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Mini trip report - Heide Park 31.05.2018

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I just got back from holidays with friends in Germany, and since Heide Park was close to where we were staying, me and a friend decided to make a day trip out to the park. I thought that Heide Park mostly was a very beautiful park, though some areas could need a little touching up. Since it was a weekday the crowds were fairly light. It was also a very hot day, which was definitely taking a toll on my energy level throughout the day. But I had fun in what I would consider a fairly good park.




Our first ride of the day was Krake. This ride had a 20-30 min wait, and since the line for the front row was long we went for the backrow. The ride is short, but very fun! Particularly the drop was a lot more powerful than I expected. I was also lucky to have a large amount of space between me and the restraint, so I was completely floating down the entire drop. I would definitely have liked a longer ride, but what it did it did very well!





Next up was Big Loop. The ride was a walk-on so we hopped directly into the front seat. In terms of ride comfort I thought this ride was surprisingly ok. As we were in the front, we were pretty much halfway down the drop before we started accelerating, so that wasn't much to talk about. But those loops pulls some serious G's! Overall I thought it was pretty fun and something I wouldn't mind riding again.







We made our way around to the other side of the lake. Walking by the closed Colossos was a little bit of a bummer, but at least I was prepared for it. Continouing down the path, we made our way to Rita... errr, Desert Race! This ride looks so out of place and the theming is very half-assed. The ride was also a walk-on, so we hopped into the second row of the first car. Like all Intamin launched coasters, the launch is very good, but the rest of the ride left a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but even after 11 years the area around the ride itself still has an unfinished feel and it just made the whole thing a very forgettable experience. I didn't get any pictures of Desert Race.


After taking a spin on the log flume to cool down a little and then getting some snack, we made our way across the park again and up the hill where several of the parks major rides are located. We first went on Bobbahn. I have never ridden a Bobsled coaster, but it was very fun. Only downside was the restraint digging into my stomach as we were sitting two people in the same car which made it a bit tight, riding solo would probably have been more comfortable. But it was a very fun ride with a very impressive looking station building.







At the very top of the hill is Scream, the parks Intamin drop tower. With the seats being so close to the tower, the vehicle produced a serious blast of wind when it reaches the bottom of the tower. I can ride pretty much any rollercoaster and be fairly relaxed, but these drop towers always make me nervous, which I kinda like. Since the area around the park is flat, you also get a fantastic view from the top of the tower. The drop was fantastic, and the brakes seemed to kick in very late. I love these rides!




Next up was the Flug der Dämonen, which was my first wingrider. Unfortunately I did not have a great experience on it. I think maybe it was the heat getting to me, and standing in the uncovered queue line in the scorching sun definitely didn't help, because I found every inversion to be extremely disorienting and dizzying to the point where it was not pleasant for me. I only rode it once so I'm not going to make any conclusion that it's not a good ride or anything like that, this was simply my personal experience on this particular day.


I must also mention that it's a great looking ride with very good scenery around it. I was also surprised at the terrain elevation changes around the ride, I thought it was built on flat ground.






We saved the worst for last and went for a ride on Limit, the parks Vekoma SLC. As expected I didn't like it at all, and I don't think there is much more to say about this ride.





We also got a ride on the rapids ride and had a burger meal before leaving the park. As the heat was really getting to us, we didn't ride anything more than once.


I'll end the trip report with a picture of the monorail. Thanks for reading!



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