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What is the best floorless?

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I've ridden Superman: Krypton, Scream, and Rougarou. The way I see it, Krypton craps on both of them. It is exceptionally smooth and while I may have found Scream more forceful, it was pretty rattly. I found Rougarou even worse than Scream as the intensity is only there in the first vertical loop.

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1. Kraken. Rode this about a month ago for the first time in 4 years, and while it's a little rough around the edges it's still a really fun coaster.

2. Bizarro. The best zero-g coaster of all of the floorlesses.

3. Dominator. If it had a zero-g roll it would be the best of the bunch, but as it is, it's still very enjoyable.

4. Superman: Krypton Coaster. Love the setting. The pacing on the first third of the ride - while unique - just feels a little odd.

5. Scream

6. Batman: Dark Knight

7. Hydra

8. Rougarou

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I'd say Dominator. To me, it's the only one that really embraced transitional maneuvers that lead from one inversion to the next, and it has blistering speed and fierce intensity to boot.


I have to say that I'm excited for Rougarou. It is the only floorless left in the states (until Patriot opens) that I have yet to ride in that configuration, but as far as I'm concerned, at least from the movement of Dominator until Banshee opened (which I admittedly have yet to ride), it was the best B&M in Ohio. If my expectations of it are anywhere near realistic, I'd presume it would likely be my #1 or #2 floorless.

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Superman is easily my favorite. The size, incredible setting, and layout place it at the top for me.


1) Superman Krypton Coaster

2) Kraken

3) Medusa

4) Hydra

5) Rougarou


I'm ignoring the floorless dive machines since B&M considers them a different type.


I also find it interesting that their sit-down coasters are better than most of their floorless coasters. I'd take Hulk over any of the floorless coasters and Kumba or Dragon Khan over anything on this list outside of Superman.

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Rougarou, and nothing else that I've ridden really comes close, in my opinion.


Count me as one of the few who loved Mantis, so I was disappointed to hear that they were converting it into one of my least favorite coaster types. But oh man does this thing haul. I remember getting off of it and thinking that it was not only the best floorless, but one of the top-tier B&M's in general. Not to mention it eats crowds all day long, running three trains with minimal stacking.


I also don't seem to remember that old Mantis trim (on the first drop) being in use at all, which really made the ride pretty insane.

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