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Europe Trip Help - May 2018

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Hi friends! Next month (May 9-23), I'm going on a two week, 11-park trip to Europe. This will be my first time traveling abroad and I am incredibly excited. I'm going with two friends I used to work with at Cedar Point, so hopefully they'll be able to keep up. Haha! We are staying at a mixture of AirBNB's and hotels in Paris, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium and we'll be renting a car to get from place to place. I've included our itinerary below. It's a pretty tight schedule but hopefully still achievable.


I'd love to hear any suggestions you have if you have visited these parks or taken a similar trip in the past. Things such as specific ride and show advice, hidden gems in parks, food and travel suggestions, and important things to see/do in Paris and along the route would be greatly appreciated! As well as any great discounts you are aware of or things I should know about traveling in Europe that I may not have thought about yet.


Thanks guys!


Wed – Flight departs

Thu – Arrive in Paris/Disney Paris Studios

Fri – Disneyland Paris

Sat – Paris sightseeing/Travel day

Sun – Holiday Park, then travel to Europa Park

Mon – Europa Park

Tue – Europa Park, then travel to Phantasialand

Wed – Phantasialand

Thu – Travel to/attend Movie Park Germany, then travel to Walibi Holland

**May also stop at Toverland this day if time allows**

Fri – Walibi Holland, then travel to Efteling

Sat – Efteling, then travel to Walibi Belgium

Sun – Walibi Belgium, then travel to Park Asterix

Mon – Park Asterix

Tue – Explore Paris

Wed – Fly home

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No idea how convenient/possible it is but what about Hansa Park?

Only because Karnan is a coaster that looks very intriguing and awesome.

Look, no offense, but the guy asked for help from people who have taken similar trips or visited these parks. I'm going to assume that you haven't visited these parks because if you had, you'd know that Hansa Park is NOWHERE NEAR where he's going to be traveling to. In fact, if you had gone into Google Maps, you could have seen for yourself before posting. This map below literally took me 90 seconds to make, plugging in his various locations, and if you had done that you would have gone "Huh...this is probably NOT a good suggestion..."


The closest he is going to be will be about a 12 hour round trip away.


I'm not trying to be mean or rude, I would just really like the forums to *actually be useful* for people, and when someone makes a suggestion without any legitimate knowledge or even bothering to take a few seconds to look it up before suggesting something, that actually doesn't help anyone.


I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

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I took a similar trip trip last summer and my biggest suggestion is to spend 2 days at Phantasialand even if it means skipping Movie Park. Like Europa, Phantasialand has a lot to see and plenty of the attractions are good for multiple re-rides. Unless you really care about riding Star Trek, given all the other parks you're visiting, MPG might seem underwhelming. Efteling could fill 2 days as well, but you should be able to do all the big stuff in 1 day as long as you don't mind skipping things like the fairy tale forest.


But if you do go to Movie Park, do not miss Side Kick, their Huss Frisbee. That thing runs the craziest, most intense standard frisbee program ever.

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Since Phantasialand is not that big, I think you can do it in one day. However, if you are one of those guys which do a lot of re-rides, you might spend two days there (their attractions are all high quality, as well as the food).

On the way to Phantasialand you might consider visiting Tripsdrill (a very nice and very german style park) and then later drop Movie Park (which is a little bit bland).

On the Thursday travelling from Phantasialand to Walibi Holland, a stop at Toverland seems to be feasible. The new Avalon area with Fenix won't be ready, but you can still ride Troy and Dwervelwind is also really good (for Mack Rides it was the intermediate step between Euro Mir and Time Traveller).


While exploring Paris, you might consider some smaller parks like 'Jardin d'Acclimatation' or 'La Mer de Sable' (oh I loved their darkride 'La Jungle des Chikapas' with the string puppet animatronics).


Some hidden gems/tipps:

Walibi Holland: In the morning get a reservation for 'Neurogen'. It's the best VR attraction I have done so far.

Europa-Park: For Arthur use the single rider line. Many people miss 'Atlantis Adventure' when they are in a rush through the park. Make a reservation in one of the buffet restaurants of their Hotels for the evening of the night you are spending there.

Efteling: Will be crowded on a saturday (and you are going to travel in the evening) and you will have to walk a lot (EPCOT like distances). If time runs out I would omit the shows (Ravelejin and Aquanura - they are not that special) but try to do all Darkrides (they are Disney-level).

Walibi Belgium: It's not hidden in any way, but Pulsar was a real positive surprise for us. Don't forget Challenge of Tutenkhamon at the end of the park.

Park Asterix: Best attraction (beside Oziris) there is 'Le Défi de César', don't miss this!


In the following parks you get really good food: Europa-Park (try FoodLoop or Schloss Balthasar), Efteling (Polles Keuken), Phantasialand (Rutmor's Taverne) and Tripsdrill (Gasthaus zur Altweibermühle). The food in Disneyland Paris didn't really convince us (maybe 'Walt's' is good?) .

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I would swop Walibi Holland and Efteling; Efteling on Friday and WH on Saturday. Efteling will be very crowded on Saturdays, expect all the major rides to have 40+ minutes lines. On Friday, it will still be crowded, but much less than on a Saturday. On a Friday, the longest line will probably be around 30 minutes for Joris & De Draak and De Vliegende Hollander. Walibi Holland on a Saturday in May should be okay. Lost Gravity and Goliath will probably have lines of 30 minutes tops, Condor will have the biggest queue. Pro-tip: get to Goliath first! Because it is at the back of the park, and you will be able to get multiple rides on it before lines start to build up.


Personally, I prefer Plopsaland De Panne over Walibi Belgium. They have an awesome GCI woodie (Heidi The Ride) and one of the best Gerstlauers I have done (Anubis: The Ride). So I would skip Walibi Belgium and go to Plopsaland instead.

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