x450.bmp

We'll start with Big Thunder. Mostly because it's the quickest to get over with. I finished custom supporting this thing pretty quickly, thanks to the ride having the most simple layout of all-time. I also added security fencing, catwalks, and some plants to make the view of the launch better from the path.

Big Thunder detail 2 750x450.bmp

More small details. Trying to keep this ride/park as realistic as possible so picture like these will probably continue.

Racer 750x450.bmp

Onto the new coaster. Racer, a PTC Dueling Wooden coaster. At 122 feet tall, it is one of the tallest of it's kind. Unfortunately, the ride doesn't actually race. It would've been tough to build a realistic station with the way RCT3 allows a coaster to race.

Racer and Boulevard 750x450.bmp

Here's The Boulevard. A simple midway, just in a slightly different place compared to others. It has an information station and a bathroom for now. RCT3's path limitations make it really difficult to make stores and sit down restaurants, so that'll take some time and work to get done.

Boulevard 750x450.bmp

View of The Boulevard from the ground.

Cannonball sneak peek 750x450.bmp

View of Cannonball from Racer's entrance. You may notice something in the background. That will be addressed next update.

Adventure World Overview 2 750x450.bmp

A new overview of the park to this point. It's gonna be tough to keep doing these, especially with the low picture quality I can use or else the game will crash. Thanks for viewing, feedback is encouraged.

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