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New PhotoChop Contest! *The REAL TPR Florida Meet!*

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Ok everyone,


There is a TON of material out there between Erik and Carlos' photos from the recent TPR trip to Florida.


For those of you who couldn't make it, this is your chance to get back at us!!!


Although we said we were going to all those parks in Florida, where did we REALLY go and what did we REALLY do? It's up to YOU to decide!


I'm actually going to raise the stakes on this one a bit and say that the winner will actually get a DVD from us! And if you already have our DVDs, then you get a personal visit from Elissa! * :o


Here are the links to all the great photos from this past weekend:







There's probably more than 200 different photos, so you guys have GOT to come up with some cool, funny stuff! And remember...the winner gets a DVD or a visit from Elissa!*


So get out your PhotoShop, MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, whatever and start chopping!


For an example of how the PhotoChop contest works, see the last one:













* in the year 2042.

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Robb, as much as I'd like a DVD, I'm no good with photos, so I'm not even gonna try... However, if you're gonna give people ideas by putting particular pictures on this thread, you have to add the one of you with a wet ass helping to change the tyre... That one is TOTALLY crying out for some editing and a dodgy caption!

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LOL Ted! Love the Hookah picture, especially with Joey added in, and just a little bit smaller than everyone else.


For those of you who do not know, I am not smoking anything. I inhaled some fog from the fog machines. Not that its healthy or anything, it just doesn't have any carcinogens in it (that I'm aware of).....though I will admit, I'm a fan of the hookah with some flavored tobacco in it every once in a while. 8)

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You have NO clue how bad I want a DVD!


I dont really like my entriee. I have another, but Ill just see how this one goes.


Ok, so yeah, hehe, just that tire pic just so reminded me of this, dont ask. Hopeing at least someone likes it.


ADMIN EDIT: C'mon guys keep it "PG-13", OK?

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Can we submit more than one entry?


As at the time of this entry, I did not have access to anything better than MS Paint, however in a couple of hours I may do a better one.


Not sure if i'd win anyway. Mr & MRS ALVEY wouldn't want to send out one of their DVD's out to Australia for free.


This dude lost the car keys to the TPR Van!

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