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Tragic Ferris wheel accident in India.

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1 Killed, 6 Injured in ferris wheel accident in India


[May 28, 2018] A 10-year-old girl died instantly after a Ferris wheel car unhooked at Anantapur of Andhra Pradesh strict, India on Sunday night. Six others including three children were also seriously injured in the accident when all occupants were ejected.


The girl who has been identified as Amrutha, had gone to the local fun fair organized at a junior college. The six injured children have been admitted to Anantapur general hospital, their condition unknown.


Eyewitnesses claim they had noticed that the bolt was loose and alerted the wheel operator but he failed to act quickly as he was apparently drunk. After the accident a mob of locals caught the operator and assaulted him. He was later rescued and handed over to the police.


The district administration has ordered a probe into the accident.



My heart goes out to the girls family

. With that being said , does anybody think that this ferris wheel was going WAY to fast?


Story from "amusement ride accidents".

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With that being said , does anybody think that this Ferris wheel was going WAY to fast?


Um, yeah. I would definitely say so. Even still I would never expect the car to just unhook like that. Hopefully the other 3 recover. That's pretty terrifying.

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