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Photo TR: Wally's Bad Day


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AH! that must of sucked man!


Over the summer I got hit in the face with a golf ball at a driving range! As for the initial impact of the golf ball and my upper-right lip... it hurt for a sec and my lip went numb. Drove my cousins home and my friends went to get some stuff at CVS for me. Then my dad urged me to go to the Emergency room for it. It ends up that the ball cut the outside of my lip and my tooth cut the inside of my lip so there was a threw incision as the doctor said so i guess there was a hole in my lip haha! here is a pic too!


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My new doctor is a resident (the only doc who didn't have a 3 month wait!) and she'd never heard of the only prescription I take (which is a very common, widely used drug). I kept insisting that yes, I knew what I was talking about, and I needed more of it. So she wrote me a new scrip for it. What's scarrier, that she'd never heard of a very common drug, or that she wrote a prescription for a drug she'd never heard of?!?! I'm seeing the regular doctor next time!



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Yeah I'm still sick because I have some scary form of recurring and resistant tonsilitis. Basically it makes me sick all of the time and my tonsils look nasty! (Just ask Robb! I always come up to him with the flash light going 'ew look at my throat!')


So they need to come out, or some kinds of antibiotics will work on and off. 'Urgent Care Doctor', and I use the term doctor loosely here, goes, oh no, you're fine, those white patches are just pieces of food! Here is my reaction to that: :shock:


Um, that's funny, your boss doctor said last time that they were patches of bacteria (ding ding ding) and they would go away eventually (wrong wrong wrong).


I'm switching from Blue Cross to Kaiser next month and I'll see if they're any better.

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