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TPR in Japan - 2018 - Theme parks and Japanese Fun!

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surprised they don't have Mickey Mouse with a squirtgun perched on one of the rocks spraying everyone.

Careful what you wish for! During “Chip N Dale’s Summer Splash” they have the two characters on a boat with a firehose spraying down anyone within reach! lol


This show cracked me up back in 2007.

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I should pay more attention on twitter and not just wait for these reports. I almost missed out on the free video and as I mentioned on the TPR video thread I loved those old music videos back on the original TPR video page.

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I rode it the wrong way the first time and since the trains were slightly smaller than usual, the grab bar on the seat in front of me kept bashing into my shins the whole ride... horrible pain...


But I re-rode it and tucked my feet off to the side and it was 100 times better. Still not the smoothest coaster, but it almost ended up at the bottom of my list if I didn't give it a second chance!

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Our next day we were back at Tokyo Disneyland! The way the multi-day tickets work at Tokyo Disney Resort is if you are doing more than two days, you HAVE to choose which park you want to do which day, and then after two days, your ticket becomes a park hopper. You are not allowed to hop parks in the first two days and have to dedicate which day you will do which park. They do this to control attendance. Since there are 9.2 million people who live in just Tokyo alone, this is a way they help the parks to avoid overcrowding.



Currently on the monorail on our way to Tokyo Disneyland!



Yay we are here!



Since Tokyo Disney uses the more classic "paper Fast Pass" system, I'll collect everyone's park tickets and go run and get a Fast Pass for everyone!


These two videos are just a small example of the insane efficiency displayed at Tokyo Disney. If the US non-Disney amusement parks could even do 10% of whatever it is Tokyo Disney does to accomplish this, our parks would be run so much better!









And yes we had an awesome ride on Space Mountain!


IMG_4413.thumb.JPG.498c2b8871993fcddfd38feb2da5d29f.JPGRandom castle photo!


IMG_4392.thumb.JPG.fa1e06f776d03346bb372515befe1a52.JPGAnother Haunted Mansion scrim! That is the second one of these I've seen this month! (Phantom Manor currently has one up, too!)



On a busy Saturday at Tokyo Disneyland we’ve already ridden Pooh, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pinocchio, and are currently holding FastPasses for Monsters Inc and Big Thunder! Not bad for it only being 10:32am!



When we arrived at Monsters Inc we were given these “English translation” cards so we would understand the ride since it is all in Japanese!



These are super cool!





For some reason after riding Space Mountain I really REALLY want a CocaCola!!!



I have no idea what it is that made me want this so badly!


IMG_4431.thumb.JPG.89f7cd519d67e95d7164d4c2c308c9cd.JPGAnd yes, even the vending machines at Tokyo Disney are amazingly themed!


IMG_4354.thumb.JPG.7e928bf060d39bdfedf47fbb7767659b.JPGAs part of the 35 Happiest Celebration they had these random "High Five Lanes" filled with Cast Members to bring joy and happiness to everyone in the park! Watch the video below!





IMG_4384.thumb.JPG.05e139bf3957db152f17b1a1089634c2.JPGMore of these cool Mickey statues. This one has a dragon! Ooooh!


IMG_4390.thumb.JPG.5c557e088d6ff23ec41dcf877e047e0d.JPGOne of these day maybe Tokyo Disneyland will update their Fantasyland to include the newer looking version of Dumbo.









Beautiful day here at Tokyo Disneyland!



Greetings from Camp Woodchuck!


IMG_4474.thumb.JPG.3f5acb34cfb7e2a97ebf07a3d466a860.JPGI just love all the random streetmosphere and show elements they have added to the 35 Happiest Celebration! This woman was doing back flips....


IMG_4476.thumb.JPG.f266b20aff0ae5332bb01a711a5970d8.JPGThis guy was break dancing! And watch this cute video clip below with the piano cycle guy...





IMG_4536.thumb.JPG.78e1158a30557f5bd84063576624268c.JPGI just love the way the Japanese line up for parades. All very organized and polite, with the parade mats that they sit on and umbrellas when it's hot. No pushing, shoving, or arguing to find a spot. The rest of the world could really learn a lot from this culture.





Monsters Inc. Hide and Go Seek is a very original attraction for Tokyo Disney. You play “Flashlight Tag” on your adventure with Mike, Sulley, and Boo!


DSC02323.thumb.JPG.98b729b39521a2357c027cc48e954491.JPGThe ride is great and features lots of physical sets and animatronics. No screens.


DSC02341.thumb.JPG.d4b3b43244bc38034092e80ad346304b.JPGAnd it's sort of adorable, also!


IMG_4679.thumb.JPG.396c98b27eeb5a21bd6c0aced28ad6b1.JPGAnother random castle shot!


IMG_4696.thumb.jpg.d50d53f880566ca525060d45c2b85b85.jpgSunset behind Tokyo Disneyland!







If you go to Tokyo Disneyland without getting one of these amazing Mickey Mouse waffles, shame on you! You’ve missed out on one of the parks E-Ticket attractions!!!





This is VERY difficult to convey in pictures but...


2 minutes ago there were THOUSANDS of people all out here sitting down watching the parade.



The parade ended. They all got up...





IMG_4658.thumb.JPG.9022dc51dc2c30568d70a4ad03935aa8.JPGAnd we'll end this update with a picture of a British dude holding a squishy watermelon. Why? Why not!


Now, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!! After all, we took the time to write this report, the least you can do is post something nice about it!


Click HERE for Part Twenty Six of TPR's Japan 2018 Trip!





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Great report, per usual. I'm probably not as big of a Disney geek as many other people around here, but I NEED to get to Tokyo DisneySea at some point. Or really just Japan for that matter. I admire how efficient, polite, and respectable their culture really is. If only every park was run like this!

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Great report! The quality of the park on its own makes Tokyo Disneyland the best Disney park (in my opinion), but adding in the polite and orderly crowd really brings it to another level. If only California had the same thing.

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When I saw you got fast passes for monsters Inc I was so confused. I was thinking of the laugh factory counterpart in Florida. All in Japanese. What fun would that be for all of you? lol. Then it all made sense. That ride sounds neat (especially since there are no screens!)


Anyway, keep up the AMAZING reports. Love it.

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The Monsters Inc. ride at Tokyo Disneyland is great (as is the Winnie the Pooh ride). They were estimating close to 70,000 guests in the park that day, but we got a lot done before noon.


Thanks for running around and getting the Fast Passes, Robb!

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Wow that's truly insane! I've always thought that these rides didin't seem that exciting as most of them span a lot during testing and initial "empty trains" POVs but then when they opened and ran with actual riders the spinning looked a lot more controlled and on most/many POVs the riders would not complete one single full spin. But this one is totally the opposite!

I wonder if it was a choice of the park to have this "uncontrolled" level of spinning.


As to the rest, great reports (as usual) and truly amazing to see not only this level of efficiency but also the behaviour and attitude of the guests. Two things I'd like to see more of when I visit parks.

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You can see on some of the shots that they appear to have more (though I haven't compared 1:1) of the "flippy fins" along the track that force rotations than the other free spins in the US. It also seems like there is a lot less friction on the spins too, so with both of those things combined... damn. Really wish we had one like that here.

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This one definitely spun more than the US versions that we've done! I barely made it through!


I rode it and thought it was fun, but once a day was enough.

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You can see on some of the shots that they appear to have more (though I haven't compared 1:1) of the "flippy fins" along the track that force rotations than the other free spins in the US.

The Jokers have the three fins along the top like Arashi, I think that Batman at Fiesta Texas is the only one now that has just the one fin at the beginning. But, I'd bet that the pushes forward from the fins are electric / electronic and the park can control how much a car should be flipped as it goes over them. S&S even says that a park can make the experience more or less extreme if they so choose and that the change can be made easily.


Obviously, Nagashima Spa Land went for the more extreme route. I think I'll be staying away from that one.

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I think I got 7-8 flips each time I rode it, with most of them during the top section. I found the seats that left the station backwards and did forward flips at the top to be slightly more comfortable since it was pushing me further into my seat instead of throwing me into the restraint, but it was still fun either way.

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