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Coaster inspired baby names

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Calling fellow coaster fans. We have baby number 2 due in a few months. I keep trying to talk the wife in a Coaster inspired name. I am struggling to come up with good ones. Only 2 I can think of are maverick for a boy and Taron for a girl. I will most likely loose this battle but what are some good names to bring to the table?


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Rodney after Lightning Rod


"Cy"after Cyclone or Wicked Cyclone

Apollo after Apollo's Chariot


Dolly after Dollywood

Rocky after Rocky Mt Construction Group

Walter or Claude after B+M


Honestly, see what names you can connect to your top three coasters or see if you can connect a coaster to one of your spouses top three choices.

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Robb if it’s a boy.....


Elissa if it’s a girl!


Sure, it may not be “directly” coaster related. But it’s basically coaster related, and I bet you could get your wife on board with one of those!


If not, there’s always Sheikra if it’s a girl, or Maverick if it’s a boy!


Either way, congrats on the new addition!

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