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Photo TR: Guangzhou Sunac Land (6/15/2019)

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June 15, 2019: Guangzhou Sunac Land (Guangzhou, Guangdong, China)


Today was the grand opening of the new Guangzhou Sunac Land. Most of the rides opened today with the park. I had a great time here. One thing I will praise the park for is a lack of stupid rules. I saw two weight limits posted and both were reasonable. One was 90 kg for the suspended powered coaster. As this ride is pretty tame and in a building with other kiddie rides, if you are denied a ride on it, it is no big loss. All 103 kg of me managed to slip by when I held my breath as I got to the loading platform. It is nearly an 8 minute ride and has several scenes to entertain riders. The other weight limit was 135 kg (again this was reasonable) for the Fly Guangdong (Soarin' based ride) which takes riders on a "flight" over various Guangdong landmarks and scenery. This ride is highly recommended by me. All of the other rides had something like "you can ride as long as you fit". This is a much better way to do things.


Dueling Dragons is/are an Intamin inverted/sitdown combo and both tracks are fantastic and do have separate layouts after the tall loop. The inverted side has four inversions while the sitdown side has three inversions. I actually like the sitdown side better, but both are fantastic. The only problem I had was that both tracks are too short. At least there are no dead spots.


There is supposed to be an indoor Intamin coaster here according to RCDB, but it must be in the big building that was not open yet. There is a huge building in the northeast corner of the park and some construction is still going on. If there is another coaster here, this should be the location.


I have now been to 608 parks, ridden 1199 coasters and found 496 coasters before ACE or RCDB.


Sunac Land in Guangzhou opens today!


Let's go in.


I am in!


I will get the carousel shot out of the way.


Garden Fantasy is the name of this powered suspended coaster.


Here is another look at Garden Fantasy.


Summertime Surf is a fun water ride.


The park's shoot the chutes ride makes a big splash.


The rapids ride was covered in a lot of mist!


The Ferris wheel looks great.


They really appreciate this.


Here is the disko coaster.


Now for the part you have all been waiting for...


It is not one, but two Intamin coasters intertwined.


Just flip a coin, inverted or sitdown, you will win either way.


Here is a great look at Dueling Dragons.


This will finish the TR.

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There is no chain lift for this. It is a launched coaster. I thought the name was ironic. I am glad that the park the didn't screw up the whole experience with ridiculous rules. One bit of important information is that, while the park closes at 10:00pm some nights, the coasters close at 6pm. If you visit, forget about night rides or visiting later in the day.

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Dueling Dragons looks pretty fun, but I'm honestly more curious about Garden Fantasy. Is that a legit Mack or a chinese knockoff? Those suspended power coasters are a huge blast and I only know of two in the world (Europa and Motiongate).

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