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NEWS: Scandia Amusement Park in Ontario closing

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Really, what made the decision was lawsuit abuse — or fake lawsuits — well, it’s quite a burden. You have to measure that with the risk.” ...


According to San Bernardino County’s online civil court database, the park has been hit with small claims or personal injury suits every few years. All of the suits filed in the past 10 years appear to have been settled, vacated or otherwise dismissed.

Sounds about right for SoCal.


I do remember it being violent in the back, but I stand by my belief that you know what your body can and can't handle. If you just watch the ride you can see that it is violent. At what point do people need to just accept their own consequences of choosing to ride?


Hey look a warning sign

Sorry for the vertical Snapchat video, it's all I have. If it even plays.


The one and only time I rode it, in Fall, 2015. If it


Actual photo of me and a friend credit whoring the kiddie coaster


I was definitely a bit nervous here

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have the feeling that Scandia knew about this for a couple of months. The rides were originally listed up for sale on Nov. 2, 2018, and doesn't appear that anything has sold yet. Since the drop tower, Tilt-a-whirl, and carousel have not been offered for sale, I am guessing that is all that they were planning to keep those few attractions.


Of course they knew. The rides they wanted to save are likely being sent to their other properties.


If Scandia Screamer is easy enough to transport, I can definitely see a fair company purchasing it.

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I had an afternoon appt in Rancho Cucamonga on Friday, so I stopped by Scandia for some photos and see the demolition process. The demolition permits have been issued but I don't see a demolition date yet on the city website. All rides appear to have been removed except for the pirate galleon. I got these photos from the fence around the property.


Empty bumper boats


Golf course


No water in the golf course fountains


No water in the golf course fountains


Front entrance area


Big coaster station


Old ride buildings


Scandia sign and missing drop tower


Last ride left


Old ride buildings

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Scandia Victorville looks like they got the drop tower and a tilt-a-whirl from the closed Ontario location. Neither is listed on their site yet, but I had to drive near here for work today and took a couple of photos. Unfortunately, the park was closed, so I had to take the pictures from the fence.


The Sacramento location added a Norway Flyer attraction but that didn't come from the closed Ontario location.


The rest of the rides are still listed for sale. You better hurry if you want something




They are building a Tilt-A-Whirl in front of the batting cage


Drop tower from Scandia Ontario

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