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Best Park Europe (solo)

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Whats the best Theme park in Europe in your opinion personally if you have been to a few the one you thought was best and why? (not just rides but moreso for the atmosphere and enjoyment of walking around the park also)


Obviously the big ones are Disneyland, Europa Germany, and the one in Holland Eftling and PortAventura.


ALso, if one is going to go solo which is best? Obviously Paris is a better location alone as one can stay in a sociable hostel and visit paris. So that's a pro for Disneyland on that front.


Look forward to your thoughts



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Europa is the best theme park in Europe. I can't really judge on going solo as that's not something we do. I would happily go to Europa on my own though! Or with a group!

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Thanks also I must add when I refer to best I don't mean really just rides but moreso the park itself for atmosphere and wandering about etc...


Europa looking at google pics looks kinda dull compared to the other 3 maybe the pics don't do it justice?

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