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Kongeparken in Norway announces 80 meter tall drop tower!

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Today Kongeparken announced their new attraction for 2019: STUPET


STUPET (The cliff in English) will be an 80 meter tall droptower delivered by Funtime. The attraction will be located in the highest point in the park making the highest point of the tower 246 meters above sea level. Guests will enter the attraction through a 12 meter tall portal and make their way through a steep queueline resembling a normal Norwegian hiking-trail. The trail is supposed to be challenging and as the owner said during the announcement: "If you got a couple of kilograms to many it can be a bit exhausting"


The tower will have a unique feature: From park opening to 13:00 it will function as an observation tower. From 14:00 until closing it will function as a drop tower. However between 13:00 and 14:00 this will be randomized so that you never know if it will simply be lowered slowly to the ground or drop!


Kongeparken is located outside of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. The park recently got a new CEO and he wants to draw in more people in the demographic of 16 years and over, this is the first step in doing that.

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It would be dastardly if they started moving the carriage down slowly, like maybe a few meters, and THEN released it to free-fall.


I still love the Blue Fall method of fake drop them into a brake, then really drop them.

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In that "hour of unknown," they should put in that fake-drop,

that Blue Fall does (did?) in Sea Paradise Park in Japan.

Then after that few feet of "falling," it slowly lowers to the ground.


That should still shake up a few people on it, lol.

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HA! The one hour of "you don't know!" which program is the best!





the An-ti-ci. . . . . . PATION!




Man, that will probably be the best hour of the day to just watch the tower. I wonder if they will have a sign stating such or just go for it.

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Well, I didn't see this coming, but it should be a great addition the park. While not enough to make me take the 5 hour car ride to get there, if I'm ever in the area I might stop by now. The one hour of "maybe it will drop, maybe it won't" sure is interesting. At first I thought "well I will be disappointed if it doesn't drop", but I think the uncertainty and anticipation might be worth it on it's own.

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