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Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Universal Jan 8th

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For weekend trips we dont have to many options for Amusement parks in Michigan in Feb. We decided to fly to Dallas and go to the mine train capital of the World Six Flags Over the Texas. The OG Six Flags. Runaway Mine train was fun. The surprise drop out of the barn was the highlight. Mini Mine train was a credit. The Judge and the Joker were both closed. I expected some closures being the off season. Batman was as forceful as every other one I have been on. Love that foot tingling goodness. Runaway Mountain was a nice surprise. I knew nothing of the ride and it was smooth and fun. Pitch black. Were there supposed to be strobe lights? We did not have time to ride any of the run looking flats like the ABC ride or the Riddler. We only had about 6 hours at the park and we crammed alot in. We also did Downtown Dallas, Parks, Museums, the Reunion Tower and the awesome Epic Waters indoor water park. I really enjoyed this park. I really wish I had more time at it. We wanted to do San Antonio instead but Sea World was closed this weekend so Dallas and its direct flight won that battle for now.


Our first Ride of the day was this beauty. It was only about 50 outiside so it was running slow. We walked onto the very back and very front


I can not believe the hate this thing gets. Its fast, smooth and that one airtime hill is great. Also death helix is superb


This ride looked great from everywhere in the park


I love the Pandemonium clones. We spun like crazy. Got good views of the new Aqua Man power wave coaster


Only running coaster we did not ride. I have never seen a line move so slow. They would not let me ride the chance big dipper either


This was our final ride of the day. A milestone coaster for me. I enjoyed it. At 3 people per car though ouch it went slow

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Some things to add. Our memberships got us in about 13 minutes early. That was great as we got 2 rides on New Texas Giant and 2 rides on Titan with no waits. Walk on. The layout of the park was a little odd. A lot of dead ends. Six Flags was very smart making this park 365. By the time we left the park it was slammed. Goes to show a sunny day in Feb will still attract large crowds. I really liked this park.

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Nice report!


Elitch Gardens sucks and needs to hurry up and close. You should always expect multiple closed coasters on every visit just because it's a terrible park. Great SFOT report. I'm glad nothing noteworthy was closed.

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As an Elitch local, I have very little desire to go back. Sidewinder is my favorite coaster in the park, and most often closed, followed by Half Pipe in both those regards. I've been plenty of times, and with the likely hood that nothing significant (or even any new rides at all) will ever be added again at its current location, it's not very enticing. I do hope they relocate again, as it'd be a great opportunity with how much Denver is growing/will continue to grow over the next few decades, but that's pretty unlikely.

Lakeside on the other hand is a lot of fun for good value, and Cyclone is my favorite coaster in the state. I'd like to go see their Pinfari Zyklon if that opens this year.

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I really had a nice time at Lakeside, but was very sad about my visit, too. More potential than practically any park I've been to. Honest to goodness, $500k-$1 mil would probably turn the park around overnight.


-Fix the rides with missing vehicles and remove Starride structure

-Replace any broken lights

-Landscaping and sidewalk repair

-Remove the hoarded old parts/games/vending machines

-TLC on the Tower of Jewels

-Add a basic gift shop in an existing building (remove some of the arcade, e.g.)


Instead of purchasing the Pinfari, if they had done all of these things, the park would be looking great!

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Lakeside looked like a beautiful amusement park that opened in the 60's and was left unattended in the 60 years since. I would love to see a chain like Cedar Fair get there hands on it and really put some tlc into it

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So me and the Wife drove around the pond from Michigan to the amazing Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at Mt Olympus. I think this little gem of a park is very underrated. I first heard about this park in 2006 when the travel channel had the new Hades on TV. Since then I have read 15 years of negative trip reports lol. The park is in no way perfect but we had a blast. Hades was a great ride. It was about 92 degrees both days we were there. Hades drops into that cold tunnel and it was very unique. I found Hades 360 pretty smooth for how aggressive of a ride it is. Zues was crazy smooth. Props for whatever company retracked it. Cyclops' legendary death drop did not provide as much airtime in the back row as I was expecting. Pegasus was awful. I like most of CCI junior coasters but the wild mouse transitions did not go well on a 20 something old woodie. This one was a one and done. Poseidon's Rage was incredible. That 9 foot wave was so much fun. This place has a great alcohol game. Real bartenders actually mixing real drinks. I was drinking Mai Tai's and they were strong and good. Only other real negative is the dry park could use a couple more flats. The 5 free go kart tracks were nice though. I would recommend that if someone is around the dells to check this place out. Hades 360 is a very good aggressive coaster that's worth a 5 hour drive to get to!  







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The family and I decided to brave the hours of corn fields for a trip to Adventureland! My first time in Iowa. The whole state looked very clean and new even though it wasn't. We stayed at the Adventureland Inn resort. Originally I was laughing at them calling it a resort. Then I saw the place. Very large. 2 huge indoor pool area's with swim up bars. We ate 2 meals at the attached sports bar spectators. Very good food and very nice place. Anyways the park. Looked very clean and well kept. At opening I ran to the monster. Great coaster with great hang time. This was my first infinity coaster and it was glass smooth. After exiting I walked onto the tornado. It was smooth but did not really have any airtime. Didnt do much. I knew nothing of the underground other then its a cci. Very neat old school cheesy dark ride. Outlaw was the surprise of the trip. It reminded me of cornball express. Pretty decent little coaster. The newest coaster Phenoix was fun. I like these Maurer spinners. This whole section of the park looked new. New fencing, New looking Chinese food truck ect. What used to be next to the teacup? Was it a top spin? Water park was also very nice. They fit a lot in a small area. It was a beautiful labor day weekend in Iowa. Thanks for reading


Love the hangtime on this ride


One of the few whippy elements


About as much as you can see on this ride



I love that most the rides and ques are shaded or covered


You can walk 360 around this ride


I got a good view of dt Des Moines


If the lift hill was 15 feet taller it might have some airtime


Fun ride sounded like crap lol


mini cornball


The waterride next to this looked sweet. Very spinny tube ride


This looked way better then steel dragon at Waldameer. Looked more permanent


I went down the first drop backwards. This and the Monster had crazy fast dispatches


Super clean and nice park


Very nice hotel. Free trolly shuttle service

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So we finally got to Kings Island. Everytime we planned on going in the past something would come up that would prevent us from going. We went Saturday the 24th. Thank goddess for fast lane! It was also our first experience with funpix. We have avoided parks this summer that required masks but with how chilly it was the mask was actually nice to keep the cold air off my face. 


We started the day off with Banshee. I have never met a B&M invert that I did not love..... Until this ride. The vest got tighter and tighter throughout the ride. I have been on all 5 coasters in America with the vest and they are not for me. It also had a vibration that I am not used to on inverts. I could see how the layout would be very good otherwise sadly. 


Next was the Bat. This was a very fun coaster. Good swinging. Way better then Iron Dragon which is my only other suspended coaster. 


Invertigo and Adventure express opened late so headed over to the Racer. We did the blue and red side. I found it to be a pretty smooth ride given its age. Decent pops of air!


Orion was next. My first ride was underwhelming. My later ride which was a fastlane walk on was better. It had warmed up and felt fast. Smoothest coaster in the park. Someone else said it best that it is a gentle giant. First drop is steeper than I anticipated. First drop and speed hill were best parts of the ride


Backlot stunt coaster was the surprise hit of the day. That death delix out of the launch was great. This would be a perfect coaster for spinning cars 


Flight of fear was fun. Launch was good. First cobra roll and ending corkscrew were great. Everything in the middle didn't do much. Rougher than other premier coasters that I have rode. But Banshee and Diamondback were also rougher than their counterparts so theme of the park lol 


Beast is a legend among gp and enthusiasts. A ride so big in lore, The world's longest wooden coaster. Broke every record out when it opened............Was not for me. Grouperut me on a rear wheel seat and I felt every bump and pothole. Between the trims, and rough ride and lack of any airtime this was a one and done for me. I can see how it could be fun with some drinks and a night ride but a midday sunny ride did not live up to the hype


Mystic TImbers was my most anticipated ride in the park and it did not disappoint. Had a bunch of quick transitions and quick pops of airtime. I am torn between this and Orion as the best ride in the park. I am leaning towards Mystic though! 


Diamondback was fun. Grouper actually gave us back seat. Had a noticeable rattle but did not take away from the ride. Had that nice classic floater air these are known for. Third best ride in the park after Mystic and Orion. The hammerhead turn around felt more forceful then others I have ridden 


Adventure Express was a neat mind train. Liked the theming on the final chain lift 


Invertigo was fun. I used my SLC trick, I hold my head all the way forward out of the restraint to avoid any head banging. I am sure I look stupid but makes them good rides. I would say most forceful ride in the park 


Skyline chilli lived up to the hype. We had a 3 sample tasting card in our group. We tried pizza and cupcakes with the pizza being the better selection 


We walked away with way too much merch. Great Merchandise in this park. Sorry I had my phone in a locker most of the day so not a lot of pictures Very very very nice park. Easily in my top 3 Cedar Fair parks. I hope to return soon 












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Aw man sorry to hear you had a ~typical~ ride on Banshee, it's been running SO SMOOTH 4/5 visits this year for me. But yeah your review is on par for how it has run since day 1 in my opinion. Front row rides are the smoothest.


Glad you had fun, fast lane is crucial this year with how crowded it has been + 2020 ops.


Great report(s) thanks for sharing! 

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We did a quick trip to fun spot and old Town. I got the new credit. Ironically next we went to wild adventures. Its an easy drive from where we stay in Orlando. Unfortunately it was our first visit today and we only had 4 hours since a bad thunderstorm rolled in. Park was way nicer then I anticipated. Twisted Typhoon was my 150! I have a 2 and 4 year old and there were so many things for them to do. I can see why coaster enthusiasts don't like the park but for a young family it really works well. Great kids activities, animals and rides. Typhoon and Boomerang were fun. Swamp thing gave good views of the mister twister and my 2 year old got her first credit on swamp water snake













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Nice photos. I have always been intrigued by Wild Adventures. Even though their coaster collection is mostly off-the-shelf clones, the park seem pretty well-kept with nice paint jobs and rides and lots to do outside the coasters. I'll definitely make a trip there sometime in the next couple years once I move to Florida in a few months.

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For a small park it had some pretty solid looking flat rides. It was very clean. Workers were holding animals everywhere so guest could pet them. Lots of costume characters and areas to take photos in front of Wild Adventure signs. Sadly we only had about 4 hours at the park. Since its right off of 75 and on our way to Florida we will stop again in the future. Hopefully we see Steel Cheetah or something like that.  I was bummed seeing Cheetah sbno

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Beech Bend was a fun little park. Sadly a lot of stuff was closed. Spinning out and Air Race were both closed through out the day. Other rides were off and on. Some rides had operators rotating which is understandable giving that all parks are having staffing issues. Zero G was only loading 4 people. It seemed like it was having issues with the restraints. I only got one new coaster credit, and luckily it was Kentucky Rumbler. Very solid ride. Back seat was better then the front. Log Flume was down half the day. I lined up twice for the wild mouse and it kept braking down and kept getting stuck on the MCBR. The water park was fun. The green saucer slide was the highlight and was very fast. Kentucky Rumbler was worth the trip. We also checked out the lost river cave tours boat ride. It was okay. Thank you for reading!


















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We visited a newer little park in northern Michigan. It is home to the worlds only jumping flume of its type . 



You actually get a nice pop of air when you leave the track


The first half of the park is nicely themed and shaded 


The newest sections of the park have no trees lol


The park has a lot of refurbished retro rides. Everything looked in great shape


They had a rare roll o plane!














Neat little park. Its part of a big complex called Cedar Valley. It has a massive glampground with 2 gold course's as well. I also whored my self out on a tiny coaster at a park called arzo in alpena. 

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I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn so Santa's Village seemed like a good choice to visit next. It was much nicer then I was expecting. Lots of fountains and water features. Santa meet and greets. A good selection of rides and animals. The tiny water parked looked like enough to cool off little ones. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this place actually sold alcohol! Parking lot when we left was actually full! Even with a full lot lines were one or 2 cycle waits. The 2 standout attractions were the jolly trolly and the fire truck ride. Both were different but short. Jolly trolly goes through Christmas movie scenes that kids will never understand but parents will laugh at. The fire truck drives up to a fire which you can shoot water at. The larger coaster super cyclone has a pop of air but the comfort collars ruin it. The other credit is a wacky worm. Same area has an inverting pendulum and a larson drop tower Fun! Fun little park. If your in the Chicago land area I would recommend a visit 


























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 First timers experience at Universal. Even with going to Orlando a lot lately this park and Disney were never super high on my must visit lists. I am not really a dark ride person. When Velocicoaster opened though this park shot up my to do list. 

   We went on the busy Saturday of January the 8th. We bought a park hopper ticket and express passes. We entered Islands of Adventure at 8:45 and straight lined it to Hagrids. We walked up to a worker holding a sign saying the line starts here with an estimated wait time of 2 hours. Dang. We backtracked and started with VelociCoaster. This coaster was easily one of my most anticipated new coasters in a long time. Wait time said an hour. Trains were dispatched faster than I have ever seen. We were off in about 40 minutes. Was I in for the ride of my life or about to be Jurasicaly disappointed. Well... It was good. Really good. Just not as good as I was expecting. The worker really stapled me. First time ever being uncomfortable on an Intamin coaster (have not ridden skyrush) I am a skinny guy and it was B&M vest restraint tight on my crouch. The layout and theme and launches were great though. I really regret not riding again to see if It could take out Maverick as my number one. We walked back to Hagrids for another try. Estimated wait time of 75 minutes. We were off in about 75 minutes. I do not follow Harry Potter so I don't really know the characters. Que line had lots to look at and was all set up nicely. I am assuming the dog walking around was projection mapping? This ride blew my expectations out of the water. I was not expecting much with it being a family coaster. The launches had some punch, the transactions had Intamin Snap. I sat on the motorcycle and my wife had the side car. The motorcycle did not feel like a motorcycle but an elevated coaster seat.Great ride. We finally got to start using our express passes. This is not my favorite system. I wish they would use a wrist band system. I did not like having to put everything but a little paper card into a locker and then not losing that paper card. Flight of the Hippogriff was nest lol . I liked the big bird thing in the queue. The trains had a neat looking zero car with the same bird. Harry Potter and the forbidden journey was awful. Coasters do not make me sick but this torture device did. First couple screens were fun. After that I had to close my eyes and wait for the ride to end. This ride really soiled my lukewarm reception of dark rides even more. I was hesitant to ride more screen rides after it. We ate at the comic strip cafe next as we were starving and thirsty. Quick service with a large AC restaurant. We then angered a big green monster and he threw us around like a rag doll lol. I am not one to gray out on rides but between the stupid forbidden journey, the heat and still being a little dehryated the zero g roll, cobra roll and small loop all made me see black dots. That was a first for me. For a beemer looper I actually really enjoyed the ride. We toured some stores and then walked over to studios. We quickly boarded the Hollywood rip ride rocket. The groupers were leaving a lot of empty seats which was annoying. I did the special sound track code 306 for Eminen and it added a lot to the ride. This ride gets a lot of hate on the internet but I enjoyed it. Reminded me of a chinese knock off Blitz coaster that had a baby with a euro fighter. Some of the mcbr's had some really good pops of air. We explored studio's. I liked that this park had a 100% different feel and vibe then Island of Adventure. After some more shopping and eating we found the escape from Gringots. This ride was okay, Did not get me sick and had some surprises in it. Crazy seeing some people quit after the elevator. With all the projection mapping in areas it can get hard to tell what is real vs fake. Our last ride was MIB. Thankfully this ride did not have screens. My gun did not seem to work half the time but it was fun for what it was. I wanted a lard land donut but the long was crazy. I wanted a duff beer but the line was crazy lol. We explored a little more, did more shopping and finished our day. All in all a fun day. I definitely preferred Islands of Adventure. After this trip and being a coaster enthusiast for 30 years I can say I am still more of a six flags or Cedar fair kind of guy. I did like the theming and emergson in certain areas though. Thank you for reading, Only took a couple pictures since my phone was in lockers all day from ride to ride.  








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