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TPR in Japan - 2018 - Theme parks and Japanese Fun!

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^^The London location offers an “adult night” a few times a year. I want to go so bad!!!!


^ Well, she is 11 so hopefully she’s still growing taller! She’s always been short on the growth charts but as long as I get her above 5ft tall my job is done!

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^^The London location offers an “adult night” a few times a year. I want to go so bad!!!!

Re: every extra-ultra-cool kids' place (Kidzania, City Museum, huge play place), I always dearly (selfishly?) wish they had an "adults night" or were feasible to rent for a small group. It brings me joy to know such things are possible!

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I've always been fascinated with Japan, I definitely need to get there someday. Awesome reports, they are really fun to follow, keep up the great work!

Thanks! More to come soon!

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Click HERE for an index of all our Japan 2018 Trip Updates



Day Three - Tokyo DisneySEA!


Keep in mind that everything I've posted so far is just a "Bonus" before the official TPR Trip begins! Normally with these trips we don't have too much time to ourselves as we get into Japan and then go right into a TPR trip. But this time around we got here about 10 days early just to hang out a bit on our own and take things at a more leisurely pace.


Today we decided to have a day at Tokyo DisneySEA because, it is our favorite theme park in the world so why not? We'll have four Tokyo Disney days on the official trip so it's nice to have just additional time "just because...."


Be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram Stories for live updates from our trip!



When we spend time in Tokyo not at a Disney resort we like the Shinagawa area. Hotels are great. Shinkansen operates from this station. It’s not super busy like Shibuya or Shinjuku and there are plenty of good restaurants & shopping in the area. Very convenient.



Hey! Look where we ended up today!!!



Happiness is being on a Tokyo Disney monorail!



About to head into Tokyo DisneySEA!!! Very excited!!!



This view right here...



OMG!!! New popcorn flavor! (At least to me!)



It’s delicious! It’s like BooBerry cereal, but popcorn!



Tanabata Festival starts today at Tokyo Disney!



The merchandise looks great!



I’ve always loved this festival and happy It expanded to both parks a few years ago!






I picked up a 35 Happiest Celebration ShellieMay!



She’s in good company with the other characters on my bag!



Time for some Tower of Terror Tokyo Disney style!!! By far my favorite version of the attraction!






Yes, that is Gelatoni with gelato!



Vulcania is probably my favorite Disney “quick service” restaurant.




The theming is fantastic and the food is delicious, too! Just look at the interior of this place!





And here’s a look at some of the food we got at Vulcania! Delicious!!!



For the record I have a huge amount of respect for a culture that brings their stuffed animals to lunch with them.



This is pretty much me at home!







They take popcorn VERY seriously at Tokyo Disney!



Curry Popcorn is one of my favorite flavors!



We may have done a *little* bit of shopping at Tokyo Disney today!!!












So that’s FOUR new popcorn flavors at Tokyo Disney that I’ve never seen before! Herb-Tomato (smells like Pizza!), Garlic-Shrimp, Blueberry (YUM!), and Barbecue!



My American brain still can’t get over this...



These are Duffys people have left on display. I don’t think the owners are always around.



They just leave there here for people to take photos of. Nobody steals them. People respect them. They will all be here when the owner returns.





I love these photo spots made specifically to put your Duffy & Friends on to take pictures of them! You’ll find them all over the park!



Cuteness overload in this pic!!!




These Toy Story Green Alien Mochi Ice Cream Dumplings are the cutest food item you will ever eat in a theme park!



I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that I am in a theme park!!!








The Indiana Jones queue is one of the best themed queues I’ve ever seen!




I love this new collection of “rainbow” merchandise at Tokyo Disney!



The new Nemo Searider is super cute and a much better fit for families & the park than Stormrider was!



Fun Fact! It’s one of the few “rides” with a lap bar or seat belt that I’ve seen that allows lap sitting with kids!



I love these 35 Happiest Celebration Mickey statues they have around the park.



They look awesome at night!



If you thought Tower of Terror looked awesome during the day, it looks even better at night!!! WOW!



Today starts “Tanabata Days” based on the traditional Japanese Star Festival.



People write their “wishes” on Tanabata Greeting cards and leave them for the Star-Crossed lovers to read, in this case Mickey & Minnie!



It is such a cool little event and I love it!



Here is my Tanabata wish!



People go absolutely BONKERS for that Chocolate Crunch!



I swear that shelf was full 5 minutes ago! lol As fast as they can stock it, people take it! It’s been a Tokyo Disney tradition for years!




So Herb-Tomato popcorn FOR THE WIN!!! It seriously tasted like pizza sauce!



So that right there is a “Toy Story Mania Ride Vehicle Chopsticks Holder.” That’s right. You’re seeing that correctly.



And this is why Tokyo Disney is better in every way than any other park! Because of this chopsticks holder!



Since we are talking awesome merch here, the “Tokyo Disney Parks Food Playsets” are insanely cute!



I want that mini Gyoza Bun & Green Alien Mochi Dumplings!



Tokyo Disney is the only theme park in the world where, no matter how young or old you are, every person here *TRULY* transforms into and acts like a child... and that is completely “okay!” (If not even completely encouraged!)


Now, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!! After all, we took the time to write this report, the least you can do is post something nice about it!


Click HERE for Part Four of our Japan Trip!

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She especially liked the London location as everything was in English and everyone spoke English!


I'm sure the Meadowlands American Dream location will be just as good.

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OMG.... Curry popcorn!

I was told that at one time this was available at Disneyworld. I have been unsuccessful in my search. Kinda interested as to what chocolate crunch is though?


Just curious, what's makes the tot at Disney sea the best? The Hollywood studios version is my favorite attraction at Disney world, and curious what is different between the 2.


Great pictures! Looking forward to seeing more Japanese greatness.

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Can I assume by your (YUM!) beside the Blueberry Popcorn photo caption, that it was your favourite of the four new ones, Robb?


I do realize it's usually a tough decision to make, when it comes to flavours of Tokyo DisneySea or DisneyLand.


They're all (usually) awesome!

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looks like y'all are having a fantastic time (especially the big smiles on Kristen), pre-tour, and extra time at DisneySea? the place looks incredible, and more time is always great.


Loving every single pic, but this one got me online and looking for one to order, as I absolutely am in *love* with Elissa's shirt:







LOL, and my curiosity also got the best of me, and I looked up Chocolate Crunch on eBay. . . wow. . some of those full tins go for big bucks!


keep the pics coming, I am having such a great time following along. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

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I definitely want to know what Chocolate Crunch is, and I really wish we had blueberry popcorn in the US (along with manners, respect, and the ability to stay to one side when standing on escalators and moving sidewalks).

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Click HERE for an index of all our Japan 2018 Trip Updates



Day Four: Hanging out in Tokyo! Today was just a day of doing random stuff in Tokyo.


Be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram Stories for live updates from our trip!



Good morning from Japan! You know it’s a nice day here when we can see Mt. Fuji from our hotel in Tokyo!






Spending some time in Harajuku this morning.




This area has become waaaaay more touristy over the years but it’s still fun to go check out some of the shops.



Japanese Crepes are like crack!



These things are soooo good!



And you can pretty much find a crepe place on every other street in Tokyo!




You know you’re in a touristy area of Tokyo when they have English instructions on how to use a Japanese vending machine!



Most people come to Harajuku for Japanese clothing & cosplay but Kristen is here because it’s also a “Squishy” Heaven!!!




This store right here is one of the more popular "Squishy Stores!"



Squishies are all the rage now!



Everything squishes. Animals, hamburgers, animals in the shape of hamburgers...



bakery items, etc. If it exists in this world, it squishes!!!



So she ended up with an entire bag of squishies!




Going to need charter a plane to bring back all the squishies, Disney stuff and all the other random things we will buy! (I’m not complaining!)




For lunch we’re at a fairly popular & highly ranked (although a bit touristy) Gyoza Bar in Harajuku.




Those dumplings are delicious!!!




Yup... This exists.








The “Hedgehog Cafe” was amazing!



ROBB!!! DO NOT EAT THE HEDGEHOG!!! Tails would be very upset!






Were you aware that we needed cosplay costumes for our Tsum Tsums?



I wasn’t either...



But now that I know... I want all of them!!!






Yes, Tower Records is alive and well in Japan!



We have been coming to this Yakitori place in Shibuya for 11 years...




...and it’s one of our favorite restaurants in Japan!



I love eating vegetables...



...as long as it’s wrapped in bacon!


Now, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!! After all, we took the time to write this report, the least you can do is post something nice about it!


Click HERE for Part Five of our Japan Trip Report!

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Wow, what an awesome view of Fuji from your hotel room!

I absolutely love all Japanese displays of plastic foods/drinks/CREPES!


Um, Squishes look just....wierd to me. But they're Squishes, so Power to them!

Gyozas....YUMMMMMMM! They always rock.


Hedgehogs.....awwwwwwww. I want one for Stella, as her pet, HA - HA. So cute they are.

And finally...YAKITORI RULES! I remember me and David finding a great place in Sapporo, back in 2013.


Great stuff as always, Robb. Looking forward to more and more!

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These posts are making us homesick, and we’ve only visited Japan once! Love all the details you’re sharing for shopping, restaurants and random places. Taking lots of notes for our next trip! Wish America was more like Japan too!

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Nice Photo TR. Tokyo & Disney Sea look amazing as usual. Can't wait to finally get out there in the fall. Enjoy the rest of your time in Japan.

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The existence and popularity of squishies makes me retrospectively way less confused about the scented foam "stress croissant" I recently found in a drugstore.


I was approximately 69% sure that Condomania would turn out to be...not what I first assumed, but now I'm pretty sure I was right the first time.

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