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[Planet Coaster] Cedar Point Recreation

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Now I've been working on this project for a little under a year (at the time of posting), and have wanted to start a thread about it but have never gotten around to it.


First i'll start with a little backstory:

I've been wanting to recreate Cedar Point (and really any park) for years but lacked the skills and time, after playing with Planet Coaster for a while and becoming comfortable with the controls and building I started making rides I knew very well (Shivering Timbers lol), and decided I didn't need to work on this all at one time. Thus I started this daunting task by making -nearly- every coaster at CP. It took me maybe 3-4 weeks to make the coasters and then I lost a bit of inspiration because I simply wasn't as interested making the scenery as I was the rides themselves. Eventually I had a change of heart and have started back on this project again.


Some project details:

I've created every coaster EXCEPT Corkscrew, Blue Streak, Woodstock Express and Wilderness Run

I will have to split the park into two parks unless Frontier updates the map sizes. I already have the top half setup though

I plan on making as many of the Park's buildings as possible

This project has a YouTube Playlist!


A little more about the project:

I really like how a lot of this park has turned out so far but there is a lot of work, and it is incredibly daunting. I have ran into MANY roadblocks with this and each piece I add has it's own difficulties. For instance getting the distances on Gemini was a pain, and is proof that everything in this park is still open to change. Looking at Gemini from above you can see that some angles it makes are different than real life, but I do hope to fix it soon. Cedar Creek is a very weird ride to recreate and ironically it is the worst and least accurate of the rides in terms of it's layout. I also like the fine tuning aspect of it. GateKeeper was incredibly hard to get some of the inversions as I had to custom make them to get the right angles.



I'm just going to post some for the time being, but look forward to more as I progress! I will try to update as often as possible as I work on it.Twitter1.thumb.png.ded7d33678abba67809b17144866c23b.pngTwitter2.thumb.png.f18856a62da570d4cc5fe1ce80ad09fa.pngTwitter3.thumb.png.4f0e8fd0bd9f339487c4e26504bf184b.pngTwitter4.thumb.png.2958083a56bff7e23279c3e647548aa4.png

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Looking good.



I also have a small update, I've gotten a break in my busy college life to put some work in. Recently I finished the lift and airtime hill custom supports for Millennium Force, as well as put more work into the unload station and queue. This required a small re-profile from before the final airtime hill to the end of the final over bank. This also made me notice the coaster's were in the wrong place, so I saved everything and have begun realigning them. Since then I started working on Rougarou and Maverick's stations. Here are some screenshots:



Notice the wide bottom, and general large supports along the drop


Another angle


Oh my I love this


The unloading/loading station before I re-profiled the the last bit


The basis of Rougarou's station!


Getting the sizes for this station is incredibly hard, there aren't many pictures of it


A further point of view


Another picture of the loading/unloading stations after the re-profile


From the side of the train (note the train tracks are gone due to having the wrong layout)


The new overbank


I added the truss supports to these airtime hills, they still need a bit of work though


Trying to keep the level of detail up with this one


Honestly really happy how the station walls turned out so far considering how simple they are


Pre-launch block break and tunnel


And that's where I ended for the day. Stay tuned, there will be more coming soon!

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A daunting task but you are doing a fantastic job!


At first I found it far too massive to take on but by slowing working on little bits at a time it's slowly seeming very doable, just tedious. And thanks!


Also I just took this screenshot from Maverick's WIP station during golden hour, and its bringing me back to my favorite scene from the point.



There is still detail to be added but this is 100% my favorite view from the point


Unfortunately you can't edit the background to be water and in order to fit the top half of the park I couldn't line up the cardinal directions, but it is close enough.

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