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Fantasmic Orlando vs. Fantasmic Anaheim

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I saw the show in Anaheim several years ago and was blown away . . . I understand that Orlando has a version now.


Is it the same show, or is it different/better/worse? Does it even run in November?


Dione has never seen Fantasmic!; I'm hoping I get a chance to show it to her.

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I'm going to move this to the Donkeys board since neither one of us have ever seen Fantasmic! in WDW. Neither of us are really "show" people, and if we have to stand it line or wait for it, which you often have to do at WDW, we skip it.


That and I had to work Fantasmic! for nearly a year at Disneyland so I'm kind of 'burned out' by it.


I have heard the California biased people say how much more amazing the DL version is over the FL version, but I've heard more 'general' opinions that they are very similar, pretty much the same, but with a few things that the DL version does a bit better better.


Hopefully you'll get a good response!


--Robb "Great show, yes, just not our thing, really." Alvey

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We like the MGM Fantasmic, though we never have been out to Disneyland yet to see the California version. I think the biggest difference (correct me if I am wrong) is that the Disneyland version has a Peter Pan section while the MGM one has a Pocahontas section of the show. Its a must that you get a seat 30 minutes before the show starts in the off-season and 60 minutes (even if they have 2 performances) during the peak times.

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I've seen both:


Florida -


Pros - seating is nice, sound is great. the show itself is fine, just wish the pirate ship and mark twain were a bit more realistic!


Cons - You'd better get there early for a good seat! Too staged. Pyro stuff is very limited. The queues to get in can be a bit overwhelming, if not daunting.


California -


Pros - Show magically appears from nowhere! Pyro works better here, not limited to the staged area, there's something about having the real pirate ship and the real Mark Twian rolling down stream and not a fake version as found in the Florida show!


Cons - NO place to sit! well not like in Florida! The show takes place along the rivers of America and the traffic jams are horrible! Again get here early or you'll miss out on the good spots.


Over all both shows are up to disney standards. Both offer a little bit of wow and magic. Both shows offer something different, so if you've seen one don't miss the other just because you've seen the other!

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