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Family of Three Injured on Log Flume at Castle Park

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I was browsing through Twitter when I saw a press release from Castle Park in regards to the accident that happened a couple of days ago on May 25th. Terrible for the family and the small park.


The following is from this ABC News Article


A woman was critically injured and her husband and child were also hurt when a water log ride at a California amusement park malfunctioned and flipped over, throwing them from their seats, officials said.


The incident occurred at Castle Park in Riverside on the Log Ride, which, according to the park's website, features a 48-foot drop.


Riverside Fire Department officials said they were called to the park at 4:37 p.m. and said three members of one family were tossed into the water after something went haywire with the log they were riding in and overturned.


"One of the injuries we categorized as critical. With the two others being minor. All were transported to a hospital," a fire official at the scene told ABC Los Angeles station KABC.


Witnesses said a 10-year-old boy injured in the incident appeared to suffer a cut to his ear and head injuries, while his father suffered scrapes to his arm and back.


The names of the injured family members were not released.


Video of the incident showed the injured boy and his father in the water after the log they were in flipped over.


Fire department officials said a mechanical problem with a ride's water pump apparently caused the accident.


An investigation is underway by the California Department of Health and Safety to determine the exact cause of the malfunction.


The Log Ride was immediately shut down pending the outcome of the probe, officials said.


A spokeswoman for the Castle Park told KABC that the ride had been inspected earlier Saturday and nothing was found wrong.


Press Release from Castle Park

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It has been reported the pump failed on the ride, so the water level was low. Which means no brakes for the log. The photo of the log on its side leads me to believe it just went full speed into the wall and threw the passengers out.


Hope they end up being ok.

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When I heard about a log flume accident in California I ended up watching the news to find out which park did this accident happened. I was hoping it wasn't in Knotts Berry Farm. No, it happened at Castle Park, a park I wasn't familar with. Regardless if it happened in a park you're familar with or not, an accident on any ride is devastating on everybody. I am glad that nobody got killed.


"Any accident at any park makes it a BLACK day in the amusement park world."

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