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bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

1st visit to ZDT's on 4/11/21

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Glad you had a fun day and that you chose to honor my request to not be tortured by pictures of beignets. I am still butt hurt that I missed out on those.

But, seriously, shhhhhh........do not tell the Universe we are trying for a fourth time. You will make it angry. Two of our cancelled trip happened less than 24 hours before we were to get on the plane. Hopefully, 4th time is a charm and the boy won't have any trouble getting off work that weekend. I think it will be fine SFSTL is pretty good about that as long as you put in the request early enough and it isn't a holiday. 

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Continued: we made it over to the boardwalk area, and they let us in because of our badges (past the growing line of folks who were ready to head to this portion of the park, that opened up at No

Glad you had a fun day and that you chose to honor my request to not be tortured by pictures of beignets. I am still butt hurt that I missed out on those. But, seriously, shhhhhh........do not te

So, after trying twice earlier and the universe being against her, Kim and her son Joel *finally* made it out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas last weekend.   Originally her trip got cancelled and then

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44 minutes ago, teacherkim said:

Glad you had a fun day and that you chose to honor my request to not be tortured by pictures of beignets. I am still butt hurt that I missed out on those.

But, seriously, shhhhhh........do not tell the Universe we are trying for a fourth time. You will make it angry. Two of our cancelled trip happened less than 24 hours before we were to get on the plane. Hopefully, 4th time is a charm and the boy won't have any trouble getting off work that weekend. I think it will be fine SFSTL is pretty good about that as long as you put in the request early enough and it isn't a holiday. 

Remind me not to plan a trip to a park with you guys! LOL! Seriously though, I hope the universe is done crapping on your plans and these work out!

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Lol, thanks, so far it only seems to affect plans to Texas. Note to the Universe - that is NOT a challenge 😜

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So, after trying twice earlier and the universe being against her, Kim and her son Joel *finally* made it out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas last weekend.  

Originally her trip got cancelled and then rescheduled as part of an ACE event in Feb - which then got wiped out by the Texas Ice Storm.

I was supposed to meet up with them both times. . . .however, in the interim, a new FB group formed, Thrill Seekers United (that is Texas based, but welcomes anyone from anywhere).  I joined this group, since local-ish, and I knew some of the people in it from a prior group.   TSU planned their first official Event, called "Unite" for 4/10, and because the ACE event had been cancelled - and several members of TSU are members of ACE, as well as other clubs (Thrill Seekers *United*) the group admins had reached out and invited  ACT to share their planned event.  

Which meant that Kim/Joel were coming as part of ACE, and I was going as a member of TSU facebook group.   It was a full weekend planned (with unofficial meetup Fri at SWSA, full official day at SFFT (with pre-open activities, dinner, as well as post close ERT), and a separate official event the next day at ZDT.

I was concerned about a 16 hour day in the park (and having to be up at 6am to ensure I could be at SFFT two hours prior to open for check in - since between TSU & ACE, there were over 200 people participating in this Unite event.     

So when I realized that I easily had enough points on my Marriott account to score a free room in Shertz?  I booked the room, and then signed up for the Sunday event too, since I could crash less than 20 minutes from the park once Saturday night was over.. instead of having to drive back to Austin.

so Sat I got up way early, made some coffee, and made some fantastic time to San Antonio (I was at the park a good 30 minutes prior to the parking lot even open for our group, but it was fine, as I was able to get in the "line" to go in.   Lots of construction around the entrance to the park - a couple of new strip malls opened up right there!  

But the park has been doing some refurbs for upcoming 30th anniversary, and one of those is the front gate/sign. . . which looks AMAZING (and at night lights up all kinds of colors on the sign, and on the waterfalls behind.  Great job)



by 8:40 the gates opened, and we headed into park, check in out front of the gates, and then head inside the park.

here's the badge with the schedule for the day:




the line to get in wasn't too bad, because most of the folks there were for the event - the park didn't officially open until 10:30 am
However it was a little strange, as they were letting in pretty much anyone who showed up.  It was so early, I have to assume folks hadnt' checked the operating calendar, and just showed up assuming a 9am opening, because it did start to get a bit busy.

*even to the point that when they grouped us into batches of 8 for the lifthill climb, we ended up with two folks in our group who were not part of the event, and had to leave the line (they had thought they were lining up to ride Goliath, and none of use even noticed they weren't wearing badges. . so were just chatting away waiting our turn, and someone noticed they were wearing sandals - which was explicitly forbidden for the lift hill climb - and THEN we realized they had no idea what was going on, and were just at the park for the day, but not part of the group.

but I easily met up with Kim and Joel - and was very happy to see her.   I had last met her when we visited St Louis a few years ago, and she spent the day showing us around her park, so i was excited to get the chance to show her around my home park.

here we are in line for the Goliath (ie: Batman clone) lift hill walk.



and it's our turn. 

it was really windy.   I mean. . really.

to the point that we wondered if anything was actually going to operate today if the winds didnt' die down (we saw Jefferey while in line and commented about the wind, and he said "don't worry, we'll get everything open for y'all. . one way or another!". . . LOL. . such a great guy, and a great park.

but we left our hats and anything that could blow away in the cubbies in the station before our climb.  Some in our group held onto the rails for dear life too - yeah, it really was that windy early on in the day.









see?  Windy :)








I do love the really unique views you can get of the track (and the park) from the lift hill.

we were on the "outwards" facing ramp, but I was still able to get some nice pics of the park from our side:






the famous Texas shaped wave pool at the park










still pretty windy . . .


didnt' realize they have so much space in the picnic grove.    They really could put another big coaster over here, just run it over the picnic area so they can keep the party options.


After our Goliath lift hill turn, we made our way over to rope drop area (stopping along the way so Kim could pick up Flash Pass to use during the "free" times of the day.  We could already tell it was going to be packed - and boy was it ever!   

they sold out of the Brass Level, and even Gold & Platinum level ended up not helping too much, since the lines at the Flash Pass entrances (once the watch told you it was time to go to the ride to get on) were a good 20-30 minutes.    it was crazy how busy it ended up being, although spoiler - they did end up getting on most everything at least one time.    so it worked out well they ended up getting Flash Pass. .but boy was the park busy.

but luckily for the "Event" attendees, we were able to pass over the rope and be walked back to rattler before rope drop.



the new CrackAxle theming, so that Daredevil Dive fits in better.  This sign is animated, with gears moving, some lights, and smoke coming out of the steam pipe on upper left. 
It actually works for this area to make it Steampunk themed.



What's this?    Dr. Butterskotch ?

oh, ok. . it tasked like buttery cream soda, available in frozen, on tap, or with a whisky floater. 

I must say, it was very good, and I loved that it could be used for a "snack" option on the meal plan.



tho I do wish they didn't sell any other alcohol here - it resulted in really slow moving lines, as it seemed everyone wanted to buy beer and shots (which then had to be measured out, and ids checked, over and over) and very few were buying the "Elixir" the stand was selling.  Since this is the only place to actually get that?  I do wish they'd restrict this stand to only the Elixir, and direct anyone wanting shots or beer to Thirsty Buffalo just around the corner from this stand.

anyways. . once I tried it later?  it was good.



Since it was Kim/Joel's 1st time at Fiesta Texas, they wanted to wait for the front car ride on Iron Rattler.   

Because the coaster has only 1 train ops at the moment, that front row had a good 10 car wait - which resulted in some of the attendees getting the "1st ride of the day on Iron Rattler" to spend ~35 minutes in line.     I went to the 2nd row, which only had a 2 train wait, and as a result finished my ride way sooner than them.   

But while sitting on the brake run, I noticed that Daredevil Dive really didnt' have a line (yet). . so I told them I was going to get my 1st ever ride on that while they were in the IR queue, and headed over that way.

it was a good call, because by the time I got off my ride (1 cycle wait), the line was already spilling out of the queue house.   











what did I think?

Really, really, fun.   And tho I was later told that each "plane" is programmed differently, so it wont' always be the same ride?    I'd be happy if every ride I got was like this one:
Tons of flips, including several really fast "whip" like flips once it gets going, mixed with nice 8-10 second (feels longer) hang time, where the plane just holds you upside-down.

*just* long enough that you don't get nauseous, but I'd still recommend riding this before eating anything.

great addition to the park.




eventually Kim & Joel made it thru the queue, and I bought the pic for them:


we had missed the group photo in front of the waterfalls.. .but we still had time to make the Lights on Walk Thru of Pirates of the Deep Sea.  

So we booked it across the park over to the Boardwalk area.

(to be continued)


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Great shots so far, Bert! Looking forward to more of your visit there.

I rode a new (at the time) version of Dare Devil Dive in Tivoli / Copenhagen. Was an awesome flat to ride.


TPR 2014 Scandi Tour. I forget this one's name.

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we made it over to the boardwalk area, and they let us in because of our badges (past the growing line of folks who were ready to head to this portion of the park, that opened up at Noon).

It was ~11:40, so we still had time to make the pirates walk thru, and I was really glad to get this opportunity.  I've ridden this a TON of times, but what a difference walking thru it with lights on makes - I noticed all kinds of detail that had escaped me before!

granted, no effects were really on (safety, of course, you cant have live effects when folks are walking), but I still really appreciated getting to see the detail work!
(and being able to get some clear pictures, when you're not in a moving vehicle that makes them blurry)












Bumped into Jeffrey on the way out of Pirates, and chatted for a few moments. 
he was wonderful to chat with, and really, as I've said before :  he makes this park feel so welcoming.    It's like visiting with family when you see him.
(he even answered Joel's question about why Boomerang was called "Coast to Coaster" - which really is a pretty silly name. . LOL.)



Kim doesn't do "spinning" rides, so while Joel and I headed over to Hustler - with plan for he and I to then go grab back seat ride on Iron Rattler using Flash Pass, Kim headed to the car to drop off the jackets they had been wearing - the wind had died down, and it had started to warm up.

Hustler was fun as always.



caught a few moments of the Disco Fever show as we passed in front of Rockville High on our way to CrackAxle



another snap along the way.
(as noted, it was crowded by now, but I'm a photo ninja, so able to get shots where it looks like no one is around. . LOL)


FlashPass said it was our time to ride, but the folks queued in front of us on the stairs said "nope.. you're gonna wait at least 30 minutes"



we ended up waiting even longer than that, because moments after I snapped this picture? a power surge hit the park, and took down EVERYTHING.

I mean, the entire park shut down.   They were very quick to get the food stands, and some smaller rides back up pretty quickly, but I think Iron Rattler and several other of the "big" rides were down for the better part of an hour.   with one train operations, that wasnt' a great situation - even tho many folks gave up and left the line (resulting in the open food stands and open ride lines to swell). 

Something out of the park's control, and I don't blame them at all. . . hell, they did an excellent job getting things back up as quickly as they did!

we bailed after about 40 minutes, as Kim was texting that she had gotten in line for food, and that Joel really needed to eat something, so we should come meet her.  (I hadn't eaten at all yet either, so even tho we knew we were going to be eating in 4 hours or so, I wanted Kickin Chicken too).  

what *WAS* a horrible situation, and unfortunately we didn't bail before that point?   the group behind us in the line had one of those portable sound pods. . and after about 25 minutes?  started blasting "Baby Shark" to the delight of anyone under 10 in the queue (and the audible groan of anyone over that age) - seriously. . 5 days later, I still have that damn thing stuck in my head.   
Oh he also played "What does the Fox Say". . . but thank goodness Kim convinced Joel to bail shortly after that.


we got food, ate, wandered the park, and rode a few things - I believe Joel had Flash Passed Batman so we waited while he rode that (about 20 minutes) and he and Kim used a skip the line on Wonder Woman.       They also did the Joker (tho only Joel rode, Kim just did the funhouse queue and then walked past the ride. .LOL).   a few other things, and then Kim really wanted to ride the Bugs Bunny Flume.

I can't recall if they used the Flash Pass or a skip the line, but we headed that way and waited about 25 minutes in the Flash Pass line.   

Unfortunately, the power surge knocked out all the cameras - so there really weren't any onride pics I could get for them.   Since I hadn't gotten Flash Pass tho, I did my best to get some pics of them :)





by the time we got done with Bugs' it was time for dinner in the picnic grove.

We weren't all that hungry, as had eaten at Kickin Chicken - however the fact I dont' have any pics of the meal kinda tells you if it was great.
(it could have just been the servings I happened to get - but the chicken was way overcooked and stringy, and the brisket was fatty and undercooked on one side.   I didn't complain because: a) I wasn't super hungry,  b) it's a theme park, so dont' expect great food if the place isn't Knoebel's, and c) the hot dog was good, and the Cobbler (tho not heated up) was excellent.   I had peach and would buy it in the park if were available for purchase anywhere.

but the event by the park was really well organized, the folks running TSU are great and friendly, and the park reps that spoke to us during the meal were full of information.  The upcoming Roller Coaster Rodeo Event sounds like a great time.

oh, and there was a raffle too, and Joel won a wheel from an Iron Rattler train (perhaps explaining why there is only one train running now? LOL) :)

here's Jeffrey addressing the group after dinner.



after food, we got together for a 2nd attempt at group photo, with perfectly timed Goliath loop in the background.

(Everyone I met at this event was great, and a lot of fun)


food settled, we headed over to DareDevil Dive so Joel could get a ride (he liked it too):


and then back over to Wonder Woman




Killing time while waiting for Kim & Joel to get on the coaster  (we didnt' ride Superman during the day, because we knew we had ERT on the ride - along with Zoom Jets and Skyscreamer after park close). . so we did ride it later, but for now, just took some pics of it.




and here they are in seat 1 & 2










a few more things ridden and Kim/Joel wanted a night ride on Iron Rattler.   
I was starting to wear down a bit, so i relaxed with a Dr Butterskotch Elixir as dusk fell, and they waited ~30 minutes in Flash Pass line.

(it was while I was waiting for them that I checked Facebook, and found out a friend of mine had passed in a traffic accident. .so that put me in a really odd mood for the remainder of the evening, but I tried my best to have fun, as there wasn't anything I could do that would change it, and he would want me to have fun at a Theme park)




by the time they got off of Rattler, we were limited on time, since the park was only open for ~45 minutes longer.   But Joel had gotten flash pass reservation for Poltergeist, so we headed that way and Kim and I sat and visited (and chatted about my friend) while we waited for him.

he got of Polty with ~10 minutes left of park officially open.

he REALLY wanted another ride on Wonder Woman. . . I was pretty convinced that the line had been closed off at least 40 minutes earlier, but he wanted to try.   So Kim and I decided to go to Pirates for a ride, since we were close to the boardwalk - and Joel would go attempt WW.  and we'd meet him over at Superman entrance for ERT.

Kim and I were pretty much the last folks on Pirates for the night (they announced park was now closed while we were on it). . but on the way over to Superman, we stopped by WonderWoman to look for Joel - and were shocked to see him getting off the ride!   He had been able to get into the queue 5 minutes before park close.

SUCH amazing customer service at this park!

(and again, i think the longer lines never really recovered from the power glitch earlier. . but HUGE Kudos to the park - the entire time we were doing ERT?  they were still clearing lines on Joker & Roadrunner Express.   That's some amazing service that not every park would do - letting those in line, still get a ride well after park close).


here I am on Zoom Jets during ERT.  I rode 4 times total. . it's a fun ride, with some real fun centrifugal force.




look at that blur!  it really does move pretty fast. . LOL



and an official photog pic from earlier in the day :)



Leaving the park ~10:20, I was already in my hotel in Shertz, and in bed by 11pm.   Exhausting but fun day. . hope you've enjoyed reading along!

in the next few days , I'll post the pics from the next day at ZDT.



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8 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

Great shots so far, Bert! Looking forward to more of your visit there.

I rode a new (at the time) version of Dare Devil Dive in Tivoli / Copenhagen. Was an awesome flat to ride.


TPR 2014 Scandi Tour. I forget this one's name.

the one at SFFT is the tallest in the world tho, since it goes up 5 stories :)

and I totally forgot to post my purchase I made while they were in the queue for Joker:  A KISS meets the Phantom shirt.

I had seen others post about buying them and was determined to find it in the park! 
(the shop in Rockville where I found it sells all kinds of weird non-connected-to-Six-Flags-in-any-way stuff. . . .   but at least this has a connection:  "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

$30 including tax, but yes, i really DID need *another* KISS shirt (as I explained to my Spouse)


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Great reports like this remind me of how awesome this park is and how little time I actually got to spend at the park in November. I need to go back.

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We had a really fun day. The super windy lift hill was the scariest thing I have every done in a theme park; felt like you were going to blow right off the damn thing. Thanks so much for all the great pictures Bert and for being such a great host!! 

And I think you mean that Kim won a wheel from Iron Rattler but gave her ticket to her son like Moms tend to do 😜 It is now down in his room next to the chain dog from Mine Train at SFSTL he won a few years back (and ironically now works that ride) 

I texted the pic of us on WW to my husband and parents and had to then answer all sorts of inquiries regarding what it was and why it was a single rail and why we sat single file, much to Joel's embarrassment at his "GP" family, lol. 

And when Joel asked the park Pres about the "coast to coaster" name for Boomerang he said "you're right, it's dumb....that was before me!" HA!

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Waiting for a night ride on IR was worth it but it did come at the expense of doing some other stuff a little further down on the priority list. Never made it on the train, nor did Joel make in on Pirates and a few other things. We loved this park and will for sure go back one day.

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I'm late getting back to this to update my 1st visit to ZDT (!). . . I'll try to get it up in the next few days.

but the positive coming out of my procrastination?  the Admins from the TSU group - many of whom are photographers - have been uploading their pics over the past two weeks, so I have some pics taken of me I can use (they gave permission) :)

here's just a tease, and I'll have my ZDT morning up soon. . .

back right:




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so Sunday morning, after an ok (but not great - the AC in the room was so noisy, it woke me up every time it kicked in) night's sleep I headed down to the breakfast area where I grabbed a light snack of pancake sticks and coffee, and reviewed my printed out directions.

yes. . printed out directions - I'm OLD.

I knew that on paper, the direction said that Seguin / ZDTs was only about 25 minutes away from my hotel in Selma. . but I know I'm not the best with directions when going somewhere for the 1st time, so I gave myself a good 50 minutes to get there for the 9:30 am check in with the TSU group.

it was to be my 1st time at ZDT's and I was very curious to check the place out - and get to finally ride Switchback.

I only got lost once, but managed to find the place via my directions in ~35 minutes.

there were only a couple of other cars in the lot when I arrived just after 9, so I got out to explore the place while it was quiet.

I really loved how they repurposed the silos for a climbing wall experience (I did NOT do it. . not a fan of that kind of activity, but it was cool to see)



they also have a Parachute themed drop tower, that I did one ride on later it was fun, if not as scary as some of the other shorter ones I've been on - such as AtmosFear at Knoebel's,  where you can't see the top of the tower due to the larger canopy and have no idea how close to the drop you are.

there were a couple of water slides in the back over here (not yet open for the season), and this building behind the drop tower is a combo of the 2nd arcade (also filled with "classic" games set to free play with your armband), and a banquet hall/meeting room - which is where we had lunch later.

Behind the silos on the right is the GoKart track (indoor/outdoor combo)



turning around the other direction behind me, here is the main entrance - which has another arcade, a snack bar area, some indoor play stuff, and the exit into the main park/Switchback.



Switchback is not quite awake for the day, but I think it's a wonderful sight and makes for some great pictures. 
It really is just plopped down in the middle of a neighborhood tho.. which is a little weird.


very nice of ZDTs to put up a sign for the TSU group, that is promoting the event that I'm attending.

we have run of the place from 9:30am-12:30 am, which includes ERT on Switchback for an hour, and ERT on the goKarts for an hour, before they open to the general public.


Overview of the park, from where I had parked at the far end of the lot.



ok, THIS is right across the street from the main parking lot (and around the base is additional parking).   I took this pic from my parking spot, turning around from the prior pic.

if it had said anywhere that I looked to "look for the Seguin watertower!"  ?   I wouldn't have gotten lost at all while trying to find the coaster :)

Oh well.. now I know for next time, just head for the watertower when I hit Sequin



ooo.. not quite time to check in yet, but what's this?     they are starting test runs on Switchback.



I dont' think I've ever seen a park employee, when doing test runs, ride hands up.   I thought that was kinda neat to see.




Once checked in, we gathered in the main Arcade/building, waiting for official start time, so I wandered a bit in the building to see what else was in here:

there's a giant ball pit, what looked like a sorta/kinda ropes course, and then in this room:

A trampoline attraction, and indoor rock climb, and a Max Flight simulator.





I had intended to come back and play in this later to check it out, but honestly, by the time I remembered I had wanted to?  the place had opened to the general public (and very few masks), and I didn't feel comfortable getting into an enclosed attraction thing like this after someone who didn't wear a mask (and all that implies) was in it just before me.

so if I go back, I'll give it a shot if I catch them on a slow day.

I looked like fun tho, and did all kinds of movements to tie into whatever program you chose to ride to.


Kim and Joel had arrived, so I met them by the "Dancing" game that Joel had already started interacting with.

I liked the "ZDT" made out of glass bricks in the building wall. . . lots of theming for a small park.


an announcement was made, and the group headed out to Switchback, and we lined up by the number on our entry ticket (the earlier your arrival, the higher up on the lift hill you'd get to go -as we were going to climb the Switchback lifthill for a group picture)








it doesn't really seem that high until you turn around and look down (and see the spike)!



from the lift hill overlooking the parking area. 



overview of the park itself. . it's a really nice set up, even if in a very small footprint.

directly ahead of the spike (unfortunately, you can't see it in this pic) the park also has a small "Toucan" themed frisbee.  That i didn't ride, so not sure if it does a full 360 revolution, but it did look like fun.



as noted, it really IS in the middle of a neighborhood. . . this home is directly across the street, looking down from the lift hill.




it's truly impressive how much coaster they crammed into this small space.

it has a lot of airtime in the back row (8 seat trains/4 rows total), and it was a little rough for the backwards portion. . but I really liked it, and would say it's certainly worth a trip to ZDT if you're in the San Antonio area to take a ride.


the train designs are quite neat too.




what's this I see across the street from Switchback's queue? 

"Mary's Texan Cafe" - that's the place that Elissa had told me had really good food, and the line of cars seemed to agree.    Made a note that I'm getting tacos before heading out, and convinced Kim and Joel to walk over there with me a little later in the morning.



but first?  we had some ERT on the Electric Go Karts at ZDTs as well:


it's not the longest, or most unique track I've been on - but I did enjoy how it makes use of the covered warehouse, and the outdoor ramps for some fun, tight, turns.  
and those cars can really get some speed on them once they "flip the switch" and allow everyone to go full speed.



After Go-Karts, still had a little bit of time to kill before lunch was to be served.   (Kim and Joel were heading back to SFFT to try and get a few more coasters in before their flight, but were going to hang around ZDT until lunch).   

So I convinced them to make the walk over to Mary's with me.

Fair warning. . there's no sidewalk!  (and the main building at ZDT is basically flush with the street)..and seeing as Mary's is mainly a drive thru?  yeah, next time will hop in the car, as the way we went (which seemed the logical way) meant walking in the street and trying not to get run over.   I mean, it was for tacos, so it would have been worth it. . but still :)

(the only "safe" way to go without car, would be walking all the way around the other direction, beyond the waterslides).

but I made it to Mary's and the guy near the door to the kitchen told us we could order from him and he'd bring it to us (I suspect the picnic table outside isn't for customers, but for kitchen staff breaks.. oops.. but now know for next time. .and again, he was happy to take our order even tho we had walked over)



Joel was happy, he got his Mexican Coke while we waited for our order :)


Big ol bag of tacos.     I was going to eat the lunch that was included with the event, but wanted to bring home a bunch of tacos for later, and they stayed excellent and tasted just as great.



these tacos are LEGIT tho.

*absolutely* worth the trip, and if you're just going to ZDT for Switchback?   Do yourself a favor and also pick up tacos from Mary's across the street.

they are excellent!


Bonus is that you can get some beautiful shots of Switchback while waiting for your food at Mary's:






after we got back, we all went into the meeting room behind the 2nd Arcade, and the group played "ZDT BINGO" for some prizes (mainly Tshirts, mugs, and day passes to ZDT's I believe). .I dunno, I didn't win :p  

but then lunch was served:

The hot dogs were so interesting, because they are served in "special" buns.  At first I thought they were just pieces of bread, but no, they are bread that have been formed into Hotdog Buns (with square bottoms, so they stand up). . . really good hot dogs.

tho the star of the show are those up top:  Deep fried Oreos.

I've had deep fried Oreos before (at Kennywood), but these were way less greasy than my prior time, and were quite good.   I suspect they taste even better if warm (they had cooled while i was eating the hot dogs).

the Snack Bar had quite a few offerings that were better than standard snack bar food, and they appeared to be part of the wristband that included food, if one so chose to do that. 
so although I certainly recommend the tacos across the street?  it's good to spend some $$ in ZDT's too.. especially with treats such as these.


Kim and Joel headed out to SFFT, and I hung around a bit longer, playing a few games, and riding the drop tower.

here's a pic I sent home to my spouse . . what can I say. . I'm so subtle  . . LOL
(it's the Flaming Finger)



and closing with a few pics taken by the Admins of the TSU group that sponsored the get together/event.

I had a lot of fun, and even tho ZDT is for sure not a full day park?  I had a fun few hours there, and would go back in the future.





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