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Which political party do you belong to?

ScOtT k

Democrat, Republican, or other?  

  1. 1. Democrat, Republican, or other?

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Meh, for lack of a better place Ill dip in anyway.

Basically I'd vote to the left in Federal elections, but right in the State elections.

It pretty much stems from the fact Australia has 3 levels of government and it's very clearly set forth what each is responsible so I think certain approaches are actually better for each.

So i'd rather have the left wing party (Labor) in control at the Federal level since the federal government is responsible for healthcare management, social security, higher education, defence etc. so they'd be more suited to those sorts of responsibilities.

But Id rather have the right wing party (Liberal - Long story, but our right wing party uses the name "Liberal" even though that wouldn't make sense to you guys) in control at the state level since they take care of stuff like Roads, Hospitals, Water Supply etc so they'd me more suited to those sort of responsibilities.

Nobody gives a crap about what the 3rd level (Local Councils) do since they only take care of menial stuff like Garbage Collection and parking control and nobody could stuff that up.


Another weird thing here, voting is compulsory so nobody "forgets" to vote...though at the polls when you actually get your ballot paper you can do what you want with it so in reality people can just doodle on it and chuck it in.

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I hate political's, they talk rubbish and put the Tax's up so high people have to sell their houses and live on the breadline in England.


I can vote, but don't, because what ever party gets in will be the same or simular as the party who left. There will be no change and the TAX's will raise.

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