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bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

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Day 12: Cedar Point (Day 3)


Once again, I hadn’t set an alarm, but once again I was still up just before 9am. I was aching, but once again, staying off my feet for sleep (even less than 8 hours of sleep), had done my leg some good, and was moving around fairly well.


Despite it being our last day, it was gonna be a really long one – the park was open until Midnight, and we had ERT on Maverick after park close.

We also had a catered “Tex Mex” buffet dinner . . which I was looking forwards to as I was extremely curious what they would serve (being from Texas and all), as well as all day drink bands, and Fast Lane + again.


I knew I was going to have to take it as easy as possible to make it through the day. . . so I set my goals accordingly: the Fronteirtown Museum and Pipe Scream (to finish off the missed rides from prior time list), were my must do’s and anything else would just be gravy. I had not managed to get a drink at Surf Bar yet – since we’d been getting back to Breakers after it closed the two prior nights, so that was on my list today too. . as was Starbucks to start the day.


So I wrapped up in the bandage James had given me, and made my way down to Starbucks to start the day off with a Vanilla Latte – my kryptonite from them, a pure warm sugar bomb. And I headed out to the lake to walk up the boardwalk to the Windseeker Entrance – taking my time to snap some pictures along the way.

For some reason (Steel Vengeance? LOL) there was no line here at this entrance at all, and I was in the park and with my Fast Lane + band with no wait.


Gatekeeper and MaxAir were both cycling what appeared to be mostly empty trains/wheels – but I knew I had to pick and choose what to exert myself on, and I wanted to head right for Millennium Force. It had been cycling empty trains when I peeked out the window before leaving the room, and while I was heading to it, it had started sending out trains with people in em. So that was my goal, even tho I stopped to take some pics of Valravn and a few other rides while on my way there.


There wasn’t much of a line – the SV effect for early entry (woot!) – tho it wasn’t short enough for them to have the magic gate open. Still, it was only a 5-10 minute wait for my favorite seat - 2nd to last row, back car. Oh, it was a little painful getting in the train, but wasn’t too bad during the ride and I was glad I had popped a Tramadol before leaving the room to help out. I exited the ride, and went right back in line to get another ride, and when got to the station I passed Logan in line for the back row, which had at least a 6 train wait. I got into the row for my preferred seat, which only had a 2 train wait, and Logan moved up a row to join me.


We rode together, and then he asked me what I had been doing and had planned for the day. I told him I planned to exchange the drink band and get a drink, and then I was going to head to the Museum to spend some time in there, Pipe Scream. . and possibly Gemini if my leg could handle it, and he decided to tag along.


So we slowly made our way up the Frontier trail, going slowly, and we stopped to watch the animals at the petting zoo. They weren’t open yet, as it doesn’t open until Noon and it was only ~10:30 at this point. . but they were moving the animals from the big barn, into their individual pens.


I say “they were moving the animals”, but really they weren’t – the animals knew exactly where to go! It was great fun to watch: the Zookeeper would open up the gate to the goat pen, then open up the barn. . and the goats would run right into the pen from the barn. Then the zookeeper would go open up the miniature horses pen, and from the barn the horses would come galloping out and right into THEIR pen. It was like watching a bunch of playful puppies, and was very entertaining to watch, even if the gates were still up keeping anyone watching at a distance out on the pioneer trail proper.

If you get a chance to watch them set up the barnyard, I’d recommend it.


While watching this, I got a text from Phil asking me if I were out and about in the park, and what was up? He said he was with James and Jon and they were over by Steel Vengeance and did I want to meet up? I told him where I was (and who I was with) and since was headed that way, I told him sure and I’d be there in a little bit.

As we got to the water features by Maverick, he texted back saying they were going to grab a ride on Maverick and I should meet them there.


I was starting to get a bit achy from the back to back MF rides, and the walk to FrontierTown, so I told them I’d wait at a table near the Maverick exit and just meet them when they got off. Logan said Maverick was a good idea, and he went off, and since it wasn’t lunch time yet? I was able to easily find a seat to plop down to wait for Phil/Jon/James. I people watched, chatted with folks, and just enjoyed watching Maverick launch - I think it broke down while they were in line, so it took a while – but eventually they came out and found me and asked how things were going.


They were getting hungry and wanted to grab something to eat, and they were craving Famous Dave’s. As I hadn’t eaten anything yet this day, and had no set agenda, I was all for it. Phil had leftovers from Melt, so he wanted to go back to the room to eat those, but I was in if Jon/James wanted to go (and by this time Logan had found us again, and he tagged along too). We parted ways w/ Phil, and headed back up the Frontier Trail towards the Marina gate, got our hands stamped by a *very* aggressive gate agent – poor James looked like he had dipped his hand into the ink pot, and headed across the street to Famous Dave’s for some Bar-B-Queue


It turned out there was another group from TPR that had the same idea, and were already seated when we came in. We were seated at a booth close enough to them that was able to go over to say hello and get a pic, and our waitress Famous Fran (?) took a pic of us too. I honestly do not remember what I had – possibly a pulled pork sandwich? But I remember it was really good, and as the prior time I ate there I loved the sauces. In particular the Devil Spit sauce. Burns in just the right places, with a sweet follow up.


We took our time eating, chatting, and watching Millennium Force run from our seat by the window. Then wandered back into the park, which had gotten more crowded as the morning had progressed.

We considered grabbing a ride on Valravn, but the Fast Lane + line had gotten a bit lengthy (all the way down the stairs!) – yeah, it was busier on this Friday than it had been on prior days. Raptor also had quite the lengthy line. Logan went for one of them anyways, so we didn’t see him for the rest of the day. . LOL


Since we were right there, and the line wasn’t too bad - and it's on Fast Lane - I once again considered giving Blue Streak a shot. My prior ride last year had been absolutely brutally rough, but some had said it gives good rides sometimes. The best chance for a decent ride would be in the front row or 2nd row (non-wheel seat in the three row cars).

Phil and James had warned me away the prior day and I was concerned about the restraints, but looking at them, they were individual restraints, and as long as I sat on the left seat, the restraint wouldn’t impact my right thigh, even if we got some air. . so I went for it and we got in line.


The line was actually long enough to go thru a couple of switchbacks – meaning out in the sun with no shade -- and it was warm enough, that we witnessed a woman almost pass out who was in queue for front row (she was also wearing all black, and had no hat on to protect from the sun). so that caused a minor delay too, but they got her hydrated and moved off to the side without having to call any medical back up. Jon and I saw this because we went to Row 2, while James went further back in the train.


I had a bit of trouble bending to get into the train, but once in, and the restraint down, I was doing OK. It was a good call to ride too, as row 2 on Blue Streak totally redeemed itself ! We had a wonderful ride, with some air, and very little shakiness. . . at least in the front car. As we were exiting, I heard a LOT of folks who had been behind us on the train complaining about how rough the ride had gotten. Shades of my experience the prior year.


So yes, I recommend giving Blue Streak a spin, but only in the 1st or 2nd row. That is where we got an enjoyable ride.


I think it was right around this time that Laura sent out her reminder that she was heading to the Carousel museum, and did anyone want to come with.

I really did want to go, but there was just no way I was going to be able to. I was starting to show a limp from the amount of walking I had already done, and there were still a few things I wanted to do in the park. So it seemed the best bet was to just go from Blue Streak around the back of the park to the Resort gate, checking things off as I passed them and go back to the room to rest a bit.


So I wasn’t able to go with her, but she took some great pics, and if I ever make it back to CP, absolutely I will be going to that. Hopefully she’ll post some of her pics from the museum, either here or in a separate thread, as it really looks like a fantastic museum worth visiting.


I told the guys I was gonna go do my “bucket list” stuff for the day on the way back to Breakers, and James and Jon came with as we headed back up the trail towards Frontier Museum – with lots of “stop to rest a moment” breaks for me along the way.


It was well past noon at this point, so the petting zoo was open. So of course we took a break from walking to spend some time in there – gotta get a pic with the camel! I didn’t really want to TOUCH anything in the petting zoo, but I did really enjoy looking at all the animals, and watching kiddos feed the goats.


I wasn’t in the mood to get wet, and after stopping to watch the rafts and seeing people get absolutely soaked, we bypassed that. . .no one else wanted to get wet either! But I think this is where we rode the Waveswinger, since we passed right by it on the way to the Museum. I spent a good 20 minutes in the museum, enjoying the displays – that Steel Vengeance model really is amazing and highly recommend going to see it in person (it wasn’t complete during our visit, so the trains weren’t running on the track yet, but I think they have it done now).


the only thing I was really missing was Pipe Scream, and it was on Fast Lane so we headed over there, and was able to bypass the line to get on it pretty quickly.


Ok, it’s absolutely *not* a roller coaster, despite how Cedar Point promotes it. But I’d never been on something like this, that spins as it goes back and forth on the track with a “hump” in the middle. The result is that you get basically a Tild-a-Whirl, crossed with a Frisbee, but with some airtime as you go over the hump in the track.

It was actually quite enjoyable – although I think we would have gotten more forces if we had been placed in a row towards the end of the car. The operator defaulted the Fast Lane folks to the innermost seats at the center. It was still good, but I think if I had ridden again and been further back, would have been much more forceful on the spins. Anyways, I liked it. And it checked off the final ride I had missed from my prior visit that I wanted to get on.


Dinner was still a couple of hours away, and I decided I had better head back to Breakers to get off my feet and to elevate/ice my leg for a while. So we parted ways and I think the guys headed over to Maverick or Steel Vengeance while I headed towards the resort gate. I did stop for a ride on Monster as I passed it (and which spun like crazy since I was the only one in the car) on my way towards the resort gate.


I also realized I hadn’t been in Camp Snoopy yet, and even tho I was hurting, I wanted to get as much out of being in the park as I could while I was there. . and it’s right across from Monster. So headed over there to try and get a ride on Tilt A Whirl – which had a long ass line, so I didn’t, and instead went and rode Woodstock Express. That turned out to be a poor decision on my part, as the Tramadol had way worn off by this time and getting down into the train was rough as hell on me. It was a fun, but painful, ride and it cemented that I had to get back to Breakers.


I got back to the hotel lobby, and then remembered I had wanted to go to Surf Bar. .so rather than go up to the room right away, I went thru the lobby and grabbed my drink of choice, Midouri Sour, from the Surf Bar – made correctly enough that it was actually green this time (as opposed to last year when it was brown from too much sweet and sour), and sat on the sofa in the lobby people watching and enjoying the drink. I didn’t head out to the firepits as they weren’t lit yet, but there is plenty of activity in the octagonal bar lobby area to keep me occupied. After finishing the drink, I headed back up to the room, and grabbed the bag of ice from the freezer (the mini-fridges with freezers in Breakers are great!) and iced my leg until it was time to head to the pavilion for dinner at 5pm.


after icing, I also spent some time packing for the next morning, since I knew it was going to be a long night tonight with an early morning tomorrow. I was still pretty full from lunch, but headed to dinner to meet up w/ TPR for a Tex-Mex buffet which was decent.

It didn’t have a lot of spice, and Tex-Mex is known for being fairly spicy, but it was a basic spread with Spanish rice, tortillas, fajita meat, etc. . . and once again, it was nice to sit with the group, and eat a meal together. We got the final count from “Merch Madness” (don’t recall what it was, but it was way more shirts than I had predicted : ) ), got updates on timing for the packout/load up for the airport in the morning, and we got to thank Franklin for the wonderful driving he’d done for us.


Bonus for me, was getting to see the pictures Laura took at the Carousel Museum. As noted earlier, absolutely on my “to do” list if I ever get back to Cedar Point.

After dinner, many folks hung out and chatted for a bit, then I spent some time in this front section of the park.


I know that I rode Tiki Twirl (so got a spin on that this trip), although I again passed on Wicked Twister, as well as passing on Gatekeeper.. I was just too worried about “hanging legs” in the seats causing pressure on my thigh. I did take another ride on the Kiddie Carousel, riding a Panda this time, and then an early evening spin on Windseeker - that proved to be a bit more painful than it had been earlier in the day. So I headed back up the boardwalk to the room to take a Tramadol and get ready for the evening.


I guess that the combo of the food, the alcohol, and the Tramadol hit me pretty hard. . since as I was icing my thigh, I fell asleep and managed an unintended 3 ½ hour nap. (whoops!). Tho I did wake up multiple times to adjust the ice pack, and I think Michael was in the room most of the time I was there napping.

I didn’t mean to conk out, but the rest helped (or the pill did : ) ) since I was moving better again once I got up and headed back out into the park around 9:40.


Cedar Point was still open for at least 2 more hours, so I went up the boardwalk to the Windseeker entrance and watched some of the “Fire and Ice” performance -live music, and Ariel acrobatics. Some of the food offerings with the festival looked amazing, and I considered them even tho I wasn’t hungry – but several stands were already closing up, so I guess they either ran out of food or only served until 10 ? Still, the performance was good with fire effects, and great music on the stage that looked to be in the area where the old stadium used to be near Windseeker.


After that finished, I made my way up to the midway, and took a ride on the Scrambler, then walked towards the front gate to Cedar Downs for another spin on that.


I wasn’t ready to call it a night, after all, the park was still open for an hour, and we had ERT on Maverick. The mind was willing, but my body was saying no way. So I sat on a bench across from Cedar Downs to rest for a bit, and watch it (and Raptor) cycle – and shoo away bugs that were swarming under the lights on the midway.


Was wanting another ride on the Carousel, but was worried I’d have an issue getting my leg over the horse. . so instead, after sitting for about 20 minutes, I got up from the bench and headed towards the beach to check out the glow party, and to watch the fireworks over the beach that they ended the night with during the Hot Summer Nights/Fire-and-Ice parties.


It looked like what Cedar Point was doing was a success, as there were a lot of folks on the beach enjoying sitting on the glow couches, and playing with the glow beach balls. And I watched a few folks dancing with the headphones at the “Silent Disco” on the beach. I used the boardwalk railing for support, and watched until the fireworks went off, and then headed back towards Hotel Breakers, disappointed a little bit that I had to cut my activities down so much on the last day, but very satisfied with what had been such a great trip. Seriously, even with the injury, it really only impacted the last few days, and I was able to work around it regardless even if it limited me.


Robb and Elissa do such a wonderful job making sure we all have a great time, that even if I hadn’t ridden anything at Cedar Point, it still would have been worth it just to go and hang out with TPR folks on the trip. I thanked them both for the wonderful time while on the trip, but saying it again here – the time and effort they put into a TPR trip? Incredible, and they deserve every kudo anyone who’s ever been on a trip with them has given them.


anyways, so I had decided the fireworks over the beach would be the end of my TPR trip, and was headed into Breakers when Robb texted the group reminding that ERT on Maverick would be starting shortly - as soon as they flushed the line, and he hoped to see all of us there. I considered it for only a moment, then went into Breakers from the beach entrance and out the main lobby entrance and up to the Resort entry to the park : ) Heck, even tho I was hurting, and moving really slow, I wanted to be there for the final ERT and enjoy being around the TPR group.


Robb seemed pleased to see I had made it. and I told him I was not sure I was going to be able to ride, but I was going to try.

And I was happy to see that almost everyone on the trip did make it to the final ERT session.


They flushed the line, and we headed up to Maverick for our ERT by ~12:20 I think. There was a great energy and excitement in the air, from both the Operators, and from the TPR folks – we knew this was the end of our trip and it was the last time we’d all be together for an ERT session. And it was on Maverick – one of the best coasters in the world.


I knew from riding over the past few days, that the restraints on Maverick weren’t going to cause me any trouble, although getting in and out of the train was going to be an issue. We all loaded up in the multiple trains, and off we went on our Maverick ERT.


Operators were asking us to change seats / get up between rides, but luckily the Manager told me that I could ride twice in the same seat without moving, so that helped me out a lot too. What I ended up doing was riding twice, getting off to stand by the exit for a few trains, then getting back on, and riding two more times before getting off to wait for a few trains. Using this process, I was able to get 6 rides on Maverick during ERT, although when they announced we were coming up on the last train of the evening and wanted to fill it up, I went ahead and got back in to take the open spot. So in all, I got 7 rides on a brilliant coaster.


It’s a blur too, but I do think that about ½ way thru our ERT, they turned off the light effects in the tunnel. . so the 2nd launch was in complete blackness. Is that a memory, or was I imagining that? (someone on the trip confirm. . LOL).


With hoots and hollars, and applause, we finished out ERT and took the group photo on the platform with the wonderful Maverick Operators who had stayed late – after a long day – to make sure TPR had a great ending to a great trip.


I took the elevator down from the loading side of the platform, beating most of the group down, but quickly fell behind and by the time we got to Pipe Scream, I was way at the back of the group, arriving into Hotel Breakers a good 5 minutes after everyone, well after 1am. I was feeling very similar to how I had been at the end of the day at HersheyPark. . but it was ok, I knew the next day was just a full day at the airport and I could rest there so pushed myself thru.


the next day we were to head out for the airport at 7am, but my flight wasn’t until after 3pm, so I knew I was just gonna be sitting and could rest then.


So made it up to the room, took a quick shower, and climbed into bed at Hotel Breakers for the final night of the TPR trip.


Starbucks in hand, looking up the boardwalk towards the Windseeker entrance


the other way towards Magnum (which I did not ride this trip)


and over Breakers, where you can see a hint of TTD


now just inside the front gate - the staging for the ariel performance is there on the left between Wicked Twister and the Giant Wheel.


closer, with a nice view of MaxAir at the top of it's swing.


Gatkeeper about to dive.


All well and good, but I'm headed to Millennium Force



stopping to take some pics on the way of course, tho.








THIS is what I'm here for 1st today tho.


Two rides, once in this yellow train.




headed towards Frontiertown, but stopping to watch them putting the animals into the pens to get ready for the day


surprising they don't even flinch when MF zooms by above.


a thing of beauty. Love this ride.


Sitting by the Maverick exit waiting to meet up with Phil, Jon, and James who had texted they were in line for it.


not too crowded yet, since it was still early for lunch. Not too early for us tho, as after they finished the ride on Maverick, we headed to Famous Dave's for BBQ


but first we passed back by the Petting Zoo. . what are these?


seriously. . I mean, they're cute and all, but they look like giant rats crossed with rabbits?


I want one :)


in Famous Dave's we found another group of TPR trip folks who had the same idea! Hi guys!


and here's us. .


I used the crayons provided to do art!


"Colorful mess". .that's ME !


outside of Famous Dave's, there was a nest full of baby birds waiting for Mama to feed them.


post Blue Streak ride, we stopped into the petting zoo




and more goats


and Samson, of course!


James and Samson


Samson and his buddy (and me)


hey, I'm wearing my big bad wolf shirt. . fits right in at the zoo.


no drama lama


I SAID no drama!


dude. . . .


feeeeeeed meeeeeee



yeah.. the rapids here will get one wet.


very wet.


this model is enormous, and so well done!


in the Frontier Museum.



back at Breakers, taking pics of the coasters from the window, trying to get most of them with trains on the tracks at the same time.


couldn't get the timing just right -- but I think I got some decent pics



including this wobbly one.


post dinner, and accidental nap -- headed back towards the Windseeker entrance for the last couple of hours of the night. This really is lovely at night, and for a ride I'm not a huge fan of, I actually rode it a bunch this trip.




ooo. . artsy


headed towards the stage for Fire and Ice. the band on stage was not bad at all.


ariel silks performer




the park is pretty at night



Windseeker, Wicked Twister, and part of TikiTwirl


Gatekeeper and Troika Troika Troika


and where did I end up to sit and rest? of course :)




could I just sit and watch it tho? noooooo of course not.




Fireworks over the beach at the end of the night.


the glow party stuff all looks great! there were more people further down the beach, so it was more crowded than it looks in my pic.


I'm here. . and ready for Maverick ERT!


a good pic of the Maverick trains, with Robb (and Brad behind him). that shows why the restraints weren't hurting my injured thigh. (as on Robb, they hit closer to my waist)


group shot to end the night! what a great ERT this was. . perfect ending to a fantastic trip!


Pic courtesy of Robb Alvey


impressive, and she was (mostly) in sync with the music from the stage to the right of her.

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Had fun reading through your TR. Too bad you couldn't make it to the Carousel Museum. I went in the late 90's and it was quite nice. Maybe next time you're in the area? Also worth checking out and riding, if you're in Cleveland, is the Euclid Beach Grand Carousel at the Western Reserve Historical Society. It is PTC # 19 from 1910 and a beauty at that.

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Had fun reading through your TR. Too bad you couldn't make it to the Carousel Museum. I went in the late 90's and it was quite nice. Maybe next time you're in the area? Also worth checking out and riding, if you're in Cleveland, is the Euclid Beach Grand Carousel at the Western Reserve Historical Society. It is PTC # 19 from 1910 and a beauty at that.


Someone mentioned the Euclid Beach Carousel to me while on the trip, it might have been Laura, or it could have been my Friend Don who was going to meet me at the airport since I had so many hours to kill.


but I was tired and hurting, and crabby, so we decided it wasn't fair to him to make a trip to meet me if I was just gonna be a pain in the butt. . .LOL. . but I think we may have talked about doing lunch and then going to that Carousel.


next time I get up that way!

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Fantastic report! Blue Streak really is great in those front two rows. I'd honestly take it over any of the B&Ms if I ride it up front.


I wouldn't go that far. but it was a fun woodie, and WAY less horrific in the front than it was a year ago mid train.


I still would ride anything in the park over it, if given a choice (yes, even Corkscrew)

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Great shots from where the stadium used to be, Bert! They've made it such an open area, for now.

Almost "green park space," which is what a large chunk of the PNE was turned into.


Ah, I definitely missed the "wooded area" of the park. And the bar in there too, lol.


Great stuff, Bert, all of it. And YAY, more rides on Cedar Downs for ya!


P.S. Hope some (if not all) of the crappy physical pain/hurt has started to heal up, etc.

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Great shots from where the stadium used to be, Bert! They've made it such an open area, for now.

Almost "green park space," which is what a large chunk of the PNE was turned into.


Ah, I definitely missed the "wooded area" of the park. And the bar in there too, lol.


Great stuff, Bert, all of it. And YAY, more rides on Cedar Downs for ya!


P.S. Hope some (if not all) of the crappy physical pain/hurt has started to heal up, etc.


thanks Bill.


oh yeah, I'm back to 100%, it took about 6 weeks but fully healed! That was my own fault, really..I'm who decided to get on things with ejector air back to back already knowing I was hurting. Should have taken a more relaxing day, riding stuff that wouldn't impact me and save the heavy lifting for the end of the day.


I also took a tumble towards the very end of the day at Knoebels the night before.

It didn't hurt (tho I know Alex saw it, and it must have looked bad based on his reaction, as he was concerned if I was OK).

Now that also could have caused some damage that I just didn't feel at the time and helped exacerbate the bruised quad the next day. . but again,that was ME being clumsy


regardless, I had a wonderful time, and hope I get the chance to do another TPR trip again in the future!

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Just throwing this out there...I was the weirdo that said hi to you at the Maverick station and said I recognized you from TPR, even tho I was a total lurker. I ended up running into a big TPR group with Robb inside Breakers late one night as well. I've always liked checking out your trip reports, so thanks for the somewhat anonymous online entertainment!

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^ that's cool, and yeah, I remember you!


forgot to post my purchases from CP. . so adding here


shirt for the Spouse


absolutely loved this one, and grabbed it for me.


Wish they had the Haunted Carousel one that Jon saw recently, but we were there in Aug. . so not yet :(


night-time equator shirt for me


Gatekeeper "mother of pearl" magnet

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Just finished reading this trip report, Bert. Great job putting it all together, and glad you had a good time on the trip!


Thanks, Andy.


I really did have a wonderful time, and really enjoyed meeting so many TPR folks, yourself included.

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I also want to say what a great trip report! I was able to share many of your photos with my family and friends. Thanks for taking the time to put together such an extensive (and awesome) report! It was nice meeting you and going on so many rides!


Take Care, Paul

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Bert, great report, just got finished reading the rest. Really captured everything of the trip very well. Hope to see you and everyone else again soon. Phil


Thanks Phil! (and you too, Paul).


it was wonderful to meet ya, Phil, and spend so much time hanging out. you're a great guy and I too hope to see you, and many others, again in the future.


Theme Park Review - making friends till the end



and since I've been asked if I "missed" anything at CP due to my leg issues, I have to say: no.

There are things I likely would have tried to get on (and it would have been a bad idea! looking at you Magnum!) if I hadn't been to the park the prior year for CoasterMania! (with Bill). . but since I had gone I've gotten to ride everything I wanted to at CP.


it was an incredible trip, and I met some fantastic people. Several of whom I still interact with frequently, and many I consider friends now!

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  • 1 month later...

Hey Bert, I finally got a chance to finish reading your summer TPR report. Better late than never! Stinks you suffered various injuries/ailments during the trip but in true Bert style, that did not in any way inhibit your happiness and enjoyment on the trip. Being gimpy forced you to make sure you spent plenty of time hanging out near carousels and taking in the atmosphere at the various parks. More carousel time is always a good thing - even if you can barely swing your leg over the horse!


The rabbit/kangaroo animal from CP's petting zoo is a Patagonian Cavy, also called a Patagonian Mara. It's actually a rodent and cousin of the guinea pig but is in no way related to rabbits (which are classified as lagomorphs). That concludes your animal lesson for today!

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Hey Bert, I finally got a chance to finish reading your summer TPR report. Better late than never! Stinks you suffered various injuries/ailments during the trip but in true Bert style, that did not in any way inhibit your happiness and enjoyment on the trip. Being gimpy forced you to make sure you spent plenty of time hanging out near carousels and taking in the atmosphere at the various parks. More carousel time is always a good thing - even if you can barely swing your leg over the horse!


The rabbit/kangaroo animal from CP's petting zoo is a Patagonian Cavy, also called a Patagonian Mara. It's actually a rodent and cousin of the guinea pig but is in no way related to rabbits (which are classified as lagomorphs). That concludes your animal lesson for today!


yay!. . always up for a "nature-lecture" from you, Liz


I didn't see any signs up at all explaining what they were, so I'm really glad for the information.


and yep, got to ride the heck out of Cedar Downs -- not that I wouldn't have anyways. . LOL

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