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TPR's 2018 USA Tour Trip Reports!

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Great trip report. I wish I was there. SFOG used to be my home 6 Flags park, when I lived in Florida. I was at the park a few months ago and loved it. Unfortunately, Twisted Cyclone wasn't open yet. It looked great then! I didn't ride the scream machine because it was running backwards. I don't do that, but enjoyed the ride when it was "running normal." Got to get back this season.

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Twisted Cyclone looks like a fantastic RMC! Honestly I think the hate came because the original ride animation was actually quite different from the final product (which isn’t really much of an excuse anyways cuz all RMCs are incredible), but is definitely a coaster and park that I have to visit, especially now living in Florida!

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Just rode Twisted Cyclone the other day and I thought the EXACT same thing. Yes, "they had to trim a little off the layout", but when we rode in the back row especially, holy crap this things delivers. It's like...a shorter, more disorienting version of Twisted Timbers. Only RMC would make a turn-around into a double inversion. I even made myself late for drinking in midtown Atlanta so my friend and I could get a few extra rides in. That half-airtime turn with a jolt to the left into the brake run is such an awesome finale!

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Day three was a mostly full day stop at Carowinds! We arrived around 3pm and had 7 hours until the park closed at 10pm with an amazing ERT session on Fury 325 at night! We love our newer format of doing TPR tours because when you only have 34 people and a ride as massive as Fury, you can do things like keep one train empty for doing "solo rides" which is exactly what we did, and if you've ever been by yourself, at night, on a massive ride like Fury, it makes the experience even more incredible!


We had an amazing day at Carowinds, and here's a few photos & videos from our visit...



Look out Carowinds! TPR is here!






Fury 325 has been ranked one of the best roller coasters in the world!




Showing some love for Intimidator!



Just some of the random fun we are having at Carowinds today...




Lots of onride photos to share! (Thanks, John!)






Things you wish you could unsee...






South Carolina or North Carolina? Choose one!



Gotta love the funky seating arrangement on Intimidator!



It’s Carousel time!



Bert loves the horse with the pink!



Night is setting on Carowinds! The sky is amazing! Can’t wait to start our Fury 325 ERT soon!



Beautiful sunset over Carowinds!



Fury 325 looks AWESOME at night!



Night ERT on Fury 325 has begun!!!



This is the best part of our ERT...






With a smaller group, we dedicated one train to riding by yourself!



It really is an amazing and even somewhat creepy experience!






Huge THANK YOU to Carowinds and the Fury 325 crew! Your ride is awesome and you guys rock!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Now, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!! After all, we took the time to write this report, the least you can do is post something nice about it!


Click HERE for Part Four of our 2018 TPR USA Tour!

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I need to get down to ride Fury 325, although a night solo ride must have been a very unique and (likely) once in a lifetime experience for most people!


Not the carousel ??


The horses all have names! (My pink lady was “princess”)

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I need to get down to ride Fury 325, although a night solo ride must have been a very unique and (likely) once in a lifetime experience for most people!


Not the carousel ??


The horses all have names! (My pink lady was “princess”)


Well now that I know this...of course I want to ride Princess!

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Man!!! I wish I would have known you guys were coming to SFOG earlier this week. I would have made it my business to join you all! I have been so out of the loop this past week.


But yes... Twisted Cyclone is all types of awesome! I have ridden it 54 times so far. I literally use both of my skip the line passes for it (unless its extremely hot - then one of them is used for Thunder River ). I plan on going tomorrow to get at-least two more rides in. It reminds me of my little sister -- Short but AMAZING!

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