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Photo TR: Erik & Smisty's Vancouver Oddventure

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So glad you went to the Cap Suspension Bridge. It never ceases to amaze me how flippin' freeky it is up above the river!


And Christmas season is another story, where they light the whole bridge up with net lights etc. And all you hear is the ROAR below....


An awesome day in your trip. Come back for the Gondola up Grouse Mtn. (beyond the Bridge) or the Peak to Peak up at Whistler!


And WOO HOO for your A&W Credit! We have one just several minutes' walking from us.

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I remember walking across that bridge when I was in high school, back in the ancient times of the 1970s. There may have been even more nature there in those days, but fewer ways to experience it.

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I wonder if Uncle Fester is a distant relative to Morty The Corpse Flower that we have at the Buffalo Botanical garden?


Awesome report as always...thank you!


I'm getting ready to book a flight to Seattle in October to visit some friends and to hit a couple of concerts...can't wait to get back there.


I'd love to visit Vancouver during this visit, but I don't have quite enough vacation time to make it happen this time around.


Some other time, Bill...I promise!

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Day 4 was spent exploring Stanley Park--which is sort of like New York's Central Park, except smaller and less central. And it's not in New York. Actually, it's nothing like New York's Central Park. In fact, everything in Vancouver is completely unique, no matter what any of those other cities might tell you.


I'm not crazy. You're the one that's crazy.



Erik & Smisty's Vancouver Oddventure

Day 4: Sexy Room Temperature Bread


If you're anti-spoiler, then don't look at this map. Or indeed any map, ever.


Most of Stanley Park looks like this, except less blurry.


Vancouver's Aquarium has a pretty good reputation, so we were excited!


And, in fact, it was good. But not amazing, honestly.


I've come to the realization that I don't like "west coast style" aquariums (which tend to have booth indoor and outdoor sections) as much as east coast ones (which tend to be entirely indoor). I'm not sure why. It seems like it should only be an advantage.


Note the occasional lack of fencing beyond those doors--which, in the United States, would of course mean, "Please trample our exhibits."






Oh, thanks heavens, a fish!


Most people seemed to miss that you could light up the hanging jellyfish from this console.


White Strawberry Jellyfish


(I'm just seeing if anyone is going to call me on this.)


Small Canadian Humans


Remember how the Miami Seaquarium only has one Killer Whale, so they gave her some Pacific White Sided Dolphins as pets? Well, this is that same kind of dolphin. And, also, I'm sorry that this report is not as good as the one from the Miami Seaquarium, or that nothing ever will be.


I already used this joke on Instagram, but....


Are we sure these guys aren't Americans?


This looks pretty amazing here, but really those are just graphics.


If you want to show your boobs to seals, but not other humans, the Vancouver Aquarium has you covered.


Depressing aquarium is depressing.


...and features a weird art exhibit about trash.


Okay, well, it kind of seems like you're part of the problem here, Vancouver Aquarium.


They had a cafe, but it was mediocre. Also, they were playing religious music in it, for reasons that are lost on me.


There's also a 4-D theater, but it seems to have long gross-looking lines, so let's move on.


"I am sad that you hate my home."


No no, Mr. Sea Turtle. It is actually a very nice aquarium. It's just...well, have you ever thought about moving to Georgia?


You are not an octopus. I'm sorry. I don't know what they told you, but you're not.


I love Canada so much.


The figure at the very bottom right has frogs for boobies.


Walking the seawall along Vancouver Harbour. (Yes, "Harbour." Damn you, American spellcheck!)


I love Canada so much.


"Girl in a Wetsuit"


Copenhagen is watching you, Vancouver.


Free water play area for kids.


Free shady trees for adults.


The Stanley Park Railroad was the surprise of the day.


It was on my list as something we should have a look at, but it turned out to be pretty awesome.


I think this might be the best pure train ride we've been on.


Fight me.


No one screamed in this tunnel. I love Canada so much.


Maybe the surprise of the trip...?


We thought about riding again, but then we got distracted looking at other stuff.


Ever onward.


Lions Gate Bridge


San Francisco is watching you, Vancouver.


Prospect Point Bar & Grill


We have to keep our energy up! There are still more photos to take!


Prospect Point is quite nice, and features a multi-level observation terrace that I'm not actually going to show you for some reason.


But here's a photo of a cruise ship leaving the harbour, taken from said observation terrace.


This photo was actually taken from Lions Gate Bridge, though that may appear questionable.


Vancouver Harbour


Do we have any Canadians here? Can you explain this sign to me? I am 100% serious. I think it might be that horse carriages can't park here, but anything else can...but maybe it's the other way around? Please help me.


Of course there are gardens. Free, too.


There's lots of stuff in Stanley Park. We didn't see it all, and we're not showing you everything we did see. But I think it's fair to say that no visit to Vancouver would be complete without a visit to Stanley Park.


I love Canada so much.

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I'm sorry that this report is not as good as the one from the Miami Seaquarium, or that nothing ever will be.

That report is still in my top favorite of the Oddventure reports! lol


This one was pretty good, too...


"I love Canada so much."

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White Strawberry Jellyfish!



If you want to show your boobs to seals, but not other humans, the Vancouver Aquarium has you covered.


And this:

Depressing aquarium is depressing.


That is awesome that they had an empty exhibit with a caption to take a look at what is no more - very clever.


Yes, I love Canada - as well as your trip reports!

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Our final day in Vancouver left us with a bit of a vacancy. Having moved up our previously scheduled oddventures, we had half a day to fill before we needed to be back on the train to Seattle. And I knew just the thing. Already, I'd been thinking about it...haunted by it. It was a risk, of course, but I had to know....



Erik & Smisty's Vancouver Oddventure

Day 5: 84 Loonie Bruises


Playland, for one reason and one reason only. C$37 per human be damned!


But, we were also carrying our "luggage," since we'd already checked out of our hotel. So BC$20 for a place to put our two backpacks, with a VCR$10 rebate upon return of the key.


This was fun, though. You can buy a loquer before the rope drop, but you can't access them until after. But look where they are! I just want to get myself sorted! For pity's sake!


We were close now. I could almost taste it. I had to know if it was everything I'd imagined....


Tiger Tiger ice cream. Bam. Credit acquired.


Thanks for reading, everyone!


Oh, wait, there's more. I mean, since we're back here, we might as well give this thing a whirl, since it's running now.


So, if you like your coasters violent, you'll probably really dig this. Me, personally, I'm more of a "strong floater air" type. So while I enjoyed the ride (mostly), it must also be said that it's not really my thing.


We rode three times: once in the second row, once in the front, and once in the back. And in the back, for just a second, I honestly thought that I might've broken some ribs.


Happily, this was not the case. However, Smisty still has bruises, and it's been 11 days.


So, yes, happy we rode it, had a good time, are never riding it in the back seat again.


Lest you think Vancouver is all monopoly money and licorice ice cream....


...it too has issues with drugs and homelessness.


Earnest Ice Cream had a mix of traditional and stupid hipster flavors, and was quite good.


Seriously, ash and bone marrow are not ice cream flavors. Just admit that you don't like ice cream and go back to Starbucks.


"Telus World of Science"


"Tell you what?"


"Tell us why people think puns are a type of humor."


Science in Canada primarily involves throwing things, which is cool.


This is more my speed.


Just kidding.


This stuff looks like you could make some pretty good ice cream out of it.


The "torture a hippo" exhibit.


Holy crap, is that the same kid?!


Cool bridge in the former Olympic Village area.


You can't hang with us. #icecreambitches


A statue in honor of Vancouver's founder, Watchman Satanicus.


Wait, is that an A&W in the train station?


Iceless root beer in a frosty mug.


I like how Canada is trying to be all hard here, but then just can't help itself. "Or, it might not be."


Back on the train game.


This is Patrick (probably). Patrick is an idiot who brought food back from the dining car to his seat, spilled his drink all over himself, and then fell asleep before the customs check.


Can I just say that the Canadian customs officers we encountered were all super nice. I'll let you guess how the US customs officers were? Let's just say that one of them threatened to send Patrick back to Canada. Which, how is that even a threat?! That's like being suspended for missing too much school! "You're way too relaxed, mister! Back to the comfy chair!"


Goodbye, British Columbia! You're not ugly!


Yes, back in America! Go to hell, Canada!

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YAY for getting to ride Coaster, and big, big yay for getting to visit Science World!


it's my absolute favorite thing in Vancouver (even moreso than Stanley Park, Granville Island, or the Gastown steam clock), and we always make a stop there. So I'm thrilled for you that you got to go.


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I'm absolutely loving this report and can't wait for more! Very entertaining and fun to look/read along!




I enjoy looking at the Vancouver skyline, and I'm curious -- what parts of the city or neighboring towns are those two clusters of skyscrapers in the distance?


Brentwood Town Centre and Metropolis Area in Burnaby

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^ The Stanley Park train is really nice in the park. And they also do Halloween and Christmas overlays on it,

to visit and ride during those holiday seasons. It's a great ride for all the family.


^^ Because I go there so often during the non-PNE days, I usually ride in the fourth row. The front and back rows

I have done in past rides, but for more multiple rides on it, Row 4 is the best for me. Still get a lot of air time.

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I'm glad I rode Coaster but I recommend the front, I knew riding in the back would be bad after the ride ops comment.

Shhh...don't spread this around too much, but...this. Aside from a token ride in the back here and there, you'll find me aggressively staking my claim to the front row.


Also, science museums rock!

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