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Photo TR: TPR USA Trip 2018

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love seeing the pics, and hearing about the waterpark side. . since I didn't get over to that part.


I agree on Superman not being very good - and while I didn't ride in the very back (so it wasn't AWFUL), it was a one and done for me.



I loved Wild One, tho that last giant helix is kind of brutal -- but I thought it added to the charm of it.

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I'm pretty sure I met one of those famous barkeeps when I went towards the end of August. A woman bought a frozen drink, took a few sips at the counter, and casually told the bartender that she didn't like it and would like a beer instead. She was told no. There was an impasse, and five minutes or so of back and forth hilarity ensued.

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Upon meeting up with the rest of the group, I encountered Mr Goodwin in a jovial mood who told me about the excellent service at the New Orleans bar. Cody expressed interested in going to check it out and we had just enough time so we briskly walked over. I met the famous bartenders, got compliments on my tattoo, told them I wished I had more time to chat with them, but I only had enough time to get one of her special sangrias. It was just what I needed after flailing around in the waterpark all afternoon and that is when we'd head out.


I believe it was Michael that said he could go for a sangria and the bartender got all excited and offered one of her special sangria's. We were generous with our tips and she earned every bit of it. I will remember our day at that park fondly because of her.

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Getting caught up with a lot of the reports here as I (like Prozach) haven't been on much lately.


Great report Zach, but sorry to hear about the sushi incident.


I have been to parks where I wasn't feeling well and it's not fun. Never food poisoning from the night before though...mine were all from the liquid variety. lol

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Well. Virginia style sushi f****'d me up, haha.


Without going into detail, I declined quickly in the morning and ended up sitting out on ERT and spent more money on Vitamin Water at KD than I did on beer at any other park I've ever been to


i'm not sure i knew this. i thought you were just being a bitch.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!



i'm not sure i knew this. i thought you were just being a bitch.


Thanks, jackass


Day 8 - Glowphest!!!


***Shoutout/credit/thanks to Jack, Robb, Andy, Elissa, Albert, Chris, Joe, Franklin, David, Jared, Alex, Brad for a photo or two included below.


It's really hard to describe the energy and excitement on this trip because every day is packed with millions of things to look forward to. I didn't have a hard time getting out of bed this morning because I had done laundry and had clean clothes!


Oh wait, that's not why, it's because it was Knoebels day!!! But a new batch of clean clothes on a TPR trip is also cause for excitement


Elissa gave us a great breakdown of the rides, food, and plan for the day while we drove out into the Pennsylvania woods. The location of the park was a real treat for me since it was a great break from the city life. It was a really easy drive in and we got a warm welcome from the Knoebel family. Nothing was open yet and it was easy to see why people loved the place. It's such a great escape.


Things only took off from there as we got on Phoenix for some early morning filming. Phoenix is no doubt a great coaster but first - let me talk about how much fun it is off ride. You can give high fives to people on board as the train heads up the lift! Isn't that awesome? You can totally see and feel the happiness radiating from the train as it goes through the course and pulls back into the station.


Phoenix legitimately scared me I foolishly tried to go hands up in the back row the on my first ever ride and wow that was incredible. I've been on plenty of wooden coasters with buzz bars, so I'm familiar with that type of airtime but Phoenix is just a different level. The first drop sets the tone perfectly, getting you out of your seat but just as you'd be tempted to grab the buzz bar it mellows out and heads up into the first turn around. The next drop puts you back on the ground to bunny hop through the structure and lets you know that you're going to be out of the seat more that in it. **My favorite moment right here, the turn and drop going by the station** Wow, that might be my favorite coaster moment. Each time you get ejected from that seat and it took me many laps to figure out how to scoot/brace into it so I was able to ~not~ hold onto the buzz bar because I thought I was going to end up in the seat next to me, haha. The double up and double down provides in incredible middle to the ride while the final series of bunny hills is the perfect ending. Whew, what a coaster. It's simply amazing, one of the best I've experienced, and deserves a lot of respect for being KT's favorite coaster. She's onto something here! I am in the minority of liking it better in the back? Honestly it's more of a question of how strong do you want your airtime, and if you want to be launched from your seat repeatedly go to the back.


There were a few people describing the back seat as rough YO. Phoenix is not rough, but your butt might get sore if you aren't holding on/bracing properly in that back seat. It's not for the weak! Phoenix will pick you up and drop you But it's not rough. It was really interesting to hear how people described their rides on different coasters because 'rough' and 'intense' were terms misused a lot in my opinion.


From there we were going to head over to Twister, and I witnessed one of the most badass sequences - the ride op hopping slide over the railing on Phoenix's station platform, scale down the lattice siding to the ground, get on his dirt bike and ride over to open Twister before we could get there.


Knoebels is the best.


On over to Twister and if you were questioning my hasty "Knoebels is the best" comment, well, there's a Starbucks in front of Twister. How'dya like that? Twister ran great, especially in the back seat. I honestly couldn't do a play by play on this ride by the lift is in 2 parts, the first few elements are big hills and the rest of the ride spends its time weaving in and out of the structure close to the ground before going through a tunnel for the finale. It's a good wooden coaster!


Flying Turns was up next and it was really cool to see this ride run in person. Not just the ride itself, but how it's run. The ride ops are experts at every part - getting you on the ride and running the ride.


I really liked Flying Turns! It's kind of intimidating once you leave the chain lift. You're just like, swallowed up by the track and structure. It was one of the few coasters that made me a little dizzy because of how quickly you run through the track. Unless you have the layout mesmerized, it's impossible to know where you're going. The ending going through the maintenance bay before the final mini lift was really cool to see. It's all wooden. Everything. I felt a greater appreciation for the project, coaster, trains, time, money, man power that went into bringing this experience to life.


We headed to Impulse next and it was getting close to opening hours because people had come out from their camping areas and the parking lot to line up for tickets. Elissa is so awesome, she made sure we all got in the line without getting the locals/other visitors confused. You're the best Elissa!


My Impulse ride was in the front middle and it ran really well. We got to see the booster seat in action, which made Larry really happy. They pretty much attach a seat on top of the seat for smaller riders that are still over the height requirement. I'd say Impulse is a great addition and not too intense to scare away younger members of the family. Very easy to ride.


Elissa and Robb made it very easy for us to get our various tickets, food vouchers, and wristbands. Knoebels was really sweet and opened a ticketing booth on the side that saved us a ton of time. The park was pretty crowded probably due to the visitors that had to change their vacation dates because the park was flooded.


The entire TPR group took over the Flyers and bumper cars after we got the ride wristbands. There were obvious experts (JOE!!!! Laura, Andy, etc) and novices like Alex and I. We got our flyers going for a bit, but it's hard to keep that rhythm consistent to snap over and over again. I tried to correct my car and ended up getting out of sync. Addicting!


The bumper cars were fantastic and once again there were obvious sharks (Larry!!!) vs novice bumper car drivers


It was must have been close to 11 at that point so we got some Cesari's delicious pizza, rode the Haunted House, the slide, whip, merry go round, tower, viking ship, sky ride, train, and so much more. Of course we mixed in trying some different sodas, food, and made notes on where to get glow.


Then I started to get this feeling inside of me. I needed to ride Phoenix again. It had probably only been two hours since that last ride but, like many Knoebels rides, Phoenix is one that you can learn to ride better and better each time. It's kind of like a game. The more you're familiar with the layout, the more you can keep your hands up. It took probably 5-6 rides before I finally was able to keep 'em up the whole time and it's a serious sense of accomplishment when you're finally able to do so.


Speaking of sense of accomplishment - Alex and I got to flip on the crazy hamster wheel ride and that was an EFFORT. Whew.


Andy perfectly called the rain in/out, and it was never heavy enough to keep us inside. Phoenix in the rain? Yes pleaseeee. We were already getting wet enough we figured we'd hit up the log flume. Plus, the rain push the locals away from the quarter machines.


Well. FRANKLIN. Isn't a local, he's a devious m*******f****** who ended up getting Jared, Alex, Colin, and I unacceptably wet. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FRANKLIN! It just made us care less about the rain, haha.


We went on Black Diamond, which was an excellent WTF ride that was very well themed and kept me guessing around each turn. We had a delicious catered dinner that helped check off lots of the food staples, like the delicious peirogis, mac'n cheese, potatoes, chicken, birch beer, and more. There was a really cool Q&A with Knoebel family as well.


At this point the rain had ended and it was time to take in the park at night. Colin and I realized we hadn't done Cozmotron yet, and we were treated to the perfect Cozmotron song Dragon Force's Through the Fire and the Flames. You know. That impossible Guitar Hero song You know the chorus!!!

So far away we wait for the day

For the lives all so wasted and gone

We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days

Through the fire and the flames we carry onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Absolutely perfect. I'll never forget it. We were both crying laughing.


Throughout the day I had played Fascination enough to win a good amount of tickets thanks to some PRIZE WHEEL spins, red-line wins, and ~perfect game~ wins. Soooooo what should I spend the prize tickets on. Hmmm.


The green gardening water can. It called to me.


It can be used to water plants. Or it could have a whole bunch of glow strung through it!!! Long live the Glowcan.


Not only did it survive the entire Glowphest; it didn't lose any glow, it made for a unique piece, a great high five/punch, and conversation starter.


Words can't describe Glowphest. Phoenix is incredible, a crazy airtime monster, and it was one of the most memorable times of my life.


Thank you to the Knoebel family, Robb, and Elissa for making it happen.


PS if anyone has better shots of the Glowcan please post them.


So first impressions are going great! ...I feel like I'm being watched..


More classic rides that make you giggle.


Hey it's me! Half 2D half 3D penguin! Come get some delicious frozen treats!


Ahhh take it in. Take it innnn.


The flume is great and you will manage to be acceptably wet if there's no one at the quarter bombs. coughFRANKLINcough


View from the back row queue.


It's been over an hour ...MORE PHOENIX!


Time for a delicious gelati treat by the Fascination parlor.


Calling it quits after a perfect game. My prize is calling my name...


Knoebels is a breath of fresh air in the Pennsylvania woods.


Riding Twister at dusk was epic. It was running so fast Alex smacked my head in the tunnel, haha.


The sun is starting to set and the green and brown is starting to turn to bright LEDs.


It was such a fantastic night weather wise.


Just so pretty.


One of the best drop towers out there. Stomach in your throat better than a lot of 'em!


What a memorable day. Goodnight Phoenix!


Mmmm... so many Dole flavors.


It's raining but who cares. Let's ride Phoenix again!



Chris removed his hand from the bar for ONE second. Brad's so good he captured it!


Alex and I are having a great day at Knoebels!


Black Diamond happened


Let's check out the other big wooden coaster, Twister!


This is certainly a change of pace - a really fun steel coaster!


Handslaps! More handslaps!


Look at all the leg room I have in this row!


Look at all of the amazing food options...


...and the crafty signs! Joe made a nice collection of them.


Fascination changed my life. I'm leaving the city to pursue botany.


Which ride are we taking over next?


My plane is clear for take off.


Just stunning.


Calm on the outside, terrified my flyer is going to snap off into the campsite on the inside


Great meeting you Jack!


Sideways stance/////


I can't imagine what the campers were thinking at this point, haha.


The whip is a ride that makes you feel like a kid again.


No caption necessary.


Are we going to experience any turbulence on this flight? I hope so!


It's a fantastic mess of track!


This turn-n-drop part is legendary. What an airtime moment.


First impressions captured perfectly. I'm just laughing hysterically. This ride is incredible.


This is the "I'm holding on for dear life!!" part of Phoenix.


Chase and I are the only ones ready to ride I guess, haha.


Jack knows how to turn on the smiles! There we go!


Straight up, and way down!


Wheeeee loop de loop


Through the fire and the flames we carry onnnnnnnnn *endless impossible Guitar Hero solo*


It's time to start collecting..




Can you spot the Glowcan?


Legendary coaster, amazing park, staff, people all in one!




aaaaaand roll 'em!


WE DID IT. Ouch, my brain cells!!!


Go Brad go!


Oh my gosh! TPR is evolving!


We almost got it, keep rocking!


TPR loves Cozmotron!

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great pics, and bringing back some wonderful memories. . . can't believe it's been ~2 months already


and kudos on getting a pic of someone who infamously does not like to be in pictures! (and this person is actually smiling in the pic too). yay!

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Fantastic report. Glowphest is an amazing experience and something that is only possible at Knoebels because of how well run and unique that park is.


Phoenix is one that I prefer in the front, but it's epic in every seat. Twister meanwhile is one that I find is significantly better in the very front, especially at night. The airtime during the finale and rush of wind during the double helix makes it in my opinion.


Was the Looper hard to invert? I wasn't able to ride it this year since my girlfriend is against looping flats, but I remember there being a magic pedal that makes inverting it a piece of cake.

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great pics, and bringing back some wonderful memories. . . can't believe it's been ~2 months already


and kudos on getting a pic of someone who infamously does not like to be in pictures! (and this person is actually smiling in the pic too). yay!


Thanks! Who?



Fantastic report. Glowphest is an amazing experience and something that is only possible at Knoebels because of how well run and unique that park is.


Phoenix is one that I prefer in the front, but it's epic in every seat. Twister meanwhile is one that I find is significantly better in the very front, especially at night. The airtime during the finale and rush of wind during the double helix makes it in my opinion.


Was the Looper hard to invert? I wasn't able to ride it this year since my girlfriend is against looping flats, but I remember there being a magic pedal that makes inverting it a piece of cake.


Thanks! My experience only comes from this visit since it was my first time but Twister was notable rode smoother in the back, which was really surprising. My evening ride was only once since I still had to check out other attractions so I'll look forward to trying to front next visit!


Looper was tough, haha. We watched a ride op work it with a smaller rider and flip for days, and we used the pedal - maybe we weren't doing it correctly but it was an effort to get that first invert. From there you kind of took off. We hung upside-down for a while before we finally went around haha.

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Man, that was an awesome day at Knoebels. I mean, every day at Knoebels is awesome, but you hit it all, complete with repurposing a random crap Fascination prize into something awesome.


I agree with you on learning to ride Phoenix. It and Maverick are the two you really need skill to ride. I spent the last two hours of each of my two days there just riding Phoenix again and again, and you're right. At first it tries to kill you, but then you move with it and it gains this zen perfection.


I say this after every Knoebels report, but I really need to get back to Knoebels.

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Thanks everyone!


With Hershey's announcement today, it's only fitting to post the Hersheypark part of the trip right?


Thanks to Andy, Brad, Elissa, Robb, Jared, Jack, Franklin, and Alex for some photos included below!


Day 9 - Hersheypark


Glowphest is a tough act to follow, but I knew Hershey had the tools to deliver: an Intamin airtime machine that I had been reading about for years, a dueling GCI, a unique Intamin launch coaster, another Intamin looper, a funky B&M, and yeah, you get it. They have tons of great coasters! Not to mention an impressive waterpark, a zoo section, and Chocolate World.


Getting into Hersheypark was like going through their showcase of accomplishments - it's pretty much a town. Oh wait, it *is* Hershey, Pennsylvania! There's the Hershey Theater, The Hershey Museum, The Hershey Stadium, Hershey Gardens, Hershey Country Club, Hotel Hershey - seriously go check out google maps, it's a big deal.


Thanks to Robb and Elissa, we were able to get the Sweet Start (early start) to the day, which helped us get to guest services without any lines to get our fast pass card. The park was nice enough to let us pick which section of the park to start so that we could schedule when we wanted to ride X when. Thanks, Hershey!


Our group picked the back of the park first because we didn't want to f*** around with Laff Trakk or the Wild Mouse since they would likely draw long lines. But we still had the Sweet Start to check out the Hollow area with Sooperdooper, SkyRush, and Comet.


Comet was the first ride of the day and was the perfect lead in coming from Knoebels - it's a wooden coaster with buzz bars! Franklin and I grabbed a seat towards the back and we had a great ride on this 1946 classic. I really enjoyed the layout going over the water and running around under Skyrush. Nothing offensive about this ride, just a really solid wooden coaster.


Next it was time for my first ride on Skyrush, but more importantly - payback time, Franklin! Yes. Alex, Colin, Jared, and I were not going to quickly forget the unacceptable amount of wetness we experienced the day before on Knoebel's log flume. It was a walk on so without giving any time to think, we briskly went to the back, and made sure Franklin was on the outside edge. Yeah, I sacrificed the outside seat on my first Skyrush ride In impeccable timing, Andy was underneath the brake run to capture the sheer terror the outside wing Skyrush instilled in Franklin, haha. He swears he will not ride again. Justice served! I wanted another go for the wing seat before I gave my opinion, so everyone but Franklin went back around for another go.


Skyrush - It only took me one ride to figure out I just needed to scoot up in my seat a little to have the restraint resting on me in a more comfortable manner. I understand people's complaints, but hey 75% of us on the trip marathoned Skyrush for an hour . That's all I have to say about how much the restraints effected my rides. This ride is wild and right up there with Twisted Timbers for most intense airtime. Skyrush's sustained airtime + the trains make it an INCREDIBLE ride! I absolutely LOVED the train design - so open. You feel so vulnerable as you're getting whipped around the track over the water. Skyrush is f***iing sooooo much fun and like Phoenix, takes time to ride with your hands up the whole way. You really have to get to know the layout a bit otherwise you will be tossed around like Betty White riding a mechanical bull.

I enjoyed the back right more than the back left - the left side was noticeably more violent in my opinion. I was able to get tons of front row rides during ERT since so many people were crowding the back and I can't decide if I liked the front or back better. The wing is all I need! Skyrush absolutely lives up to the hype - some love it, some can't handle it. Similar to other RMC's, I found it easier to ride the more I rode it. Get tolerant to those negative Gs!


Sandwiching the classics around the modern hit, next was SooperdooperLooper, the Schwarzkopf. This will be my least favorite Schwarzkopf, but it's still fun. It's just a tame ride and shorter than I anticipated. SDL definitely makes for a perfect first looping coaster for the smaller ones. So by the time we were done with the Hollow area, we had already checked off 3 coasters before the park opened! It was just about time to let the GP in so we headed over towards Laff Trakk to get that out of the way.


We had some time to kill before our first group of coasters were ready - for those of you who haven't used Hershey's Fast Track, they group a couple coasters in the same area together for you to ride in a 2 hour window. Then you can move on to the next section. What's a fantastic waste of time? The haysack carnival style Fun Slides of course!!! I love these slides and as a kid the big 20 lane wide 50 ft slide at Kings Island was my favorite ride. I really need to get to Europe for all the crazy slides over there. No, Alex/Jared/Michael/Colin did not join me, haha.


Laff Trakk - I'm really happy we only had to wait less than 10 minutes for this one. I was really excited to try a Maurer Söhne spinner since I had not been on that model before. I was even MORE excited to see as we were boarding Franklin's punishment would continue as his car was PERFECTLY unbalanced! Colin and I boarded behind his car and as we went up the lift I eagerly looked down expecting to see Franklin's car spinning out of control....but it was turning slower than a Cubs fan getting out of bed after the wildcard loss this morning. I think our car might have spun one complete rotation throughout the whole circuit? It might as well been a mouse. It was fun, there was a little bit of airtime, and I thought the design was neat.


We rode the mouse, it was a mouse.


Lightning Racer - GCI is pretty close to Hershey, right? I was wondering if that had a role in how well Lightning Racer is running. I feel like this is a crown jewel for them. The racing/dueling aspect of this ride worked out really well and I had a blast. I was anticipating a bit more airtime, but that's not the focus of this coaster. It was stunning at night with the tracer lights along every inch of the track. Loved the night rides on this GCI!


Wildcat - I was so ready to skip this. So ready. I really don't care about credit counts. But I guess it might not be around for much longer so... we rode it. We even waited for the front seat. I take back my macho jokes about riding it in the back seat pre-trip. That's not funny after riding Wildcat. This ride is pure hot steamy garbage. I've never had such a bad ride in the front seat of a coaster. It was painful and it sits nice and close to Zeus/Ninja/old Hurler/SoB as one of the worst roller coasters I've ever experienced. Next!


I waved at the boomerang as we walked right on by to Storm Runner. Sorry boomerang, haha. Albert rode the boomerang!!! How was it, Albert?!


Storm Runner - Now get ready....here we go. This coaster is soooo good! Fantastic launch, great air over the top hat, and then the flying snake dive has some surprising whip in the back/air going up into it in the front. The pictures don't do it justice. I would love to know how the planning for this ride went, it's just so weird and twisted. My only complaint is that they had the back 2 cars closed off for most of the day because the ops wanted to prevent rollbacks. Huh? I only got one back car ride and I favored it over the front, which is typically not the case for me!


We had reservations at the restaurant outside the park, so we headed out towards the front and hit up the Reese Cup Challenge. This ride surprised me in many ways - the animatronics, the hills, the team A vs team B aspect of the ride. I thought it was tons of fun! It was so wacky and bad it was amazing.


Chocolate World - Whewwwww talk about a long queue! I can't imagine how long the line can get on a busy weekend. The story was entertaining, but we were distracted by one woman trying to supervise 4 five year olds in the car in front of us. They were bouncing around, jumping and climbing on the side of the car I seriously thought they were going to fall out, haha.


The restaurant was a fine sit down spot that had a good selection of local beers and an American menu. Of course the desert menu was stacked, but I was full from a delicious tomato basil flat bread.


Back into the park, we took in the sky ride to get some views of all the geese and ducks hanging out in the creek; I mean Great Bear! and the other surrounding coasters! Another ride on Skyrush was necessary, and we went up the hill Coal Cracker and Great Bear, the last 2 big rides on our list.


Coal Cracker is a capacity monster and didn't have a line all day thanks to the surplus of boats. This flume won't get you wet unless you load up your boat with 5 adults. I think. It definitely takes an effort. It's a leisurely flume with a great drop + airtime pop. We rode this a bunch!


Great Bear - A solid B&M invert with a nontraditional layout. I really really loved the high speed turn around by Skyrush that threw you into this little squiggle/corkscrew combo. I don't really know how to explain it, but it was a memorable element to me. We would have gotten more rides in if the crew put some effort forward; the dispatches were dismal.


We checked out some more flats, the new trio of towers which were what you'd expect from the great folks at S&S, watched Storm Runner while having a beer at the Yeungling patio, rode the mine train, Storm Runner a few more time, Fahrenheit, Lightning Racers, and then more Coal Cracker/Skyrush before Skyrush ERT.


I forgot about Fahrenheit! This was, surprise, another great Intamin. Really enjoyed the different inversions and the airtime hills at the end were getting me hyped up for Maverick the next day. Alex and Jared did not have a good experience with the ops here; they were definitely training new members, but there's no excuse for slamming a restraint on someone's head and shrugging it off. He could go into more details on this one.


Jared had an amazing 4 flavor sampler from Rita's and they had some rare flavors - Kool Aid, Sweedish Fish, Watermelon, etc. We love Rita's!!!


Skyrush ERT was our final endurance test before Steel Vengeance the next 2 nights. Wow, Skyrush was fantastic. The crew was great and rode with us - no surprise they were just as excited/freaked out by Skyrush as all of us were. This coaster absolutely lives up to the intensity hype. I loved the seats and how free you are flying around over the water. It's shocking how quickly you're chucked over the hill and sent into the airtime abyss. The front wings and back right wing were my favorite and the middle non wing seats provided a slight break in intensity when I wanted to rest, haha.


What an amazing day at Hershey!


It's another brand new park for me! I'm so happy to be here!


Comet first, even though I was so tempted to run to Skyrush


"I'm never going on this ride again, you guys are nuts." Paypack for Knoebels!!!


Andy in the perfect place at the perfect time. Nice fake smile Franklin!!!


Okay, now It's *my* turn to see what the hype is about.


Lightning Racers is such a fun coaster. Really well designed! What a classic.


How can a ride be this bad?!?! Bad kitty!


This I like. A lot.


Pick a seat, any seat but the back.


Now get ready....


here. we. go.


Why am I getting the urge to watch Rocket Power?


There's a path to the front that runs along Skyrush giving some incredible views.


A fun, informational, relaxing dark ride.


Let's continue the relaxing trend with the sky ride!


Laff Trakk got me glowin' up!


It's fun but it doesn't really spin.


Here we are on Broken Shopping Cart: The Ride



Almost nailed it!!!


Skyrush just steppin' all over Comet.


The sky ride is a round trip over the creek and back.


Just thinking about Skyrush..


This ride is epic!!! I love.


More rides I love - Coal Cracker!


This is the airtime bump. Do you see it?


How about now?


Thank you for trying to convince me to become a pig farmer, but I've already chosen a different career path.


Great Bear is a really solid B&M invert. I loved the tight turn by Skyrush and the following corkscrew.


Taking a ride on the antique cars and WHO'S DRIVING?! TPR setting a good example! Don't selfie and drive kids.


All of the S&S towers you know and love are here.


The Yuengling patio is a nice place to relax.


Watch Storm Runner race around


The mine ride is short but fun!


Time for some more laps on Storm Runner!


A sampler from Rita's?! YES PLEASE! WE LOVE RITA'S!!!


Fahrenheit is an excellent looping coaster with unique inversions and some airtime hills Intamin does best.


If you like Maverick, you'll like Fahrenheit


Lightning Racers at night is stunning!


Getting dark out, which means it's time for the ultimate endurance test: 1 hour of Skyrush!


Our group crushed it. 1 hour on Skyrush was pure bliss!


That cable lift brings up to 212ft in the drop of a hat.


From there it's a mix of being plastered to your seat, ripped out of your seat, and repeat!


Skyrush solo rides! Jared knows how to pick a good seat.


Thank you Robb, Elissa, and Hershey!!!


I'll leave you with the stairway to heaven.


Don't forget about me and my watering can!

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I've known about HersheyPark for years and years, now.

Unfortunately I've never made it there, in all these years.


So here I sit, enjoying what you've posted all about your HersheyPark visit.

And at my age, SkyRush would be a definitely happy challenge for me.


Thanks for all your Tour TR-ing. Looking forward to more, yay!

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Thanks to you I just started texting buds to make a serious plan to head over for Hersheypark in the Dark - for no other reasons than Troegs and then Skyrush. Fab report of my happy place, thanks for the inspiration.

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