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Insane Frisbee Accident in Uzbekistan...

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And I'm from the same exact hometown as you, and went to HS with your sister, so that means what? Even shitty Delaware, which I will admit is pretty shitty, is nowhere near the level of shithole that these countries are.

OK, looks like I need to hop on that ban-wagon and start removing some people from this forum if this crap doesn't fix itself really quick...

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^Excluding kiddie coasters, all it appears Argentina and Chile has as far as coasters are a few Vekomas (SLC and boomerang each), a Zamperla Wild Mouse, and a Zierer family ride.


My rule of thumb, if you can easily identify who the manufacturer of the ride (and they're at least decently relevant), then you should be fine. Because even if the regs are lax in that country you know a major manufacturer would not want their name on tragedies such as these.

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