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Silliest coaster ever ?

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Some of you guys may not be aware of this coaster.

I think it's one of the silliest or most interesting coasters I've been on


It's the Dragon Flyer at Camelot Theme Park, here in the UK



The coaster is a petrol (gasoline) powered. :shock:


There's some kind of engine (go kart?) situated in the dragon (front car) and a ride op controls the speed of it etc, as it goes along its track.



Heres a couple of pics...


The coaster in the station,



The controls :shock:


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The PAX Cobra was set to debut at the State Fair of Texas in 2002, but due to Russian laws, the ride was cancelled in the long run .. good thing too since now they are in discussion with 2 other major manufacturers for new perm. coasters on the fairgrounds once again (1 steel, 1 wood)


Still it's a goofy looking ride .. don't know if I would of liked seeing that on the property.

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Fire in the Hole - Blazing Fury. That ride always seems to elicit a WTF :shock: from riders.


I've heard of this coaster, but what does it actually do

RCDB does not give very much away.


Some of the other coasters been mentioned here are high on the WTF ?factor, there mainly 'production' models.


Dragon Flyer is unique

Yes I think the wood laid along the track is how the coaster is powered , via a wheel within the dragon


Cobra at Admiral Vrungel looks cool, How does it launch?

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Blazing Fury and Fire In The Hole are the same. Imagine a powered scenic railway enclosed with 3 drops. The final drop is pretty long and theres a splashdown that gets your a bit wet.


The Cobra I think, if I recall is pulled up the spike by a winch (similar to Vekoma's GIB's) and then released.

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Euro Mir is a cool coaster. It's the not best coaster in the park by a long way but still is fun. I liked Euro Sat more than Euro Mir tho.


X:/ No Way Out is just rubbish


Oh no ! some has mentioned the snails at Joyland in Great Yarmouth.


I know there is this never ending debate on what is & what not a coaster. But counting the snails has a credit is going too far. You then might as well count any Haunted House ride etc


I like to point that I have not been on the snails ride, but have been on the Tyrolean Tubs http://rcdb.com/ig884.htm and do count that has a coaster

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So that's what those Virginia Reel coasters were from RCT! I've always wondered if those even existed.


The 'Tubs' at Joyland is powered in places.


True Virginia Wheels, like the ones in RCT are gravity powered.

An example here http://naid.sppsr.ucla.edu/venice/mapsdocs/kp-map7.htm



The two parks in Great Yarmouth, are walking distances from each other, I'd say about 15 mins

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