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parks and season passes and addons

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As far as season passes in general, Six Flags has one of the best deals out there - Unlimited access to Every single park and every single water park in the chain, plus discounts across all that parks for under $70, depending on what deal you get, and which park you get it at. If I were you, I'd go to Six Flags America to pick up your pass - yes, it's further from you than Six Flags Great Adventure (probably), but the prices are significantly cheaper.

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If you've got the money to blow on Season Fast Lane at Dorney I'm guessing you're well funded enough to afford them all LOL.
....I a pay for my pass and add ons thru monthly payments....and the fast pass add on is $125 ! and the season meal for platinum was $110
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The season Fastlane at Dorney is a decent enough deal if you frequent the water park. If you stick to the dry park it's probably the worst season pass add on in amusement park history.
at $125 when I added i78t to my pass ..not a bad deal considering all the rollercoasters have a fast pass line and during haunt it also served as the fright lane pass
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