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Around the (Astro)World Trip Reports!

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Hey everyone! This will be where I post all my trip reports I make starting from 2018. I hope you all enjoy reading!


Trip Reports:


Kentucky Kingdom (See below)


The Kingdom, The Flags, and another Kingdom Part 1: Kentucky Kingdom


In June of 2018, my family decided to take a vacation to Disney World in Florida. On our way, we stopped by a couple of parks. Our first stop, Louisville, Kentucky. Which is home of Six F- I mean Kentucky Kingdom.





I have to say, they really spruced up Kentucky Kingdom since the Six Flags days.





Now I have heard that Lightning Run was a great coaster, very smooth and packed a lot of airtime. I went in expecting a coaster similar to others and...

... god damn. Lightning Run is a freaking RMC in disguise! It has ejector airtime, butter smooth transitions, and a sleek looking train!




This coaster is so awesome!




One thing I would like to compliment is, if you're from out of state, they give you free soda refills! I love that! I'm really more of a coke person, but I'll take Pepsi if its free




I love breakdances. Just wanted to say that.




I honestly love this park




Keep being awesome Lightning Run!




T3 looks really nice in the background of the wave pool. as for the ride itself... I'll get to that later.




Now I'm heading to the back of the park to get one credit that will be my 100th credit! And the coaster is....



Eye of the Storm!


ok ok, In all seriousness, it was Storm Chaser.




I could not ask for a better coaster to hit my 100th credit on! It had kick-a$$ airtime, smooth transitions, and best of all, No line!







I rerode Storm Chaser at least 5 times. It was so awesome




Alright, story time! (well not really a story but whatever) Thunder Run is pretty rough, but it was tolerable and fun. I noticed the camera just a few seconds before we got to it so I decided very quickly to put up some peace signs. I got into pose and...


... wait did the girls sitting in front of me just flip off the camera?


I couldn't really tell, so after I got off the ride, I went to the photo booth and I couldn't find my photo. I just shrugged and moved on to my next ride.




Hi Bill





My next ride was T3. I heard that this SLC was really bad. I kind of doubted it and thought that maybe it would be a hidden gem for me (I like Ninja at Six Flags St Louis. Fight me) so I got on the ride and, WOW.


T3 literally the worst coaster I have ever ridden in my life! Everyone who ridden this ride was right about how the new harnesses didn't help the coaster. Once we hit the brakes, it felt like the slowest crawl to the station ever, because the harness was pressing down hard on my legs, to the point where they were going numb. T3 is a one and done ride for me. Nothing on earth will ever make me ride T3 again.




The only good thing about T3 is this photo I took. It looks so innocent and nice.



After all of that, we headed back to the front half of Kentucky Kingdom by the crosswalk that takes us by the new ride for 2018, Scream Extreme (No photo). I’m so glad Supergirl is coming to SFStL, because those Endeavors are so much fun!




My dad really wanted to see the Journey 2 5D show in the Theater before we left the park, so thats what we did. Afterwards, well remember that story on Thunder Run I told you about earlier? Well, Park Security finally caught up to me and told me in a semi stern tone “Do you know these girls?” And showed me an on ride photo of 2 girls flipping the bird with both of their hands in a “Idgaf I’m cool” pose. And right behind them was me, very awkwardly, showing my “peace” sign. I told the security that I didn’t know them and they actually became cool and friendly, thanking me and told me to enjoy my day.


Kentucky Kingdom has some great security. I hope they caught those two girls!



After all that, it was time to leave the park and make our way to the hotel and head to Huntsville, AL where we booked an overnight stay.




But I had to get one more ride on the Breakdance


Coming up next: Six Flags over Georgia!

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they sent SECURITY to search for some customers who flipped off the camera?


what da fug?



but nice report. I thought KK was still Six Flags branded. . . guess I just haven't been paying attention.


Shocking that Storm Chaser was walk on.

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From what I understand Storm Chaser's lack of popularity is largely due to its less convenient location in a sort of back corner of the park that has little other noteworthy attractions. Not sure how accurate that is, but that's what I've gathered from the Kentucky Kingdom thread.

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they sent SECURITY to search for some customers who flipped off the camera?


what da fug?


Yep, they’re very serious about that. I applaud them for it!


From what I understand Storm Chaser's lack of popularity is largely due to its less convenient location in a sort of back corner of the park that has little other noteworthy attractions. Not sure how accurate that is, but that's what I've gathered from the Kentucky Kingdom thread.


That is correct. Even with Mile High Falls there, it is still quite a dead end where Storm Chaser is. This is also the case for Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run. It was a walk on because it too was also located on a dead end.

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Thanks for the report; it whets my appetite for what to look forward to when I go there mid-summer, and to catch their newest coaster Kentucky Flyer.


I will point out that while the coaster count inside this park may be lower compared to other amusement parks, Kentucky Kingdom does have a great collection of flat rides, a great water coaster, and Daredevil Dive, the granddad of any and all drop and slides in the world. And it also houses my favorite ride, THE ROLLER SKATER - take a ride around our rink!

And I must point out that they had a unique carousel, featuring bench seats that actually rock back and forth.


In conclusion, five years after this park has been reopened, Kentucky Kingdom is happening and happening real good!

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