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New credit almost ready at Fun Spot Atlanta

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Hopefully that second clearing is for a woodie.


And dammit... I was just there two months ago! I don't want to return to Atlanta because I had such a crappy experience at SFOG last time... but with one (two?) new coasters at Fun Spot and several missing creds at SFOG, I may have to.

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I also stopped by the park for the first time in April, after avoiding this park during multiple trips to Atlanta. This liddie coaster get me to return, but a woodie would.

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I’m happy that Fun Spot bought this park. They’ve opened plenty of new attractions so far, much needed in this park that was previously languishing under the name Fun Junction, and whatever the previous two names were. A long clearing like that lends itself to a White Lightning layout. Here’s hoping.

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We had fun during our visit yesterday. Rode the gokarts a bunch.


That was probably my first mouse type coaster. It made me fear for my life. Most wild mouse coasters feel like that? Those turns felt like I was going to be slung across the park.

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Given Fun Spot's recent fancy with compact wooden coasters, I wouldn't be surprised if that's something in the works for this park. Given that this is the first park Fun Spot has acquired versus building from scratch, I'm very curious to see how the owners invest in this location.

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Another Fun Spot amusement park, this time in Atlanta? This looks like the place I should stop by and ride if I'm ever around the Atlanta area (I'm thinking about my trip next year) Who knows - whatever they decide to put inside that clearing might be up and running by that time?


Fun Spot Amusement Park - the small park with big thrills!

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