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Mini Photo TR: Nanhu Park in Nanning (1/19/2019)

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Nanhu Park in Nanning, Guangxi, China (January 19, 2019)


I visited Nanhu Park in Nanning on this date. This is a nice city park that is very clean. It has a small collection of rides that includes a fruit worm family coaster. I would ride the coaster (one ride is 2 circuits) and take some photos and leave as I had to get on a train to Kunming. The park itself is a short walk from the Nanhu subway station. This makes it easy to visit if you are in Nanning.


I will check out Nanhu Park in Nanning today.


Here is another giant wheel that is so common at Asian parks.


I just have to get the carousel into this TR.


There is a pretty basic flume with a lighting package at this place.


There is a credit here.


I have been on several of these.


This will close out the TR.

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Thanks Darren, for all of these TRs, to parks in Asia I had no idea existed!


And that these little parks had specific flat rides and coasters,

not always "the usual" assortment of other small parks overseas.


Very trippy, indeed. Thanks again.



P.S. After doing a 2012 TPR tour to China, it's still a kick

to see parks that we never got to see and visit and enjoy.


And that was after having ridden 110+ coasters in a # of parks!



(And that includes all powered...deal with it.)

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