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Classic ride Kangaroo /Flying Coaster?

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This Model was a fair traveling one from Germany. Build in 1962 by Mack, it travelled First the Bigger fairs like Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Vasn. After loosing its popularity and beeing resold Four times, the last owner rethemed it in 2001.

It was scrapped sometimes After its last traveling season in Winter 2010.


The original heavy Theme revered to a Ski-Jump and in the 1976 season it was renamed „Olympia-Sprungschanze“ in honor to the olympic Wintergames in Innsbruck, Austria.




I remeber riding it a few times as Kid at our local fair somewhere in the early 80‘s.



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There was actually a version of this ride, at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair! Truth.

And there has been found a TON of photos of the Gayway that had this ride,

but none taken (that I can find) of this ride, from a direct viewpoint. In all the photos

the Calypso hides most of it, and beyond it, you can make out the go-kart attraction.


Here's what I got from one black and white pic. And it did JUMP like a kangaroo, taking off

and then landing on it's single tire under the ride vehicle. Looked rough to me, and at age

9... and I didn't want to ride it, at - all.


EDIT!!! And I just found a "Gayway Map" during the 1962 World's Fair,

and the ride in question was called the ...I love this.....Flying Coaster!



There it is! Thank you NET for the photo.


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^ Kangaroo, aka Flying Coaster was my favorite ride as a kid at Euclid Beach, Geauga Lake AND Cedar Point ! When I rode it 2 years ago at KW, it brought back all those memories. I was howling with laughter. So Much Fun !


And actually, that Rides Map has a mistake on it, as the ROTOR that is noted on it, is wrong. What was actually in that spot, was an early version of the Haunted Swing! And I actually remember seeing, from an angle, past the front facade of it, and actually seeing that yellow house go "round and round, upside down"...



I also did not choose to ride this one either, at The Fair. I now regret it, as I now love those rides. Simple ones and EPIC themed ones, all of them!


Little Yellow (swinging) House, right behind another (now) classic ride at The 1962 Fair... Flight To Mars.

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It’s similar to a Flying Coaster but not completely identical as this ride can run in reverse. Bates Amusements has one and I think there may be another floating around the carnival circuit. I don’t think it ever caught on as much as Majestic had hoped.

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