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NEWS: Merlin announces agreement to open LEGOLAND Korea

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Legoland has switched their rides to the 'split' style on weekdays with one ride per area running morning only and another next door afternoon only on weekdays. Everland also uses this style on weekdays, although in their case it's due to their water park absorbing most of the crowds to the point that water park guests can go into Everland for free.


Legoland also announced their water park expansion will be a water maze from next Friday along with the return of Legoland's fireworks shows.



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Great photos and insight into the place. I have never seen one of these brand new Legoland parks and I always wondered how sparse they are, at least at first. I have to say this one does look a little sparse in barren surroundings but hopefully it can fill out very nicely soon.

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Hmmm, even with the busy 6-day public holiday coming up and the Fall season, Legoland has now switched some rides to weekends/holidays only, including its flagship attraction, and has now added delayed openings and split shift rides to the weekend schedule as well compared to July (see above)



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