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New coaster opens at Tokyo Dome City

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According to the website, they are adding a new Gerstlauer Family Shuttle coaster called Panic Coaster - Back Daaan ( パニックコースターバックダーン) It is going in the Geopolis section of the park, where Geopanic once operated. It is a great addition after the loss of Linear Gale and Spinning Coaster Maihime. Panic Coaster - Back Daaan will be the park first new coaster since 2003, and will feature special effect as riders traverse the ride layout twice, first forward, and second in reverse.


Opens March 23, 2019

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This is actually really cool! They could definitely use a coaster, especially a family one. This is a good fit for the park because some people who go to Tokyo Dome are either to small to ride Thunder Dolphin or are too scared to/haven't been on many coasters, so this is a good step-up/intermediate roller coaster for them.

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^ It's a shame, I keep meaning to try Thunder Dolphin but I never get round to it. I convinced myself that trying a Spider-Man ride Japanese style and a parachute tower would be worth it but Tokyo always distarcts me. With Aqua Stadium removing their really unique Intamin launcher a while back and this park removing 2 coasters and it's unique Spider-Man ride, I've never been a person to care about a credit count so I always find myself ending up going to the two Yokohama parks (although Sea Paradise have now removed the dolphins from the pedalos so that unique ride is neutered) or Tobu Zoo instead for rides I know I like over a new credit that I hear for a huge Intamin is just ok-ish.


Heck on the last two times I decided I'd go, I skipped rides or parks altogether because there are so many things I love in Japan non-coaster related, I think once I scored Ghibli Museum tickets from a Lawson vending machine or normally I give up a park to spend more time in Akihabara or any of the unique malls (and my wife will tell you I normally hate shopping).

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I'm glad they put a new ride in this year since they just lost their odd Spiderman-style ride.


It was like Spider-man, only with a sexy Cat Woman who used a magic umbrella.


Made perfect sense.

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I was poking around YouTube and found an on-ride video of Back!? Daaan!! It looks appropriately wacky. It appears to return to the original station and launch backwards, unlike other Gerstlauer family coasters that do it at a different point in the layout.


Note: The uploader claims to have had permission to film the ride. They probably did, considering there's literally no one else riding.


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^ Bizarre. So all of those lights that it travels backwards through, are totally off for the forward part?


Just checking, here. I'd ride it, whatever it does. A new reason to go to Tokyo Dome City.

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Well that is certainly an interesting use of switch tracks to use the original station for 2 launches in 2 directions. Looks fun and awesomely Japanese like. Despite the first half of the video being completely worthless, it leaves some surprise and the backwards part looks like you're going through the digital art exhibit lol. Will have to check it out next year!

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