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Reawakening of Bushkill Park - New Year's update

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The Rides


I had a little bit of time to talk with Jeremy last week also. He owns all the current rides and is always on the lookout for used rides that can be picked up at steep discounts. Going into 2010 the park will have one of its legacy kiddie rides return. Their 1940s Mangels dry boat ride has been refurbed and the cars look sweet. The park also bought a second train ride, a high revenue ride since families can ride it together.


The next two rides will probably be the The Whip and the Scooters. All the parts are in place to start working on the Whip, after Hilarity Hall is finished. A little history, Whips were only sold in 8 and 12 car models. However, Bushkill Park always operated a 10 car Whip. It turns out that the park could never get the ride to function properly with all 12 cars so they just removed two cars. Jeremy is confident that after some research (and new parts) they now have the knowledge to run all 12 cars. I only ask that they get their Whip to run properly and Whip into and out of the turns like Rye Playland and Camden Park.


Scooters - I'm not sure how many of their old Lusse Cars or parts are left. I know spare cars and parts are expensive and probably out the park's budget. I'll follow up with Jeremy on that in the future.



Next up, I'm going to talk about a clandestine group of dark ride afficionados living in Eastern Pennsylvania




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Chuck always knew of the rich history of amusement parks in Pennsylvania, but he did realize that the passion still burns in the hearts of quite a people in the area. After speaking at the historical society in November, Chuck is meeting people who know people who know other people and has created a network of locals who have knowledge of past rides in the areas. Not only do the locals have knowledge of the rides and parks they also have relics, parts and rides. Chuck has seen many items that were thought to no longer exist


This upcoming weekend Chuck will have a Guys Day (brandy and Cigars) with some gentlemen who want to support Chuck's projects at Bushkill Park. These supporters have formerly worked in the dark ride and sideshow business. One of the gentlemen introduced himself to Chuck as the person that Chuck "stole" the Williams Grove dark ride from. Now Chuck didn't actually steal the dark ride. After Williams Grove closed, Chuck was hired to paint their Music Express for an upcoming rides auction. Chuck learned the dark ride was bring sold, made an offer and the owner removed it from the auction and sold it directly to Chuck before Chuck's new supporter could make a bid at auction.


I don't know there will be anything immediately sharable that comes out of these meetings but I thought many would find it interesting.

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I just got word from Chuck that America's Oldest Funhouse will have its Grand Re-opening on July 3rd, 2020. I'll have fres h picture of the facade and more news to print soon. I might also visit during the week of February 17th, since NYC schools are closed that week.

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Here is what the general manager on the ride side posted on the Bushkill Facebook Page


"Yes we will have a few adult rides operational this summer. We have 16 rides in total with 8 scheduled to be open for opening weekend. Last year we had 5 rides open. The remaining rides will be restored and back in service as soon as possible. We will post a list of restoration priorities shortly. Thanks."


I'm focusing on Chuck's work at the park on Hillarity Hall and The Pretzel, but will also share what I hear on the ride side. My understanding is that the focus for the adult rides is on The Whip. There are only 7 permanent Whips still running in the US. (Rye, Hershey, Knoebels, Dorney, Kennywood, Lakeside, Camden).


Since Chuck is doing must of the prop and decorative work at his workshop only, the virus will not effect has pace. Here are some photos I took when I visited him last month.


These pictures of Hilarity Hall are over one month old, just awaiting new photos.






Internal work continues


Decorative touches


More ornamental details


I'm too lazy too crop the picture, but since it is art, I have no shame in sharing it.


The pretzel cars awaiting their day in the sun, even though they will run indoors and never shine in the sun.

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