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Power to the Coasters Trip Reports and More!

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Hey all of you TPR goers! This will be my official TPR companion to my blog, Power to the Coasters! I'll post some trip reports from the main blog on here, as well as exclusive TRs for all of you awesome TPR fans! Below is the directory, so check out what you want to see!


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


First TR (see below)

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Well, I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom a while back. So, here’s my Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report! These will be taken from 2 trips, one on November 12, and one on February 3. The two trips will intertwine, so I just intertwined the two trips by ride. Fair warning before we begin, though, as this is my first trip report, this may be bad.



Guess where we are?



Six Flags Smoky Kingdom! We didn’t go for very long because of the smoke.



I really should’ve been inside, but theme parks wait for no one.



Hey look, it’s Harley Quinn! With a better ride in the background!



I swear, I have a knack for finding when the parks are crowded.



The dolphin says hi!


At this point, I activated my season dining pass. I now LOVE this program, since I go to the parks very often.



First ever dining pass meal! Only okay hamburgers!



The meal was only okay. The burger tasted bland, but the onion rings were pretty good



Now’s the point where my family goes on the Scatabout and I wait for them, because the ride sucks!



Moderate? The ride’s rating is moderate? More like terrible!



Honestly, I can ride this at my county fair for a couple of tickets, so why go to Six Flags for it?


I think you guys get my feelings about the Scat-A-Bout.



Now off to the good rides, now that we’re away from the terrible ones!



How about we ride the new hotness?



The ride is the first of its kind. Let’s see if it should be replicated.



Some backstory for the villain, which all of us who watched Suicide Squad don’t need.

If you watched that horrid film, may the Lord have mercy upon you.


The ride was meh. It was an experimental ride, and it shows. I’m just happy to get the credit. Let us all hope, though, that no other park attempts to create this beast. Hopefully this ride will be replaced soon enough.



Now we’re off to ride a far better ride!



Don’t ask what witchcraft I used. I’ll just tell you. It’s called the Super Bowl.



I love this ride vehicle. I’m not sure why.



The lap bars are so comfortable. I hope we can see more rides with them.


The Joker is great! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a weak RMC, but it’s still an RMC. The inversions are very good, and the first drop is fun.



V2, my favorite ride. It’s great that they are giving it some TLC. If I had posted this sooner, I probably could’ve broken the news of it being a Flash ride.


Well, those two were very fun trips. I hope you guys can give me some feedback on it in the comments, and keep on thrilling!

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Great report! I often hear that Joker is the worst of the RMCs but I liked it better than several others like Wicked Cyclone, Medusa, and New Texas Giant. Still it goes to show that any RMC is a great ride.


I just wish Joker's line was that short when I visited so I could ride it more.

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I just wish Joker's line was that short when I visited so I could ride it more.


Just go on Super Bowl Sunday. I think this goes for any park, but when I was there, Joker, Medusa, Harley Quinn, and most of the flats were open, with every ride being a walk on.


Nice! Glad you enjoyed your trips to Discount Sea World. I need to get there; looks like my sort of place. Especially the Dolphin Plash Zone.


To be honest, don't go. The place mostly sucks. The dolphin show is a questionable meh, and most of the animals aren't the best. The only reason I like the place is that it's near my house. If you are coming up here, I'd recommend Great America (the Cedar Fair one) and the Oakland/San Francisco zoos a lot more. If you like marine mammals, I'd highly reccommend pairing the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Don't get me wrong, you'll need to drive an hour or so to get there, but it's well worth it. You should just come here for the credits.

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Sorry Super Bowl Sunday isn't an option for me. The Patriots are always in it.

Yeah, my home team is the 49ers, so we definitely won't see any Super Bowls soon. Otherwise, I'd highly reccommend May, outside of Memorial Day. A lot of the high schoolers that would be going on the rides are cramming for finals, so it can be a ghost town.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain


It’s time for me to actually tell you guys about Magic Mountain. Since I am a West Coaster, I don’t know too much about Cedar Point, so I can’t compare. However, I love our thrill park. Since I don’t want to go too long on comparisons, let’s get started.



I really loved seeing this sun rise. It’s so peaceful.


Hey... I see something! And of course, Six Flags needs to have Coke ads even when you look at the park!


365 days of thrills! Which means some poor kiddo has to work on Christmas!


Speaking of Christmas...


Holiday in the park! We have snow bears!


But never mind the pretty decorations, we have some rides to get to!


How fast, exactly, is the speed of fear?


I always love seeing the faces go from bored..


To excited once they’re tilted!


I love Tatsu. A lot. Now some people may hate on the pretzel loop, but I love the G-forces that are added onto it. It’s just so fun!



The Helpful Honda Express! It’s so helpful! Best ride in the park.


Now onto another (objectively worse) ride.


Waves. Just waves.


Now onto anime stuff!


This ride is one of the few suspended coasters left. I think the design is gimmicky.


Ninja’s okay, I guess. The whole “double lift” thing is kind of annoying, and it always seems as if you’re going to hit a branch.



Well, now onto this… thing.


Don’t you hate it when spaceships just crash next to your rollercoaster?


Just your average day, with giant crystals around you…


To be honest, though, this ride has one of the best queue designs in the park. It’s a shame, though, that this is the best. The ride isn’t very good, though. The sonic boom on the launch back plus the design puts it as pretty low compared to the other coasters.



Ah, Gold Rusher. You are so okay. Just okay.


Gold Rusher: the ride that has a track you can barely see.


Honestly, Gold Rusher is a rather strange coaster. It wraps around some of the unused sections of the park, giving it this otherworldly feel. Sadly, though, the ride is in this strange situation where it’s a little too rough for a family coaster, yet doesn’t stand up to the larger coasters at the park. Heck, the Revolution is a much better older coaster.



You know what? Let’s just go to Metropolis…


Home of Justice League’s Astro Blasters!


You know, we’ve got Batman, Wonder Woman, and the dead one. (Spoiler alert for Batman vs. Superman! Not as if anyone cares!)


That moment when the robot looks more human than the enemies you’re fighting.


Even though I may have hated on some of the aspects of this ride, I love Justice League. First, the two animatronics look really nice. Also, they had a good mix of screens and sets. That automatically puts it above anything Universal made. Yes, I just said that. I wish, though, that they would’ve had more mixed sets like the containment room one, with the screen goons in the truck as well as practical effects. If you guys want to beat me, I got a score of 134,000, if you want to give it a try.



And now the brand new ride, CraZanity!


Honestly, it’s just a Frisbee ride, so I didn’t get into the two hour wait.


Time for lunch!


More Christmas stuff on my way to Twisted Colossus!


Sadly, TC’s wait was over an hour, so I held off until later.



Goliath, the ride that’s coolest part is the sign. I didn’t ride it for obvious reasons, and that the wait was way too long. It was near the entrance of the queue, which is terrible for Goliath.


Oh, hey look, it’s Superman! And a better ride hooked onto it!


Now it’s time to go onto the Riddler’s Revenge, one of the best standup coasters.


It’s a very nice standup, but it’s still a standup coaster.


The ride vehicles are a lot less blurry in person.


Ah, the Riddler’s Revenge. I love this standup. The Gs on it work well for the model, and the ride has a very good layout for the fact that it’s a standup. However, it’s still a little uncomfortable since it’s a standup.


...and at this point, the photos end. I’m sorry, but I suck at taking night photos. So I’ll save you from photos like this:


See what I mean? Anyway, onto the rides.


Batman: I love this ride. It’s buttery smooth, and has the inversions taken so well. The whole experience is amazing during the night. People should only really ride this during the night, in my opinion.


Lex Luthor: A great drop tower. It is short, but it is very fun. The height is almost unheard of, making it great.


Twisted Colossus: I actually got to ride this! We got close to dueling both laps, but not quite. I honestly love the elements that should’ve been ten times better with dueling, but were cool nonetheless.


La New Classic Revolution on Fire: What do they even call this anymore? It’s an old coaster, but it’s very fun to ride. It has aged well, and is a good medium-thrill coaster.


X2: It was closed. Thank goodness.


Viper: Thank the lord up on high that it was down.


Green Lantern: Guess what? It was down!


Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading, and keep on thrilling!

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Well, crud. I'm sorry guys, but this TR is going to be postponed until a later date due to issues. I was originally going to be at the parks right now, but some troubles got in the way. However, I will be sure to get some more trip reports out!

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