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Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

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The new arcade area in Ft. Frontier


The new arcade area in Ft. Frontier


New party rooms added to the arcade there is two of them


The layout of the food service has been changed it laid out like the larger Six Flags parks in their main dining areas with multiple registers and a pick up area for faster more efficient service.


The new Caricatures artist studio he used to be housed under a canopy tent. It's a better themed set up for the artist.


The new Icee Stand and Dippin Dots booth.


The new loaded nachos restaurant in Ft. Frontier the establishment has BBQ and Chicken Chicken Nachos.

Here is some more photos from opening weekend The Next set is the new Ft. Frontier layout

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Here is photos of Timbertown Construction I will have more hopefully next week the weather this Saturday is supposed to be cold and rainy day. Which most likely the park will close for the day.


The Rio Grand is re-themed to "Bucky's Whistle Stop Depot"


This looks like this will be a booth to pick up photos. I'm assuming for the new Kids coaster Frankie's Mine train.


The new Rocky's Ranger Planes l which replaced the Dragon Ride. Same type of ride just a new theme.


The is ride used to be the Tom's Tom's but now is rethemed to Bubba's Honey Swings. Now the Owl Tree House which you see in the background has been rebuilt. It was a toddler play structure but now it's an all age play structure.


El Ranchero I'm not sure what this will be the Barn doors have been permanently shut off with a new smaller door. I'm thinking maybe some type of snack stand or gift sales window.

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photos of the popular Shake Rattle and Roll shows that is on the Ft. Frontier Stage





one of the Reserved seating signs there is a park employee who checks for a Diamond/ Diamond Elite membership card.



The main new show this year is Hot Rod Country. It's a jukebox mix of different country music styles.






The new priority seating for Diamond and Diamond Elite member rules.


one of the new magic tricks in the Two Johns Saloon Magic Show. This show is very interactive with the audience and if you want to embarrass a family member I recommend catching one of these magic shows in the Two Johns Saloon.

The following pictures is some random photos of the shows. Also photos showing the Diamond/Diamond Elite Reserved seating rules.

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The Paintball game was added in a different area during Fright Fest and HITP it was so popular the park made a new permenant home in Game Junction. It replaced the ladder climb game.


This is a new interactive theme element. Uncle Bart he shares his Restroom issues. There is a lot of flatulence and funny sayings from Uncle Bart. The Outhouse sits along Renegade Rapids Road in front of the Crack Axle Canyon Train Station.


The canoe rental theme area of Renegade Rapids Exit


Renegade Rapids new theme exit area with Music The Music was not playing on opening day because the ride was closed. They normally open it up the at the end of the month when they normally open up Wild West Water Works.


Renegade Rapids new Exit


Best Of the West Cafe new "Six Flags' style Layout


The Snack Booth added in Best of the West Cafe


A new green sign with a rather funny saying in Brain Drain's queue area


Silver Bulets New "Go Fast Pass" skip the line entry.


Tornado was refurbished with a new paint job. The newest I seen this ride.


Log Ride had some Theme Scenes add to it's first turn in the back ground. That Water wheel looks like it had work done on it that it may actually turn with a new Canal built entering the bottom of the drop to the log ride.


The new exit for Renegade Rapids which looks like the ride got a new Exit control box.


The new Exit for Renegade Rapids.


Silver Bullet entry has been moved to the left side closer to Steel Lasso.

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By the looks of the changes, they’re actually treating the park a little better than I expected!


Six Flags does have the ability to make nice and detailed theming. They just chose not to for most of their parks most likely to save money for bigger rides.


This looks like its going to be a great season for Frontier City!

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but the park still uses pepsi?I thought they had switched to coke.

I asked about why they still have Pepsi they are in contract with them. The manager I spoke with didn’t know the specifics on the contract. The park had to honor that contract. I expect them once the contract is over with Pepsi they will eventually change to Coke products.

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I notice a lot of the rides in the park received new operator control panels. When I say every square inch of the park was invested in this off season. It shows everywhere in the park. Six Flags and EPR are doing great things with their newly added parks.


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This week I noticed the park added some shaded comfort areas for guests waiting on family members riding rides. Also they added more Cubby-hole shelfs to Wildcat to place your stuff. Six Flags is doing some awesome stuff with this park. They are showing they actually do care this time around all the changes I seen this season. WOW!! So much care put into the park.



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Here is closer look at Frankie's Mine train at Frontier City's The parks 6th and newest Coaster. (Since we found out this past week through a membership park newsletter that Six Flags considers Brain Drain A Larson Looper is indeed a coaster and not a flat ride. ) The new Zamperla Family Coaster arrived a few weeks ago and is sitting in the parking lot wrapped up like a Christmas present. Construction of the ride I guess will take the next couple of weeks.





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The other day I received in my email box the Frontier City Pass/Membership newsletter. One of the articles in the newsletter was about the parks Larson Looper "Brain Drain". Yup didn't take long for Six Flags to do a Six Flags kind of thing and refer Brain Drain as a Looping Coaster. The whole article was making the coaster the parks 6th coaster. All I can do is just shake my head. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Looks like it was sooner.


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The new Go Fast Pass card to replace the paper sheets used earlier this season. I have Diamond Elite so I used my two skip the line which is unmarked till you ride it then when full the Ride operator will keep the door shot.


The new Wild West Water Works entrance previously was know as the Emporium/Gift shop


One of the new Stars added to the possible new sign for the entrance. I'm going to like the new 3-D graphic sign.


New Charging Station


Bench in the charging station with outlets on each side.


The outlets each have two plugs and Two USB plugs.


Timbertown Frog Hopper opened up for the first time today.



You enter your email in the log in screen then you are on the parks Wi-Fi.

Frontier City each week just keeps surprising me with even more updates to the park. Today noticed the park activated their park wide free guest Wi-Fi. To boot they added a shaded free mobile charging station to the the Go karts station. Wild West Water Works the parks attached small water park will have a new Six Flag-ish type of entrance. The whole 4W gift shop/emporium is getting updates inside and out. They changed up the new entry which is still under construction as you can see in the attached photo. The Go Fast Pass DE skip the line pass has changed this week to a more permanent card system. Also the Frog Hopper ride in the kids area is now open as well as construction for the kids area Ferris Wheel queue line area under construction. Each week more surprises pop up Six Flags is spending a lot of money on the newly added park.

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Ground markings and stakes in a large area of the park showed up with "SF 2020 165'." Goes from the back side of the mountain (Quick Draw) To Winged Warrior Down into the Concert/Picnic Area) I say it could be a Star Flyer but why would they start construction now on a Flat Ride? Could the park be getting a coaster?

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Hmmm. If it is a coaster, I wonder what type it would be. Based on past records of starting construction, I’m not sure that it’s a flat ride. But it seems like a kind of small space for a coaster, especially if it’s 165 feet (what I think it would be based on the markings). I would think it would have to be a long, narrow coaster.

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