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[PLC Scenario] Riley Beach Challenge

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Hey guys!

I made a DLC-friendly scenario! (as in, you don't have to own any of the DLCs to play it, but feel free to use any DLCs if you have them) to celebrate the new Magnificent rides expansion!


I'd really love to know what you all think of it, since I put a LOT of effort into it.


The Scenario is called "Riley Beach Challenge", and in it a waterpark/resort has put you in charge of expanding it's selection of dry rides over a tricky bit of land in hopes of boosting year-round business.


The full explanation (including unofficial goals) is on the Scenario's Steam Workshop page







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I tried a few different ideas for this scenario, and I like this one the most. I haven't gotten all the stars nor finished the park, but I thought I did enough to share.


I decided to relocate some of the existing carnival rides and will build a hotel in the spot soon.


I used the new chairlift ride to transport the guests


I decided to try a beach boardwalk styled park


trying some landscaping


canopies for shade to escape the hot summer sun


one of the relocated rides redone into "WaveBreaker"

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I mean, my THOUGHT when making it was that the Waterpark is seperate from the amusement park, and is a part of the resort hotel (the large building). The scenario description mentions that the waterpark hired you to manage the dry rides outside of it, which is why it's on the other side of several locked fences (since i can't edit what parts of land you do or don't own beyond just a general square shape) and connected to the large building with a path. You're allowed to build over it but not really edit it.


But hey, once you download the scenario it's in your hands to do with as you please! My own fault for not locking the slides, I guess! lol Run it as you see fit.

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