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Flying Scooters...

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They're controlable, to a large extent. Every ride on them has the ability to be differant from the next. Some scooter fly better than others.

Wind plays a factor in how well you can fly them.

My favorite ride, period.


<----Hence, the name.


FlyingScooter list: Euclid Beach Park, Geauga lake, Conneaut lake Park. Euclid Beach had the best.

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INBeach must have the best scooters around....(and I have been on Knoebels) At INB they say no snapping.. But they would still let you do it.. And they have the scooters out over the lake.. So when the ride starts up you can fly right over the water... Woo... I guess what makes them fun is that you get to make the ride yourself.. You get to move the fin in and out makeing your tub move... So its fun.


<-- Also has a FS for an avatar :o

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If run correctly they can be a blast. Knoebels, Carowinds and Hershey all have fun sets, and I'm sure the wind-aided ones at IB are awesome too... but some of them can be kinda lame for various reasons (the Lake and Kings Domion, for example). Just completly terrifying rides on the good sets

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Flying scooters are good fun, especially with lots of successful snapping which was changed to "twanging" by RCCGB people to sound less alarming. I prefer SNAPPING myself.


I've ridden a few now. The modern Larson ones are rubbish - it's a shame Oakwood couldn't source a Bisch Rocco set, which seem the best.


I filmed full onride footage (including the odd snap) of the ones at Lakeside (Denver) and Pleasureland (Southport). It'd be rude not to film, just like on the coasters.

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I've ridden Flyers at PGA and Lagoon. Lagoon has the better set, as they are actually snapable. It's wierd because I was only able to snap one tub (sadly I don't remember which one).


For some reason, I didn't get to ride the Flyers when I was at Knoebel's a few years ago.

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