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Is it even worth going to Orlando for theme parks anymore?

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I know that I love Disney's parks, mostly because the atmosphere is so tightly controlled, but is Universal even worth going to anymore? No Back to the Future, No Ghostbusters, No King Kong, No Jaws. what's even the point besides Harry Potter? I'd rather just go to ValleyFair where the rides are at least consistently decent, if not all that exciting.

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I don't understand why anyone would waste their trolling a website that they don't like as opposed to just ignoring it but if they insist on doing it they should at least do it right. I don't really understand this post or what reaction you're looking for. Nobody is really dumb enough to think this and even if they did, nobody would care. I mean... okay, go to Valleyfair then. Have a great time. I hear they added the 5th best new amusement park attraction in America last year.

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Well sorry this is sort of old and long! But with most of the classic coasters now days being torn down like from carowinds sfgadv and now at island of adventure im like oh wow its all changing now as it always has been! I feel like that too but same as in texas where we used to have astroworld and all we have is kemah and the pleasure pier which are both okay but so far off a bit and dont even get to go as much! And the only two big parks in texas are fiesta texas and over texas! And houston is just a big city with nothing! I feel like texas isnt worth coming to or especially houston or maybe i am dumb! But i think im gonna stay in texas and not go anywhere else!

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